Grateful Dead

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Joined: Jul 20 2007

I listened to your band and I'm really digging your sound...SWEET!
Wish I was in Pittsburgh, PA to come see you play!!
If you ever come to NJ to do a show let me know!!

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It does say "Local and otherwise!" We're a Pittsburgh Jam Band and we do some good ol' GD, as well as Beatles, Phish, Dylan, Originals and a bunch more. Our website is and we have streaming audio of some stuff from recent live shows. We're a bunch of old dudes & gals who simply love the jam. The tightness of a song, as well as the loose improv feel. Sound like anyone you may know? ;)

Here's a link to our most recent show - full live version available for listen or download:

Hope ya like it!

~ Pappy

"Once in a while you can get shown the light in the strangest of places, if you look at it right." - Robert Hunter

Joined: Nov 7 2008
Jimmy Herring

check out his new album Lifeboat. Its super hot

Joined: Sep 2 2008
Grisman headlining inaugural Chicago Bluegrass&Blues Fest 11/22

What's up guys, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up about the inaugural Chicago Bluegrass & Blues festival, this 11/22 at the historic Congress Theater, all benefiting the Saving Tiny Hearts Societies fight against the country's most common birth defect.

The first 10 folks that hit me up at will get a pair of tickets mailed to them. We're excited for you to help us spread the word about this righteous endeavor

Michael Raspatello

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some friends of mine with

some friends of mine with some real heady/groovy Jams!

~*Standing on the moon with nothing left to do, a lovely view of Heaven but I'd rather be with you*~

Joined: Sep 1 2008
Moon Alice

These guys are hot. Jack Casady's ripping. Site is: Their site says Steve Parrish just joined forces. Their youtube on the site is sick.

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Joined: Sep 3 2008
Tea Leaf Green

Tea Leaf Green

Joined: Aug 3 2008

Moe, like The Grateful Dead and others, are jam bands. Both groups have multiple drummers, and drift off into places that only our minds tend to wonder around in, or atleast mine anyway. I discovered Moe by going to a website called,, it's an online radio station that you can taylor to your tastes. Type in "The Grateful Dead," and they will play Dead songs along with other suggestions. It's all free, with the ocassional interruption trying to sell you music, but they get really creative when it comes to exposing you to other artists that fit the genre that you're into.

If you've never heard of Moe, songs such as; Mexico, She, Moth, The Weight, are all good places to start. I thought the Dead had some long songs until I heard these guys...

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Medeski, Martin & Wood

Saw these guys live at the Iowa City Jazz Fest & I was blown away! If y'all get a chance...check 'em out.

Joined: Aug 12 2008
Terrapin Moon

If you live in Ohio, Terrapin Moon is a good tribute band to see!! Based in Dayton, you can find them playing Columbus, Cincinnati, and this year they're doing an acoustic set at Grateful Fest 08 ....can't wait!!!


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