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Joined: Oct 23 2007
Hey Mary~Sunshine ~

Positive Beams to you.I cant imagine how tough this must be for you. I KNOW the kind folks here will be thinking about you.

"The Earth will see you on through this time"... came into my head as I was reading your post.


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positive vibes

dude, you need positive vibes? you got' em......that's not how your post read........i'm praying things will work out for a tough spot myself, just not in a legal aspect but i know what it's like to feel helpless........gotta have faith,man, look for that bright spot and hang in there (try to, anyway). mary....i'm praying for you too, i think you have a chance to beat it........but i think your "friend" deserves to be horsewhipped for trying to sell you out. that may sound a bit harsh.....but i have no use or time for backstabbers, i will pray for him though.

Joined: Oct 29 2008
I hope u all liked my story

I'm a writer, Italian, German, Blackfoot, Cherokee, w/ Taoist philosophy. My DNA is LSD, sugar is my crack.

I guess by my previous story was my way of asking 4 some positive energy to flow my way, I could use it, big time, the beast is after me and after $50,000 in legal bills, I'm broke, going bankrupt, I've done lost my shirt, they r after my skin, I need a safe green place with allot of mountains to climb, I need to get free from the system. Hang w/ the bears.

FYI, The FED is at war with u and me, they have declared war on pot smokers, u r considered an enemy combatant. The Patriot Act suspended ur Rights, u r the enemy Mary-Sunshine, drug dealers r terrorist and vice versa, pretty frightening, as u seem to be scared which indicates you r innocent, and being victimized.

People like us live on the fringes of society. In times of crisis the fringe dwellers r persecuted, as we represent what happens in a society when it fails.

Which is y we r all on this board asking 4 strength, in one way or another.

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complicated case, I think.

please be sure that the lawyer you got has a lot of trial experience with this type of stuff and cross examining cops about it.

I seen one fool of a defense lawyer, no experience at all, question a cop which went something like this:

Lawyer: What gave you probable cause to search the vehicle, officer?

cop: There was a strong odor of marijauana smoke.

Lawyer: Have you ever smoked marijuana, officer?

cop: No.

Lawyer: Then you mean to tell this court, that without having ever smoked marijauana, you KNOW what it smells like? Maybe you HAVE smoked it.

cop: Yes, I know what it smells like, and no, I have never smoked it?

Lawyer: How can that be, officer? How do you know what it smells like?

cop: In police acadamy training, they burned confiscated marijauana to teach us what it smells like.


anyways, that dude lost the case because of his fool of an in-experienced lawyer who didn't have experience in such cases.

Most lawyers will say anything to get a case and a retainer.

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Went to court today

peace through music
Hey Guys, go easy on club soda. It's just his way of expressing the hell of injustice. Although he might want to add some Chambord to the club soda! You know it' like Sweet Cherry Wine,"So very fine...Oh yeah, Love's the only thing that matters anyhow. And the beauty of life can only survive, If we love one another" (For those who don't remember this song it was sung by Tommy James and the Shondells). Thanks for a different kind of expression,Club Soda.
I went to court today and the vibes and love you all sent were so powerful, thank you. When I went in front of the judge I felt strong and said that I was not guilty and wanted a trial by jury. He replied that if I did this he would remove my right to use my accelerated rehabilitation without prejudice,and I would have no pretrial, just a trial date. Within minutes of this decision I was called back up and the judge started reading excerpts from the police report, ' You had a lot of tie-dyes, Led Zepplin and Grateful Dead Key chains also a large amount of incense in the vehicle. You were traveling with a person with 29 prior convictions, including a felony and a recent conviction for the sale of narcotics. It was two in the morning and you were leaving a bar. This all doesn't look good but due to the fact that you have no prior convictions and a clean arrest record, the court reconsiders restoring your accelerated rehabilitation status and will give you time to find counsel so that you have time to fully understand the consequences of going to a trial by jury." So I said," Thank you, your honor. The reason that I had all that stuff and was out, was, that we were vending for a band that was playing at the bar." But, before I got the last four words of that sentence out they had said all statred shutting me up, I understand they didn't want to hear anything that I had to say at that point.
When we left the court, after being there from 9am til 4pm, I had the police report in hand, which also was not easy to obtain. As I put the report in my big envelope in the car I found a business card for a lawyer that I had a free consultation with him when this first happened. He had been very skeptical about the outcome. I called him from the parking lot and he answered the phone. I told him that I had the police report and asked him if he would be able to have the time to take a look at it. Fifteen minutes later I was in his office and his disbelief just grew. It essentially says that the passenger was in the back seat with a backpack that had a heavy odor of "raw marijuana" (as opposed to the cooked Kind?). It also mentions the small scissors, the box of baggies , a red scale with more raw marijuana on it, the fact that when the officer asked him to get out he had a .6 gram bud of pot at his feet on the floor, and a large bag of leafy green substance on the rear floor about 8 inches away from him that weighed 43 grams.
It goes on to say that when asked if the backpack was his the passenger said it was, but denied anything to do with the marijuana. Then it describes how they arrested all of us. By this time there was three cruisers. (talk about being scared......THAT makes club soda look like chocolate milk) Now for the grand finale.....At the end of the report it describes each one of us being transported in separate cars with our names and the officers names. There were three of us in three cars. My name first with nothing being said during transit, the other front seat passenger the same thing, and then the back seat passenger.....It says and I quote, " During transport, he informed me that Mary and Rob go to bars and concerts, to sell drugs and paraphernalia out of their vehicle. He also informed me that many people had been in and out of their van at the bar that tonight. He also related that when I initiated the traffic stop Mary and Rob were smoking marijuana in a bowl. Vehicle was towed by... '
In my defense' brothers and sisters, I particularly, since being on tour full time in the eighties have made it a point not to be near the selling of drugs because of one thing, my family. We have raised 7 boys and I could not have stood the thought of losing them. (so we sold whole wheat organic pizza for a buck a slice out of our 31 foot International school bus. And he knows this, I can't believe he said that! Hey club soda, I may have to borrow one of your monsters to show him himself. In the beginning of the report when describing our mannerisms when the stop was made it says,"The rear passenger also appeared extremely nervous, eyes wide open, like a deer in the headlights, and staying completely still, not moving at all." Again I refer to good old club soda, was this cop hunting his prey? God man I'm warped forever!!! (Only kidding)!
After reading the report this lawyer decided to take the case! The next court date is in the beginning of December. We have from now til then to raise the money for the retainer. So you might see us at some upcoming shows raising funds for our Legal System Defense.
Thanks for the miracles of good vibes today. It was supposed to rain but it started to snow lightly and during this the sun came out and there was a snowbow. Sending rainbows, or snowbows, of love to everyone.

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holy banana peels

so nice to see everyone caring for each other, marye doesn't need flippin her hat on with all youse covering her back! hells bells clubsoda, you sound like a politician from the dark side, quit skippin the meds!
little marysunshine, that all sucks, so nice to have a bowling ball for a friend! is this your 1st offense (since 1973!i'm impressed)? if so i wouldn't be too worried, but i can only speak for 3or4 states, not conn. though! hope all turns well for you, as for the bowling ball, karma will take care of that @#$% or i know a duck that likes to quack
peace all,

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positive vibes

positive vibes to ya mary. i suggest contacting one of the many orginizations that are pro legalization. many are willing to help out and have lawyers on reatiner to help in situations just like this. also, if you cant get a lawyer, use the public defender. most of them are smart, and willing and able to help. there is a reason they chose to become public defenders and that is because they believe in the cause of helping people. also, even the ones fresh out of law school, though they lack experiance, they more then make up for it with zeal.
The Kid

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scroll on past it

scroll on past it...

just scroll on past it.


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Positive vibrations

The above 6 posts (excluding mine) are what this forum, and hopefully (wishfully) the world is about.
This is me beaming with love of my fellow posting friends .... =))
What a beautiful arena of love and life.
Follow your heart and you will live your dreams.


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Reality check, WTF club!

Yea what they all said. Believing in cosmic whatever that was about isn't going to help her. This person needs real advice for a real raw deal. Not some BS about the man hunting you down DA. Getting busted for whatever sucks can be costly, which many of us have experienced at on time or another. Maybe offer an option from experience or a good lawyer who deals with type of situation she's in Conn.

Mary like said above CC spoke of some very helpful things. I know for a fact that there are law types who deal with this stuff and can help you. I hope the very best outcome for you and if you can get a delay in this affording you to make some calls and do some research definetly won't hurt. Good luck Sunshine.


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Positive Vibes for Folks in Need...