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in the shadows

in the shadows
of the moon
I heard a great boom
like the sounds of thunder
coming from down under
I stand and wonder
what kind of blunder
could posibley come from
down under
could this just be thunder ?
do`es this make you wonder ?


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the beast

I have long hair
and I just don`t care
watch out for that bear
I must say
do you see the tree`s sway
we better stay away from here
is what I hear
for the great beast
has no fear
don`t you hear what i say
look at the tree`s sway
we better stay away from here
for the great beast has no fear.


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That works

Plenty of room for jammin too. Thanks for trying it. And a big thanks to Stuman for suggesting this forum. My favorite.

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Silly Putty

Two times through each verse, right? Sorted! Fun and bouncy!

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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play Silly Putty

Play Silly Putty on guitar! G-Em-D-C with a reggaeish feel.

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very interesting

very nice to see all this beutiful poetry ,, keep up the nice work of words folks ..
it is amazing just how far my suggestion for this forum has gone .. i need to post more of my words soon .. Take care everyone !! Peace and sunshine to all !!

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silly putty

Warning: levity ahead

We're just a bag of skin and bones
Amino acids and chromosomes
Made to think, and built to roam
A mystery that's ours on loan

We've evovled since time unknown
Planting seeds and throwing stones
Then we learned to write and read
The written word began to feed

Whatever light shines within you
If it's for Love I'm with you too
It's nice to have something to do
Come walk with me I'll walk with you

And in the end we'll know the truth
I hope we find fountains of youth
Till then I'll live day to day
And hope for you to walk my way

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broken arrow

There you go, movin across the water
There you go, turnin my whole world around

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This goes out to JerseySchwartz- I hear ya!!

I thank all of you who have posted on this forum. It's great to see all the flowers of creativity.

Interstate Samhain Blues

The rolling view
from the car window
mimicks the clicking
of an antiquated sixteen millimeter
motion picture movie projector.
It's playing a bizarre
B-rated horror flick
dreamed up by a weaning neophyte
from the jack-o-lantern's teat.

An all saints chorus
of cirrus and sun
sprays Segrada Familia
magentas of flame
that melts the crystalline vapor
of an Itascan morning
flowing into the
Mother American river. [yes, I know. It's a road song like BTW :)]

The barren cornmeal soil
forgotten by the harvest,
yet familiar to summer's ghosts
expose tricks and treats
to the hard pressed
rock candy, salt water
taffy of the earth.

They're wearing yesterday's masks,
hiding in homes
all saccharin bloated
on waxy candy corn dreams,
and trying to atone
for the sins loaded with artificial colors
of red, white and blue.

Yellow dye no. 5
stains the road east
with it's jaundice justice.

The second half of electricity's sigh
is the pentagram spokesman,
a skilled vetriloquist of warfare might.
America has become a puppeteer
who's lost control of the marionette,
a Potomac Pinocchio of Bush, Cheney, Powell, Rumsfeld and Rice. (poem c. 2005)

Yellow dye no. 5
stains the road east
with it's callous cowardice.

An alternating current
of citizen thought
should mold marzipan martyrs
from America's backwaters.
If not,
the blistered sun
will be eclipsed in crude blackness,
bloodened with a viscosity
similar to the caramel
upon the golden apple
that hides the razor blade
we all must swallow.

The eye of the hawk
performs helixes on the heartland horizon.
It zeros-in on the military snake
bleeding from the apple's blade
and soaking in Eden's perpetual rain.

Lazarus is walking,
adorned with bandages to cover
Hades' transgressions
and the lacerations of Cerberus' rage.

Lazarus is talking
of a reversal in fortune.
In three days
we'll be dead,
sans ascension.

The desert storm troopers are painting
their own Hieronymus Bosch imitation.
"War on!", is an erroneous Bush insinuation.
Soldier sacrifice
bloats the U.S. economy
with artificial colors of
truth, might and heady
delusions of prosperity
that even Mark Twain coudn't fathom.

Hannibal waits
with elephant bombs
to whitewash our faces
and brainwash our
Huckleberry dreams
of lollipop rivers
and Pollyanna prairies.

The American dream
is an illusion of exclusion
from the rest of the world.
Globilization is the world's affliction
of the American predatory zombie
engulfing anything with a pulse.

The sarcophogus is empty,
so the indigenous shamans
are concocting potions of protection
from the top-of-the-food chain mummy
who believes wisdom is in the brain.

Bottlenecked in Coca-Cola corporations
our cheetah capitalism
is on a sorghum grass safari,
soon to climb a tree
and die a slow, molasses death.

The technological spider
has spun it's web
and forgotten about
the agrarian barn
that's shelters it's lattice haunt.

The road reels on,
and as I exit the heartland
passed the Arch and the river Styx,
I see Charon's ferry churning south.
The sign reads 'no vacancy'.

All is ready
to engorge the Mardi Gras meat
of debauchery and sin.
I shiver my last polar chill
and feel the chemotherapy fever
of the ever closer latitude of cancer.

The tropics warm
with leucocytic power.
A hurricane is no longer
just a drink you order
in the French Quarter.

Mother Nature's archery rivals
that of the new rising Orion.
I cover my eyes.
The veil is too thin.

The dependence upon
Earth's black death,
and the subsequent wars
to establish pallbearer status,
has made the corpse bride
of the widwower soldier
all to familiar
with her own death.

When her man comes home
as a letter shroud
in the army lieutenants' words of solace,
describing her as a newborn daughter of America,
she touches her belly
knowing more than he says.

The Liberty Bell's crack
is the cause of it's own ineffectiveness.
Our Graceland is no longer
a new frontier
of mountains and valleys
carved of glacial melt
and thrusting magma.

We have exhausted
the wilderness paradise.
It rivals the ruin of ancient Memphis,
choked with barbed wire fences
and bled dry
with concrete needles
that replace Earth's plasma
with embalming fluid
of unknown consequences.

Until our streams of consciousness
can set new courses
toward oceanic thoughts
with tsunami magnitudes,
we'll be stuck on
the Land Between the Lakes
surrounding doldrum marshes
of methane, peat and rotting carcasses.

Our media heroes
and technological warriors
are dressed in camouflage
and performing marches
for the lofty feats
that democracy promises.

The tug of war
of the two-headed snake,
in lands of asbestos dust,
suffocates tolerance
like a creeping radon death.

America's AC/DC,
worldwide, iridescent glow
sits in a spinning limbo,
like the dark side of the moon,
when viewed from Olympus Mons.

Shadowed in the harvest moon,
pumpkin-hued light,
a feared new Tartarus,
just a part of our collective consciousness
and a synaptic firing of the new world brain
reaches Mars upon Mercury's wings.

On the war planet of the celestial pantheon,
A false idolotry
of a mysterious god
suffices alien criterion
and a new, foreign religion is born,
adding to the hodge-podge
of public opinion.

my metaphoric muse
just makes me another minion
of our current controversy,
another Mary Shelly fantasy
reiterating the spiral energy
of life immemorial.

The saints and souls
wearing masks
of science and ritual
or mystery and chaos
are singing the same chant
from behind the veil of Cronus and Christ.

They're dethroning the old
with knowing grace,
celebrating the monarch of chrysalis faith
and dancing a jig of universal taste.

As the clock strikes midnight
on a new day, month, year and century
our ancestors are urging us
to plant a golden apple tree
worthy of Atalanta's ruse by Aphrodite.

*I know it's a bit long, but I hope you all enjoyed it.

......And there were days I know when all we ever wanted was to learn and love and grow.


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