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something to ponder...

this discussion really doesn't change anything, but it's something i've been hung up on:
I'm on the same page as lamagonzo, respect in the community for the Music and All the band members is something for me that sets the entire experience apart from other mere bands.
However, in the words of Phil, every member of the Grateful Dead have always been "fingers on the hand" of a much greater organism. When Jerry passed, his absence was undeniably incapable of being filled. Yet to be fair, when pigpen, godchaux, or mydland died, the band kept on chuggin' along in memory of the dedication of the members. So it begs the question: in a general participatory sense was Jerry just as much a finger on the hand as those others? And would he want the name of their legacy retired because of his passing? I would go out on a limb and say he wouldn't. Nevertheless, the decision to hang up the name belonged solely to the remaining band members.
The bottom line is that after such an emotional loss things changed, and here we are now. Much FURTHER from those last days! We can call it whatever we want, but when it comes down to it, it's still that good 'ol Grateful Dead music!!


lamagonzo (not verified)

Deadheads wouldn't be deadheads w/o Hal's opinion
Mods wouldn't be mods w/o Fluff's take...

Still, it's proper respect to retire the name Grateful Dead when Jerry passed
As it is proper respect to retire The Dead when Bill & Mickey ain't there

I think I read somewhere in the Furthur reviews where someone said: "If it wasn't considered proper till now to have a Jerry clone play, so be it. Now is the time we can start having fun again!"
This is a very loose paraphrase.

I know, I know -- John isn't just a Jerry clone -- and that's what makes Furthur even better!
I like the name Furthur, because that is where Bob & Phil are taking it. And you have to give them A LOT of credit for that!

Thanks Bob & Phil!!!

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anybody know where I can download any of these "further" shows?

I have had no luck checking the net so far!Can anybody tell me where to download em?

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Feeling So Grateful!

Wow. First things first: HEARTFELT THANKS TO PHIL and BOBBY for keeping the spirit alive, and for giving us so much all these years. Second, HOLY COW THIS IS IT!!! THE BOYS ARE BACK!!!

These shows were the most fun I have had at a musical event since 1990 or 91. Really tremendous. I think this is the right lineup. The magic was happening, something special about this grouping and let's let it happen: Phil, Bob, Jeff, Joe, Jay, and John. Hurray!!! JK, TAG, YOU...ARE...IT!

I really appreciated the singing of Bobby, Phil AND John. Of course it's different than Jerry. it is also real, and authentic, and heartfelt, and I LOVE IT!

Finally, special thanks to Jay Lane. I just love looking up at the stage and seeing someone bouncing around as energetically as us down in the pit. Yahoo!! Great energy guys. Thank you thank you thank you. Keep on growin'!

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more on the above
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here you go - just saw this on Phil's site


Jeff Chimenti * John Kadlecik
Jay Lane * Joe Russo

December 8 & 9
Hammerstein Ballroom
New York City, NY
Doors: 6:30 / Showtime: 8:00 PM

December 11
Chevrolet Theater @ Oakdale
Wallingford, CT
Doors: 6:30 / Showtime: 8:00 PM

December 12 & 13
Asbury Park Convention Hall
Asbury Park, NJ
Doors: 6:30 / Showtime: 8:00 PM

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Hey, I agree. Earlier in the year I was saying to myself how vacant the mix sounded with just Bobby and Warren (Spring tour), but now with John K in there, the gaps are music in themselves, similar to the way Jerry played with strategic holes, and dramatic pauses, which had you craving the next note. It is all in the chemistry I guess. And I think this group has it.

But ... I do think Donna Jean should at least come out for a few songs per night. Screeching chalk, well I kind of liked it. Either way, let it rock.

Greg SC

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to Greg SC

NO DONNA!!! She had her place in some songs and then others are like nails on a on Playing in the Band. As I said before, I'm sure there are reasons Billy and Mickey are not involved. Either they don't want to participate or Bob and Phil prefer Jay and Joe. Either way, I'm perfectly fine with the lineup...Although I have to admit I am not the biggest Mickey fan either...and the tapes from the spring sound less energetic than Furthur did to me (in person).'s picture
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'nuff said!


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