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Joined: Oct 24 2007
trippy 66slim, sounds like a real story

Unless chaos rules constant the lives of men,
My future must certain my past replevin.
And ere yet I finish, with gainful intent,
Applying my craft, with respect due dissent.

Giving metre it's purpose and weaving with rhyme,
So that men might gain focus from years worn with time.
Fact past and present, forevre entwined,
With one common purpose, continuation of kind.

Or how about something really dark and dismal...we're talking a fat bummer...

Loneliness is a force that steals life's precious moments drop by drop, bled to the beat of drumming angst, frustration, or resignation.

The unfulfilling satiation of the flesh and the paring of hope from the bleeding exposed bone. Mis-spent minutes fade to hours, then to years, stoicly plodding towards death.

The hearts magic tickle grows fainter as dreams become worn memories. Unrequited fantasy, unparalleled waking excitement feed secret longing and desparate hope.

Longed for visons and possibilities demand unanswered devoted action and grow the black fruit of bitterness and envy.

The answer to the heart's cry goes unheard by ears straining to hear as its muffled voice is kept wrapt in a bloody woolen rag.

The pulse, once spurred to beat so strongly and quickly, rising to the moment in anticipation, grows stagnant and thready.

Its purpose never realised, the flesh it fed, only filling out form, shrinks without filling the mold. Time grinds the bones towards dust.

Grasping fingers claw for any hold as the fall from potential reality accelerates the backwards plunge into the dark anonymous abyss.

So many others falling, all in silence, each alone. Each grasping and straining to hear the muffled voice wrapt in a bloody woolen rag.

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wave that flag

The White snow mountain in the center depicts the land of the
great nation of Tibet.

The six red rays emanating from the sun symbolize the six original peoples of Tibet: the Se, Mu, Dong, Tong, Dru, and Ra.

The blue rays symbolize the commitment to spirtual and secular rule.

The pair of snow-lions symbolize the complete victory of the spiritual and secular rule.

The three-sided yellow border reresents the flourishing of the Buddha’s teachings. The side without a border represents Tibet’s openness to non Buddhist thought.

The raised jewel symbolizes Tibet’s reverence for the three Precious Gems:
the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

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5 stealies

very nice, was her name joan?

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Joined: Apr 15 2008
submitted for your approval

Magic in the Valley

It was the summer of 85 and I was feeling very alive
Dancing with the Dead and spacing in my head
With an audience of pine trees and rain clouds
Weaving through the mass of swirling crowds

As the band left the stage for the first set break
My mind was peaking with all I could take
I slowed to a small bouncing rhythmic twirl
And then I saw the most beautiful girl

She wore a pink and blue dress
As she danced amid the mess
She had flowers in her hair
And her dirty feet were bare

It seemed as if we were completely alone
Then I hear the theme of the “Twilight Zone”
She whispers to me “Women are Smarter”
And that was the second set starter

She vanished somewhere during the song
So I just keep on trucking along
And finished out the show that night
Remembering her smile, what a lovely sight

The second show was anything but one more Saturday night
The band was so in touch it gave me a fright
The energy kept on growing as well as my smile
I two stepped and half stepped for what seemed like a mile

As I was grooving along with the sound of drums
From out of nowhere here she comes
Her smile alight like a lost sailors beacon
I knew that she held all I was seeking

She breathed “Dear Mr. Fantasy” into my ear
And at that very moment Jerry shifts into gear
The sweet melodic twangs of his steel guitar
Take me to a place quite distant and far

She looked deep in my eyes in a special way
And said “I need a miracle every day”
We kept on dancing as she called out the tunes
Next song they play will be “Stella Blue”

As she named “Throwing Stones”
I felt a chill in my bones
And I thought “What are the odds,
Is she a messenger from the gods?”

“Not Fade Away” will be the end of the set
But don’t worry it is not over yet
This dark haired beauty with big brown eyes
Was guiding the music to my total surprise

For an encore she paused and then said with a wink
We will hear “US Blues” I think
But “Brokedown Palace” was the encore song
How could my angel get it wrong?

She frowned then smiled and laughed so sweet
And said, Well “Us Blues” would have been neat
But hey, I can’t always be right
Maybe that one’s tomorrow night

Then without a sound she twirled away
Leaving me alone with a touch of gray
I will never forget that magical night in June
With the fallen angel of “Name that Tune”


Joined: Jan 11 2008
A poem for us Deadheads

1Have you ever been so happy to see these boys arriving with their truckloads full of music,and their eyes just shining? Yes,I see the questionmark twirling round your head the answer is,my unknown friend,here came to Grateful Dead. Refrain:And we are the people allways waiting for our Boys first song which grabs us from the start and makes all dance along We are just funny cosmic hobos,and were proud to be The Deads own gand who allways tryin to spread harmony 2.Thousand languages are spoken on our planet earth but only one is understood by everyone who cares Its the golden notes of Jerrys guitar playin with the band and when this tunes sets in wer happy like little kids in wonderland Refrain:Thats because we are the people who allways wait for another note of Grateful music that were sharing and the lyrics we can quote so like i told you we are hobos from the world of sound proud to be the Deads own gang,were allways be around.

Joined: Nov 21 2007
...sleep ...

as i sleep
my mind just creeps
where it goes i do not know
maybe to hell it goes
i do not know
perhaps to heaven it goes
i do not know
there is no gain in this
it is only sleep i miss
it seems only pain i gain
from this
only the pain in my brain
is all i have to gain
pain in my brain
is all there is to gain
just pain in my brain.


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Joined: Jul 7 2007
Wow Gigi,

That was a very beautiful poem, it really touched my heart. Please don't frown any more...

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Joined: Jun 24 2007
No Offense Intended

Dreaming of peace in this free flowing age of chaos
Token Jesus pictures proclaiming morality
The Passion?
My ass!
It's mythology not religion
Dogma doggin' my trail in the Bible Belt
Blue laws restricting me
Look Inside for christ's sake
It's all you
Not the devil out to get you fool!
Love flows from my fingertips
Passing out positivity
Freely given and eagerly spent
Offering up a whole new realm of possibilities
Forget dreaming
Practice what you preach
Who cares what god you claim to be
Love Free

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Joined: Jun 22 2007

the intrepid traveler steps on through
he feels feet
inside socks
inside shoes

Joined: Jul 20 2007
A poem by Gigi

I am a hippie dead head
Standing tall and sweet
Loving all the friends that I got to meet
From shakedown shopping and going to many a show
I thought I was lost when Jerry did go
He made it sound so soft and sweet
I did not care that I had dirty feet
From dancin and twirling to falling dowm
It's all to sad now I have a frown
I miss those daze one and all
Someone catch me I'm going to fall
So I am here now to share with you
about the daze when dreams came true


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