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If you haven't heard of the Sheepdogs... probably will soon. These four cool cats from Saskatoon will take over the airwaves and our ipods. Check out "Learn and Burn" and "Five Easy Pieces". A real laid back classic rock sound, greatly influenced by the Allmans, Guess Who and GOGD. I think this band will replace Nicklecrap as the biggest band from Canada. Check em out folks.

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Funktional Flow w/ Juggling Suns / Beacon After Party 4-12/13-12

Funktional Flow with the Juggling Suns
April 12th and 13th for the Furthur Beacon After Shows
Live at BB King's in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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New band-Jugtown Pirates

It's so refreshing to see new bands like The Jugtown Pirates(who live in Haight-Asbury) playing their hearts out on their stoop, trying to make it in the business and working extremely hard to become recognized by Gd entourage & deadheads.This is our music!! They submitted three Dead Covers tunes (I Know you Rider, Midnight Moonlight & Jack-a-Roe) in their own style. When I saw them on the Haight, they played a lot of their own music and are starting to get a good following. I wish people would listen to their tunes and help them by voting for them on YouTube. They are playing at Hopmonk in Sebastopol, Ca March 16th and opening for Poor Man's Whiskey at the Great American Music Hall April 21. They are really one of the new up and coming bands in the Bay Area & beyond.Catch the energy ! It's like when the GD started. Their website is Hope you enjoy too. If you like what you hear, give em a vote on YouTube-Im sure they would appreciate it

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moonalice. anyone who is not

moonalice. anyone who is not familiar with them should check em out. fairly new but definately has a late 60s vibe. also lets not forget 13th floor elevators, and the amboy dukes.

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Anybody mention Max Creek?

Anybody mention Max Creek?

jonapi (not verified)
Masaki Batoh / Ghost

acupuncture the hidden eye. shinto soak from darkened stone. seed ghostly beautiful fire. sink cluster mirrors. a wondered speckled karma. spirit spiral. sun initiation in stoned sunshine. soma shaker dead seashore tree. fire tongues the glimmer mount. fly into thunder and drip the bell immanence. who found the lost rose in summer's turn on? flicker night flicker, parched throat the communal balance, remembered humidity for the childhood steep. they are still there.

reverberate that sensual cave.

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John K Band!

If you haven't seen him outside of Furthur or DSO, you should! He is at Sullivan Hall in NYC on Feb 11! See you there!!!

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Black Sabbath

Reuniting in 2012!!!!!!! Tour and new album produced my Rick Rubin no less!! Roger Waters and the Wall coming back to town in 2012 as well... wow!!!

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here's to all who play The Eleven today!

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Great American Taxi

Caught their terrific show last night at the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco. Shortly before midnight, Vince Herman (he of Leftover Salmon fame) announced that it was almost 11/11/11. I remarked to my brother how it would be way cool if they played "The Eleven" to commemorate the unique date. Mere seconds after the words left my mouth, they launched into a blistering, high-energy version of that very song. The place went nuts!

The band is currently working its way up the west coast. Don't miss 'em if they play anywhere near where you live - a guaranteed good time!


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