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ratsnkats (not verified)
No mention of the Frankfurt shootings on Wednesday?

On August 31st, 2009 TigerLilly said:
"And people keep asking me why I don't wanna move back to the Glorious U.S. of A. Case in point about why I am in NO hurry is in these stories. Pffffffffffffffffft!"

Hmmmmmm, well I guess this must be better than what those fine folks were doing during the 1940's...

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Worst Concert was Pink Floyd

Their last concert at JFK before they tore it down. The security guards were asswholes.
They had guard dogs like in dogs of war, and billy clubs. They kept yelling at the audience and telling them to sit the **** down or they would be sorry. They did hit a few people really hard. We left after Comptably Numb. We were going over the Bridge to New Jersey when we heard the police calling for reniforcements. They had a full riot.
It was not terrible but she had me worried. At a gratefull dead concert, for get the date, it was a outside concert, a girl near us went into labor and refused to leave untill the concert was over. I remember her screaming every time she had a contraction.

lamagonzo (not verified)

Is turning into a really bad scene. We need to pass the cool kool-aid and fly TLA to the GG Park, eat organic and run around naked for a while dancing to GD and other kimd bands. If you still care about your modesty when you're in your 60s maybe you never got your GI Joes and Barbie o play with. Whenre a diver's suit if it'd cold. Do a polar plunge for the Rex

Endless Summer of 67 in he winter of 11.

The Muic Never Stopped!

ka.swan (not verified)
american bullshit

Had to leave USA because as a foreigner my legal and human rights were stomped on by creepos hiding as bullshit judges ,corrupt lawyers ,rotten cops ,these basterds doing me in only because they knew they could get away with their rip offs abuses . Even death treats ,robbery of my legal french passport ,yes US pigs do that and the french consulate pretented it couldn't be so ! Asskissing french consuls too scared for their comfortable carriers to stand up for french citizens 's rights ! phonies always screaming about WW2 crimes but NEVER say a word about cops /courts persecuting whites these last 50 years ! Over nothing ,nada ,being vicious like nazis simply because the political warped system allow them ,protect and finance them ! For these reasons I will not ever go back to USA !

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Have read all of this topic lately

And people keep asking me why I don't wanna move back to the Glorious U.S. of A. Case in point about why I am in NO hurry is in these stories. Pffffffffffffffffft!
Education: that which reveals to the wise, and conceals from the stupid, the vast limits of their knowledge.
Mark Twain

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DWI checkpoint

In both states it was a supposed DWI check, but in FL they were stopping every car, if not searching, they were stopping and looking into the vehicles or, for the unlucky, snifing the air. They did get a few stoners that day, mostly just a couple of joints or roaches, seemed to be a big deal for nothing, except to ruin Memorial day for everyone comming back from the beach. In SC, judge in a single wide trailer along the side of the road, if, for any reason, you refused the search, the orificers took you over to the trailer and got the judge to issue search warrant for "probable cause". Or, if the dog they had signaled the cops, that was probable cause too. The law in SC had it all set up with local stores in the area, had lots of cash on hand so if you did get caught, they would try and convict right there, give you a ticket and collect the cash from the ATM, all before they let you go. If no cash, jail. Then, you would get a court date that you did not have to attend, but if you didn't, they would suspend your DL and it would cost you another 100 bucks to get that back too. All that and a criminal record. Now, if you lived in FL, like my friend was at the time, that would mean driving all the way back to SC to attend court date, and still proubly getting license suspended and having to pay fee. This was back in the 90's, so it can only be worse now, with the way things are, they will do anything to get cash. If you love to drive and take a toke every now and then, don't do it with dead stickers on your car.

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Vegas shows w matthews band

I really started noticing things (people) at the 2nd vegas show ,drunks,speed freaks,the heroin people were low key,but thats a whole differenty topic. lots of people seemenly looking for trouble. it was so bad that i really didnt want to 2 be associated w the crowd. People would ask me on the strip how were the shows? i would tell em good, but parking lot scene ,outta hand. I after the ist year the 2nd year i wud go fri and sun show , skip the sat. show to get away frm the whole crazy scene. in the early 80's the parking lot scene was alot mellower, better doses? wen GD played w d matthews band the fri. morning scene was doomed, several drunks of all types and ages seemenly bent on getting as stupid as possible. speed freaks hassling u for a beer ,a hit of ur baloon,whatever. on sun afternoon my buddies on my friends van went in early to c d.matthews. i stayed in tthe van smoking kine bud. i also had in my possesion a sheet , sum shrooms, and about a1/4 of kine buds, relaxing in the van, a group of spped freaks hyped up on said drug and booze, asked me whose van this was. apparently this van had flipped them off in town and they were bent on causing harm on whoever flipped em off, the driver of van ,my bud was so mellow and even in rage, which i had never seen, wudnever flip off people no matter how rude or obnoxious people wrere. i got so scared with these people threating to kill me , i thought quickly ,grabbed my backpack and ran! w van open, they gave chase, i was so freaked out , trying to comprehend wat was going on, a GD show ? fights,kill threats, where am i south central LA?i desperately ran all over lot , just peaking on first wave of doses, unable to talk w anybody, i calmed myself , and figured the best,safest, place wud b in show. security was my next concern , a sheet, 4 tall cans ,of beer, bud,shrooms, ah yeah, go on in sir, and enjoy the show, in my backpack. oh yeah, security , will jus say no big deal, well guess wat , ? a cool security guy, asked me to check my bag, i mumbled sumthing to him about sum crazy guys in lot trying to kill me, he saw the true face of human fright, and said go head bro and b careful, unbelievable, whoever u are mr. security thank you for ur genuine concern for my well being. no more vegas show after that, and only venues that were mellower,Autzen ,comes to mind, anybody dare to compare the Autzen lot scene w Vegas? worlds and miles apart for good reason. stay true to your roots! Tsee-wen-Pii" santa clara pueblo indian reservation,N.M. anybody jus wanna talk story? email me

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in Florida

in Florida, what was written on the search warrent as the predicate?

please ask your friend if he knows or remembers.

also in SC, they had a judge there? if so, same question.


I can also imagine cops doing it like a DWI random stop, that they 'say' they are only stopping every 4th car randomly... justifying the search on paper in that way, especially if you happen to be driving on a smuggler's alley.

not only are laws state by state, they are also county by county, too.

you are totally right, sam, if they want you, you are toast.

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2 states

Florida and South Carolina. Of course, it's the south. In Florida, especially in Orange county, they will stop you for a sticker, or a shirt, it has happened and will continue to happen as long as people allow it to happen. But, what can you do when they stop you and are ready for anything you do or say? A friend was stopped at a road block in fla, had on a dead shirt, nothing else, no stickers, not an old hippy looking car, just driving along on memorial day holiday going to the beach. Said no to any search, they were ready, had a judge in a trailer, dogs on leashes waiting, everything. If he did not agree to the search, they would go into trailer, get a warrant, and search. The whole time the cops were telling my friend that if he did not submit to the search, they were going to make it bad for him, offered to "give him a break" if he came clean, all because he had on a dead shirt . He was clean, but it was still a 2 hr search, in the sun, along the highway, after it was all over, they said "have a nice day".
In SC, same scernerio, stopped on highway, no other reason except had a normal sticker on his car. Serched there also. It goes to show, if they want to search you, they will and there ain't nothing you can do about it. Just keep your stash small enough for you to eat, they can't bust you for smiling (Wait, yes they can) Here it is in a nutshell, if they want you, you are toast. All, most all cops will lie, whatever they have to do, to keep there stories straight and make them look good and the "perpatrator" bad. There may not be an official policy involving dead heads and stickers, but from experiences and friends experiences, they do pull you over if you look "dead". Best to keep it stealth. and remember, this has been happening for decades, Bobby said it years ago,
"the heat came by and busted me for smiling on a cloudy day"

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no problem, jack. I can't say 'it's a pleasure' because this whole issue irks me to no end... but, I am happy to help and if one head is saved the misery of going inside by reading this or seeing the vid, I'll be glad.

if anyone knows of any 'published, in the manual,' police procedure guidine that includes stopping a car for ONLY having a dead sticker on it, please let me know.

I was thinking about it while I was taking a walk just now, and what I remember hearing was the NCIC thing was something about teaching cops what the dead SYF and so on looked like, and that 'possibly' the passengers / driver of such a car would have controlled substances. so to be on the lookout for other 'signs' of illegals...

similar to telling east LA rookie cops to be aware that folks with a red or blue 'do' rag might be a gang member and might have weapons...

by the by, ALL police training in every academy includes learning the smell of smoke from grass.

remember, it is not illegal to smell like grass, it is illegal to posses it. so do not get intimidated into giving consent to any search just because you or you home reeks. naturally, your car reeking like Bob Marley's ass (yeah that was pretty funny -- people at the ACLU do have a sense of humour) IS probable cause for a search. Ira, the ex-head of the ACLU, although he has gray hair and black eyebrows and seems a bit stiff in the vid is a rightous dude. I also smiled at the 'this isn't Amsterdam' line...

one other thing that Ira mentioned, a highway stop is not the place to debate the morality or usefulness of certain laws. never admit anything, never say anything USE your 5th ammendment rights. I do not mean, do not tell the cop your name or something like that, but never admit you did anything wrong -- never even admit you were speeding, just stay quiet.

the other thing that also really perturbs me, is that the sniffer dogs can be verbally commanded to make 'false positive' signs. the pups are usually taught to scratch at something or sit down in front of something they 'recognize' but a handler can trigger the same response with a verbal command if they really want to. the highway cops often 'threaten' to call in the dogs, and dogs get more 'false positives' without any shenanigans more than anyone will ever admit. but if a rogue handler decides you have something, all they need do is trigger a false positive verbally, and then they have the right to tear your car apart.

if a cop is so bored that s/he just decides to fuck with the hippies, they will never; in my opinion, admit in court that the real reason they stopped the vehicle was because it was a giant tie-dye school bus with 200 SYF stickers on it, loaded with long hairs -- s/he will just testify it was 'weaving' in and out of traffic...

personally, the only stickers I ever had on the car or bike or shirts that I wear are images that only a true deadhead would recognize. it is a sad state of affairs in the good o'l US of A.



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