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branches lain to rest
snaps of attention
like our dead can do

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I enjoy Haiku
Though it often is

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A Spring Chore haiku

Mucking out the barn,
Cows resent broken stolid peace
Why must humans intrude?

The 5-7-5 syllable line-up in three lines presents quite a challenge and is often ignored in painting a lovely vignette invoking the season. The Japanese impose their iron-clad discipline on us. We should not rebel but rather take it as a challenge.

There is always a heavy sense of zen within a really good haiku. What is there and nothing more completely paints a perfect picture. I am forever enthralled by this particular brand of poetry, mostly due to this aspect.

The more I meditate, the closer I feel to becoming one with the subject at hand in such a spare style. Perhaps I shall become good one day. It is a worthy task, both for the craft and the spirit.

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Joined: Feb 25 2012
Definition of a traditional Haiku:

n. pl. haiku also hai·kus
1. A Japanese lyric verse form having three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, traditionally invoking an aspect of nature or the seasons.
2. A poem written in this form.

(From The American Heritage Dictionary)

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a spring haiku

Early morning calm.
A pair of swans glide soundlessly
beneath cloudless blue cool.

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Joined: Feb 25 2012
nice haiku, sherbear

it is a difficult thing to pull off.

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still water moves well
cradling in quietness
around all it knows

Joined: Jun 13 2007

Your poem is exquisite.
I am ever so enthralled.
Please write another, xo.

Blissfully yours,

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Come Stretch Your Sight:

Come Stretch Your Sight:
A sun net

Come venture through dark woods and stretch your sight, 

To an emerald meadow full overgrown. 

Soak in the flush colors of sparkling light.

Birds air to whisping winds and insects' drone.

Bear the wit of the sun so sentient. 

Swallows dive, stitching threads of energy. 

Breathe deeply the splendor of this intent, 

And be strung up into life's filigree. 

Disperse your rays for the meadow you are, 

Profoundly suckling a nurturing breast. 

Exalt in the spirit of father star, 

And nectar flows into life's synthesis.

Stretch your sight into dark woods and descend; 

The internal child can be born again.


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Center Seeds

Sneaking goose bumps rise
on outer flesh
Mindful nerves communicating
It was more than a day should
It's true you do know lonely
Lonely came in
one night and with no invitation
as just an absence of presence
and made the flesh feel
Everyone knows lonely
a reminder of the deeds we
partake in
To possess endurance beyond
a physical victory
Compassion is a thing we think
others do
not feel
Loyalty is richness in the heart
The words embrace you
so firmly
they exist
Waking up with only your lovers
flesh, anatomy and physiology
and absolutely nothing more.
Vastness and Kindness
amputated and sewn to heal
with skilled hands and a
sanitary environment
Inconsistent reactions of
our flesh creating a
scattered cheese filled maze
we thrive in but
is it but a labyrinth this
day beholds
-as a trap
to lose your head in
Stitches and Peroxide.
Shall we know a shortcut
that avoids all dead ends.
Could or can we- Know-
what is unseen today?
Resistances to change
are self inflicted wounds
mastered by pressed pulp
and cartridges and a
absence of lye
Merciful Friends

-sherbear 3/23/04 revised 4/3/12


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