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started by stuman

Hey folks , since compilations are the "in" right now , How about this one .

Grateful Dead
Primal Pigpen Blues - A Pigpen Compilation

Various SBDs> shn> wav> CD> wav> FLAc Frontend

Disk 1 / Set I:
01. Tastebud (Come Back Baby) - 66-05-19 - Avalon
02. Ain't It Crazy (The Rub) - 71-04-28 - Fillmore East
03. Chinatown Shuffle - 72-04-14 - Copenhagen, Denmark
04. I'm A King Bee - 66-11-19 - Fillmore
05. Easy Wind - 70-12-31 - Winterland
06. The Same Thing - 67-03-18 - Winterland
07. It Hurts Me Too - 67-10-22 - Winterland
08. In The Midnight Hour - 67-09-03 - Rio Nido, CA

Disk 2 / Set II:
01. Mr. Charlie - 72-05-26 - London, UK
02. Pain in My Heart - 66-11-19 - Fillmore
03. Next Time You See Me - 72-04-26 - Frankfurt, Germany
04. Smokestack Lightnin' - 70-02-14 - Fillmore East
05. Sick and Tired - 66-05-19 - Avalon
06. Big Boss Man - 66-07-17 - Fillmore
07. Two Souls in Communion - 72-05-04 - Paris, France
08. Good Lovin'> - 71-04-25 - Fillmore East
09. Turn On Your Lovelight - 68-02-14 - Carousel Ballroom
10. Hey Jude - 69-03-01 - Fillmore West

This is a mix I made from my collection a while back. In my mind, it showcases the "essential" Pigpen
in all his glory. If you want raw blues and epic raps, I think that this compilation covers mostly all of
the ground needed to showcase the different sides of Ron McKernan.

This is my first upload, so I hope everything is correct.


I`ll have this converted and on two cdr`s . A must have for any Pig fan !!
Hope you all enjoy this as much as I am . Thank you Eric for seeding this ! Evrything is
more then correct it is perffect !!


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it worked

let's all pray well guess what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT WORKED JUST MAILED MY MONEY ORDER YAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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XOXO guyz

Come to Western NY for further!!! We all love u out here!! As alwayz!!Hippies crawl out of the woodwork here lol

it's a rainbow full of sound, It's fireworks, calliopes and clowns....

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"Go on home, yo' mama's callin' you!"

I wasn't there, but I think it's cool they closed with Cosmic Charlie.

lamagonzo (not verified)
Meanwhile, At the Mars Hotel...

... We were selling ice cold reality for a buck in the lobby after the show.

"Step right up and get your ice cold reality! Ice cold reality here --
All you can handle only a buck!

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Looked at a little youTube

Looked at a little youTube on Furthur, and am definitely on-board with JK! When I went to shows in the 80's I always felt the Grateful Dead were a completely different entity--more self-contained and mystical--than other bands that played big arenas. There was a context and multi-voice dialogue involving the band and, as importantly, the Dead Head community. Long-time show heads at the time always seemed to state then that the band was just a shell of some earlier line-up, which was probably a legitimate gripe in their minds. Being new, everything was fantastic. The band's ability to bring in new players (in the wake of Pig Pen and the Godchauxs leaving the group) and still jell and amaze led my mind to believe there would always be a Grateful Dead, growing like the Master Musicians of Jajouka--who have retained the spirit for multiple generations. After Jerry died, it seemed very much so the opposite, that the chemistry and mysticism was contained in the spirit of Garcia, and that the rest was business. In the years that have followed, some of the reunion line-ups and side projects have worked, sometimes addressing the group personality the Grateful Dead expressed. Furthur is another vehicle to get to those issues--this time balanced with youth along with experience. The context of the music is important, and subtleties like JK's road-weary voice and ability to react in a Garcia-like manner to the changes Phil & Bob lay down is influencing the new band in a positive manner.
Concerning Jerry's spirit, his presence always seemed to override the group mind during the 80's and beyond. Shows and later whole tours depended on his state of mind. It seemed Garcia's role in the band began to elevate him about the time of American Beauty. The notion of "fingers on a hand" or "multi-headed hydra" began to fade as Pig Pen contributed less, and his focal point shifted to the emotionally heavier songs Jerry sang. I always wondered which 'Grateful Dead' was referenced by the buttons that said "Good Ol' Grateful Dead." Seems Jerry was an entertainer who exhaustively worked in the spotlight, and had a mixture of influences--L.A. and Marin County, comic books and the oral tradition of the old folk songs, being there and not wanting to be there.
Other members of the core balance their own extremes, all leading to the musical dialogue presented. It would be nice to think Furthur is approaching the balanced model that the early Grateful Dead had--"when the music played the band." We'll have to see on tour. And that's a good thing. The context of the post-1970 songs and the ever-lingering Jerry emotions will make it difficult, but perhaps this is one line-up which will be able to coax some of that "Good Ol' Grateful Dead" feeling. If not, my notion of a perpetual Dead spirit will go on the "heap of bad ideas," which include "grateful DEAd" and "jerry garCIA," if you catch my drift...
It's all arts and entertainment, but it is still spirit and family as well. May there always be newbies who are amazed, and those who know the history and context.

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I see...but it's those differing opinions and perspectives that make us ALL Deadheads :)

Pre and Post-Jerry...but heads full of dead nonetheless

I still think he wrote 'Lucy' about someone else ;)

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

lamagonzo (not verified)
It's very zen, Fluff

Mods are deadheads who haven't seen Jerry play in person, who turned on to the Dead without seeing a show. It is what it is (a zen cliche). Your opinion is as valid as anyone else's...

No disrepect intended and nor do I believe all mods think the same. I sure know all deadheads don't! And thats what makes all the colors in the rainbow.

PS -- Today Lucy of John Lennon's Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds died, she was 46 and had a beautifull smiling face.

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Just downloaded this show from

and am listening to it as I write. I'm in the midst of Cassidy right now and I must say I'm impressed. I have always been skeptical of the whole "sound like the Grateful Dead" thing. As I result I avoided Dead cover bands like the plague until last year. I finally decided to go see DSO for the benefit of my 13 year old son, figuring this might be as close as he would get to the real thing. I enjoyed them so much that we ended up seeing them twice last year! John has something special going and does sound very similar to Jerry at times. I was once again skeptical when I heard about the Furthur shows. I was concerned that having someone trying to sound like Jerry would be a flop. What I'm hearing here is not someone trying to sound like Jerry, but someone who has a Jerry feel to their playing. The jams in this show sound more energetic and enthusiastic than any I've heard since the death of Jerry. I enjoyed the Dead this spring and thought Warren did a good job, but there is something about this show that has a bit of the "x-factor" to it. It would be nice to hear John doing all the Jerry vocals. Sometimes the shared vocals are kind of a bummer and while I love Bobby doing Bobby songs he often doesn't do justice vocally to the Jerry songs. I would definitely be anxious to see these guys if they come east!

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"Mods wouldn't be mods w/o Fluff's take"
and what's a "mod"?
Should I be insulted? Am I any less of a deadhead because my opinion differs? hmmm. :(

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."


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