Grateful Dead

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Joined: Aug 3 2008

Moe, like The Grateful Dead and others, are jam bands. Both groups have multiple drummers, and drift off into places that only our minds tend to wonder around in, or atleast mine anyway. I discovered Moe by going to a website called,, it's an online radio station that you can taylor to your tastes. Type in "The Grateful Dead," and they will play Dead songs along with other suggestions. It's all free, with the ocassional interruption trying to sell you music, but they get really creative when it comes to exposing you to other artists that fit the genre that you're into.

If you've never heard of Moe, songs such as; Mexico, She, Moth, The Weight, are all good places to start. I thought the Dead had some long songs until I heard these guys...

Joined: Jun 19 2007
Medeski, Martin & Wood

Saw these guys live at the Iowa City Jazz Fest & I was blown away! If y'all get a chance...check 'em out.

Joined: Aug 12 2008
Terrapin Moon

If you live in Ohio, Terrapin Moon is a good tribute band to see!! Based in Dayton, you can find them playing Columbus, Cincinnati, and this year they're doing an acoustic set at Grateful Fest 08 ....can't wait!!!

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Joined: Aug 7 2008
9th Annual Wormtown Music Festival @ Camp Keewanee...

Max Creek and many many more... Greenfield MA. 9/12/08-9/14/08

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Joined: May 15 2008
agree with ted!!

panic jams n if u havent seen these guys u should any chance u get they really bring it!! n yes jimmy herring is the man but i still miss (mike howser)

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Need I mention Widespread Panic?

Now even better with Jimmy Herring on lead guitar. Catch 'em at a venue near you! If you're unfamiliar, contact me and I'll send you a sample....

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Joined: Aug 4 2008
Umphreys Mcgee

Came across these guys by chance. Kind of a cross between Dead, String Cheese, Pink Floyd, Yonder Mountain. Check them out. I have grooved on everyhting I have heard.

P.S. I hope links are ok. First post.

Joined: Jul 20 2007
The New Potato Caboose

A Smokin hot band from Washington DC
check em out.....

I saw them years ago in Philly, a really grate band!

Joined: May 31 2008
New unsugned talent-Jhana

Thanks for the referral to the right arena!

If you are looking for some local unsigned talent while you are waiting for the boys to play, check these guys out! You will not be disappointed. They play at Presidio Yacht Club in Sausalito, Friday, June 6 and Saturday June 24. Get a preview at:


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