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please do...

I imagine this will help relieve your own personal guilt surrounding the situation...that being said, YOU should NOT feel guilty for what THEY did...frustrated, helpless, but NOT guilty...use your frustration and experience to both your and the victim(s') advantage...this darkness has got to give.

"In a bed, in a bed, by the waterside I will lay my head.
Listen to the river sing sweet songs, to rock my soul."

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Thanks for the contact info. I will contact the DA, and I will keep you all informed. Thanks again for hearing me.

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Joe speaks truth here. Thank you for speaking out and please don't let this go.

One good thing about ubiquitous cellphone video is that it probably serves as a mild deterrent to this sort of uniformed thuggery. Too bad it wasn't around then.

Joe, say more about them getting Adam Katz's killers. Last I heard they had gotten a pass, but needless to say this story didn't make the West Coast papers so it's been 20 years since I heard anything.

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That boy's name is Patrick Shanahan, he was only 19 years old. he wasn't some skell, he wasn't some junkie, he was a college student going to see a concert....

you can still speak out, man. no need to let our brother not rest in peace after his violent and sensless murder.

YOU are a witness, YOU can make a difference and set things right.

from the way I read your post, your buddy also saw this.

please, please both of you, please, go talk to the LA district attorney and the internal affairs division of Inglewood, police. contact at : Internal Affairs Division, (310) 412-5318.

Inglewood does not have their own DA for felonies, so you should go through the LA county office.

this is the contact info for witness/ victims

One Regent Street, Room 405
Inglewood, CA 90301
(310) 419-6764
(310) 674-7839

and the main LA district attorney info:

District Attorney's Office
County of Los Angeles
210 West Temple Street, Suite 18000
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3210

Telephone (213) 974-3512

you can help our brother's soul rest easy.

please do the right thing here. There is no statute of limitations on murder.

those fuzz, even if they retired by now, can still be held accountable for their crime.

there was some documentation around that time about this:

THIS is from the NY Times archive:

Fan at Rock Concert Killed By the Police, Coroner Rules
Special to The New York Times
Published: Saturday, December 30, 1989

The death of a college student while in police custody outside a Grateful Dead concert here has been ruled a homicide.

In an autopsy report made public Thursday by the Los Angeles County coroner, the death of 19-year-old Patrick Shanahan on Dec. 10 was attributed to ''compression of the neck during restraint'' by police officers from suburban Inglewood.

''It's not an accident, not a suicide; it's a homicide - meaning death at the hands of another,'' David Campbell, a coroner's investigator, said in an interview. Internal Investigation On

Officials of the Inglewood Police Department had no comment on the coroner's report. In previous statements, they have said officers did not strike Mr. Shanahan, nor had they used excessive force in taking him into custody.

The department is conducting an internal investigation of the behavior of the five officers involved in the arrest, who remain on active duty.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office is also looking into Mr. Shanahan's death. ''There are times when a person in custody dies but not because of any improper conduct on the part of an officer,'' said Mike Botula, a spokesman for the prosecutor. ''Even though the coroner's office has ruled it a homicide, we are not treating this as a murder investigation.''

The autopsy report, which noted several bruises on the body of Mr. Shanahan, also said he had been using LSD when he died. Mr. Shanahan, who lived in Fountain Valley, was a business major at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Officer Calvin Smith, a spokesman for the Inglewood police, discussed the background of the case today and said Mr. Shanahan was incoherent and crawling on all fours when he was approached outside the arena where the concert was held.

''He was yelling and rolling around, and several officers were needed to finally subdue him,'' said Officer Smith. ''They did use the carotid hold,'' he added, referring to a neck restraint, a choke-hold that restricts the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. Discovery; No Breathing

After the police handcuffed Mr. Shanahan and bound his feet with nylon rope, they discovered he had stopped breathing, said Officer Smith. Mr. Shanahan was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Lawrence B. Trygstad, a lawyer hired by Mr. Shanahan's family soon after his death, said a private investigator had interviewed several witnesses who say the police used night sticks on Mr. Shanahan.

''They're saying that he wasn't bothering anybody and that the police came up to him and were very rough,'' said Mr. Trygstad. ''They beat him and jumped on him and choked him.''

James W. Hawkes, the victim's uncle, who lives in the family's hometown of Goffstown, N.H., where Mr. Shanahan was buried a week ago, said the family would not rest until ''justice is served.'' Private Pathologist Hired

Mr. Shanahan's parents were on their way home to Fountain Valley from New Hampshire and could not be reached for comment.

''We think it's really frightening and shocking that this could happen,'' said Mr. Hawkes. ''My brother won't put it to rest until justice is served. He'll pursue it until he can do no more, to make sure this doesn't happen to other parents.''

Mr. Trygstad said the Shanahans had hired a private pathologist who will complete another autopsy within a few weeks. He said the family would wait for that report before making a decision about suing the Police Department.

The police in Bergen County, N.J., are investigating the death of a college student at an October concert by the Grateful Dead at the Meadowlands arena. At first, the authorities there said they believed that the student, 19-year-old Adam Katz, had been slain. A second autopsy concluded that his death was probably caused by a fall.

please contact the DA and internal affairs, please keep us informed. after this article was published, they did get the bastards who murdered Adam Katz. They can get those assholes who murderred this boy, Patrick Shanahan, too.

please, at least make a few phone callls.


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Too add

I was in shock. I'd just seen a boy murdered. I knew he was dead before he went into the van. I didn't know what to do. I didn't know who to tell. I still don't. There's a place inside me that feels responsible for not speaking out. Not telling his family and friends what I'd witnessed. I didn't know how. I hope they'll forgive me.

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Dead (not Grateful) in LA: Patrick Shanahan

So the show lets out. We're parked in the overflow lot south of the Forum. I'm waiting in the bed of the truck for my buddy who has the keys. Then they came. In V-formation. Riot gear and a SWAT van behind. They're clearing the area. The show just got out for heaven's sake!! Parked next to us, sitting on the tailgate of a truck is a peaceful Deadhead waving a stick of Nag Champa and smiling to himself. A cop breaks from formation and grabs his shocked ass by the hair and pulls him into the dirt avenue. "Why aren't you LEAVING??". "My friend has the keys. I'm sure he'll be here soon. Then we'll go. I promise! Please don't hurt me man." The cop says "What did you say to me?" and throws him to the ground. The other cops smell blood and swarm the poor boy. Batons smashing. Boots kicking. The boy a limp, bloody mess. They brought the meat wagon in, and tossed him in the back. Then they came after us. My buddy, having just jumped in the cab of our truck, implored the cop banging on the window with his baton, "I got nowhere to go man, we're blocked in!". Terrified, I lay in the bed of the truck trying to look small.

The next day I see headlines: Violent, drug fueled concertgoer killed in police struggle at Grateful Dead concert.

Violent? If you consider a fetal position and a baton in the gut violent.

He was peaceful, happy, groovy stoned, and waiting for his ride.

"Yeah, I'm just kickin' it on this tailgate. What a set! La dee dah.. 'Come hear Uncle John's band'..waiting for my buddy to drive us home. What???? No, sure, I promise I'll leave. Don't hurt me man! Ow. Why man? Ow! Why?".

"Violent, drug-crazed hippy threatens police. Extreme measures required resulting in death."

I watched this. From beginning to end. Fuck you Inglewood PD. You're no better than the bastards at Ohio State. And HE wasn't even protesting anything. He was crying.

I've been haunted by that memory for 20 years. Thanks for giving me a place to let it out.

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murder at Byrne

in 89.

and yeah, the lost on this tour were absolute pig-stys. sheesh!

leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures and memories!

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I hear ya there, still got 5 balloons in my backpack. LOL, but yah man, tryin to drive out the lot both nights was an obstical course, beer bottles everywhere!! I think we ran over 2 or 3 just tryin to get out of the lot. GIVE A HOOT!!! DON'T POLLUTE!!!!

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I'll tell ya a bad scene...

The trash from the tanks...PICK UP YOUR BALLOONS for gods sake's! If you do em pick up your trash! Philly lot was covered in balloons and how easy is it to put in your pocket!!! They even gave out trash boxes too! USE EM!!
Be kind clean up!!!!

lamagonzo (not verified)
Bendan Byrne Security SUCKED!!!

There is no doubt that the people who ran and worked security at Brendan Byrne Arena were big-time ASSHOLE MOTHERFUCKERS! They did kill people with impunity. I'm not saying that controlling a crowd of 20,000 freaks is any picnic, but for God's sake they didn't have to kill us!

Why did the Grateful Dead continue to play there? Why did they play so well there? Well, you have to consider the lack of venues in the area large enough to accomadate the circus the Dead had become in the 80s. After the murder of a deadhead in 84(?) there were rumblings from the band about never playing there again but nothing ever came of it. They even released a CD from there in 89, Nightfall of Diamonds.

There was definitely a dark element to the Grateful Dead.


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