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As some of you may already know, during the RatDog set, the actions of some maniac at the Gathering on Saturday night resulted in a Bridgeport, Ct., police officer being injured...The following is a mailing address, as well as eMail for you to send some healing Vibes to that man who was just trying to do his job:

Deputy Police Chief James Honis
Bridgeport Police Deparment
300 Congress St
Bridgeport, CT 06604

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Friday night 8/17

Ratdog with the Allman Brothers at the Tweeter in Camden NJ on 8/17.
It should be a awesome show!! I haven't seen Ratdog since last year in Atlantic city NJ,

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I'd like to get those Weir/Waybacks tapes.

They play together often here in the Bay Area. They did a cool Kashmir last year at the Bluegrass festival.

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an anywhere road for anybody anyhow

Last night's show in Lowell was just unbelievable. The song selection a chronology of Neal's and Jack's life via On The Road and Dennis McNally. Thanks to all involved.
Go to and munckmusic this one's a keeper :)

"if you get confused..."

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Ratdog On The Road in Lowell

This is so cool. Have a great time. There is a forum here - Other Literature where some of us have discussed the beats and their influence.

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Bob Weir & Ratdog Live Broadcast will broadcast this Sunday's Bob Weir & Ratdog "Special Tribute to Jack Kerouac" show from Lowell, Massachusetts as part of its "On the Road" series. The program will begin with Weir reading from Kerouac's works, scheduled for a 6pm start with the Weir/Ratdog musical performance afterward. Links to the stream will be available on the home page of

This show will be a special tribute to Lowell native Jack Kerouac, and his traveling companion On The Road, Neal Cassady, who had a great personal influence on the members of the Grateful Dead. Kerouac's original manuscript scroll of his most famous novel, On The Road, is on display at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum Gallery adjacent to the concert venue, Boarding House Park. Weir read On The Road in 1964 and became forever changed. "It told me the world was a wide open place. Go get it," said Weir in a November 2006 interview with the Lowell Sun.

mvyradio is one of the early adopters of the Adult Alternative format and of internet streaming, broadcasting from Martha's Vineyard. The station actively records performances from festivals such as Newport Folk, MerleFest, Memphis in May, Rhythm & Roots, SXSW and others and now has close to 300 exclusive performances and interviews available for listening via its website. Included in those Archives are The Waybacks featuring Bob Weir (and others) from MerleFest 2006.

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lowell mass

Just came back from Iraq for the 3rd time and the show is in Lowel Mass. How sweet im home on leave from the Marines got me 3 tickets looking Fwd to the show. The last time i went to a show was last year before i left in VA. What a homecoming thanxs bob!

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Jack Kerouac

Spell Check for sure next time I post. One would think that if I had any idea at all what I was talking about, that I would at least get the name right. (DER)

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Boarding House Park

After being out of the loop for so long, ( the last show I saw ,i think, was just after JERRY had come out of a coma and played in Virginia), I could not imagine a more intriguing venue to attend . I can't wait for the disscussions on Kerou's influence. I hope they have a question answer forum with the audience.

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Bobby played Izzie's "favorite"

That Sandy Eggo show was awesomely great.... first Dog show for me in a long while....well worth the wait. Wake up Lil Suzy with Keller was definately a treat. I liked the whole show but I was looking for Izzie to bolt to the restroom when the opening notes of Black Peter started...LOL


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