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kids can be mean

My name is Nardo, but
The other kids call me different names
I don't care what the other kids say
My name is Nardo, and I can
Keep my wheels on the track
And I can hug a curve, so I punch it
Skim the wheel and listen
To the crowd roar, They always say
"Burn, Nardo, burn, watch your speed
Around the next turn",
So what can I do,
But say a prayer, and burn
So fast around the track, Why do I
Keep coming back, Keep coming back
Why do I keep coming back around?
So I keep my wheels on the track
And I still know how to hug a curve

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Paranoia Will Destroyuh

I guess when an ethnicity
Counts six million dead
It's people will always
Be filled with dread
Fearing that the worst
Will always happen,
The damn will soon burst
They'll all be
Riding in the hearse.

Could it be
They count on thee
To come to their rescue
And keep themselves free?
Thee doesn't agree
Way up in that tree
Wake up
And learn to see!
Cries Thee

Reason with caution
Let others persuade
Do not carry on
With that shrill tirade
For don't you see?
Unintended consequences
Lead to countries
Building Fences
Beefing up their defenses.

Hit them in
In the pocketbook
And take away
Their rook
Then the whole world shall see
That your country
Did not

(Based on reports that Israel plans to attack underground nuclear sites
near Qom unilaterally in April, May or June of this year, based on it's intelligence
estimate of Iran's probable nuclear capabilities)

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MDeity Complexity

Last time I went to the doctor
She suggested me to take pills,
Exercise more and eat better.
Then wrote notes about our talk
That a nurse read to me
Three days later.
Your blood pressure was high
She hasn't been taking her pills
Her mood was bad,
She isn't taking her SRI pills
"I strongly believe in Prozac
She had said sternly
Looking into my eyes....,
As she wrote the prescription.

My doctor is a 25 year old woman
Who was picked
Over a more capable candidate
Because the staff found her
Easier to deal with.
She oversees the
Community Health Center
That is in such disarray
She can't possibly manage it
And practice medicine at
The same time.
Rationed health care
For the poor
Equals an equation
Not easily held in the heart.

I looked into her eyes
And knew she couldn't handle it.
She knew she couldn't handle it.
Because of her MDeity Complex
She continued juggling
Her own psychiatric appointments
Around her patients pre-made schedules
Inconveniencing every one.

After I spoke with the nurse
Who read me the notes
From my last visit I said:
What got lost in the translation?

I thought to myself, My God,
The adult world of medicine
Is all screwed up because of the
Insurance-Pharmaceutical Industrial complex
That recently mixed up the production
lines in Lincoln, Nebraska
and put Percocet in Excedrin packages
I saw it on the CBS news
Scott Pelley was quite alarmed
But I flew out the door
And managed to scavenge 400
Of them not off the shelves yet.

I fired my doctor
Said she suffered from
ADD and prescribed
20mg of Aderall for her
And asked her to take off'
Her halo and honestly ask
If she was capable of managing
This practice serving
More than 5000 people.
I also knew she was on (:happy:) pills
And wouldn't take my advice.

Stay away from doctors
They'll kill you
More often
Than heal you.
"I don't buy health insurance"
My friend said.
"I spend my money on
organic real food".

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Joined: Dec 25 2009
And He Was Dead

In the cold of Winter
When the winds blow across
The Frozen lake
They found his body
In The Morning
On the street.
No shelter
Would take him in
He had a reputation as a troublemaker
Not even a church would do what Jesus said
In sub-zero temps.
So he was sleeping in his shoes
Neil Young style
Thinking: He's be better off dead
As he panhandled change
On the corner for his bottle
He drank his fill
and stumbled on the ice
and fell on the sidewalk
So good to lie down
He fell asleep
And froze to death.

Was it you
Who passed him by
letting him be
Anxious to get home
Paying more attention
To your smart phone?

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Intuitive Followings

Follow intuitive certainties welcome acts of self determination
Implore transparency, accept hidden instinct of this noble incident.

Mediums must be maintain, surround silently in the space between
Anonymous nuance, obligated to reveal where there's nowhere to hide.

Reprove an actualized notion of promised forbearance
Acknowledge assimilated presence accommodating a nearing approach.

Spontaneous reflection immersed in hearts' definition
Delicate as a flowers contrast, comparable complexities.

Reasoning at a distance this familiar mystery
Resolve invisible hint, permeable clue.

Meditations confess, skull after-thought third person response
Inner voices witnessed in first person narration.

Ignore the apathy, senses rebuke the gray
Sighs and dramatic pauses reinvent the inevitable.

Wind resonates a dissonant harmony
Playing hide and seek in the steps left behind.

Transcend, source of origin constant remnant agrees to abide
Shake tribute offerings of burnt dust from sandals.

Ghost sorrow, a hundred years gone.
Discovered through the eyes of strangers.

Ventriloquist atones throwing voice into a mute phantom
Breathe outside of the self, adhere then disappear.

For the fortune of redemption returns us to where we began.
Promised in the offerings of yesterdays rain.

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Truth Value False


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Joined: Jun 17 2007

Drop dead
beauty said

Not so fast
make it last

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Joined: Jun 17 2007
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I harvested this morning's crop for a closer inspection:

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jonapi (not verified)
an ark for the atmosphere to be filled with ether

acupuncture the hidden eye. shinto soak from darkened stone. seed ghostly beautiful fire. sink cluster mirrors. a wondered speckled karma. spirit spiral. sun initiation in stoned sunshine. soma shaker dead seashore tree. fire tongues the glimmer mount. fly into thunder and drip the bell immanence. who found the lost rose in summer's turn on? flicker night flicker, parched throat the communal balance, remembered humidity for the childhood steep. they are still there.

reverberate that sensual cave.

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Willy Lee Willard rip

You came yelling after me
"I thought you were dead!"
No, very much alive, instead
"Did you have a good NYE?"
NO, was all you said
You are a bigger man
Then the rest of us
They couldn't break you
So they drugged you
Right out of your head
Willy Lee Willard
You are my friend
Forever we walk
Through the roses
So red


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