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To name a few

Cowboy Junkies. If they come to your area, go see them. A bunch of people at the shows are from the old GD tribe.

If you're ever in the Boston area, try to see Club D'Elf:
This is a good show:
You'll never be quite the same after witnessing these guys.

Of course, any and every chance you get, try to go see Kimock. Amazing.

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Danielia Cotton

She is an amazing talent. The best show I've seen in years. A classic singer/song writer who actually rocks.

Her web site:

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ekoostik hooka

This band is from Ohio.
They're as good as any.
They host Memorial Day and Labor Day festivals.
Hookaville is happening.

Joined: Feb 24 2011
House of Floyd

Excuse the double posting. I check in here everyday to read, but I just finally added my own first post (hurray!), and sure enough put it under the wrong category. So here's it again, this time under the correct topic...

(The vibe at this show was so JerryBobPhil, that all week I've been feeling that I spent the weekend with them. But it was Floyd. A kind Floyd. Sweeeet.)

I caught most of the House of Floyd last weekend and just wanted to pass the word, since there's not much Floyd written about here. This was the closest thing to an old Floyd concert that I've experienced, other than the recent Roger/Dave shows. They've got the space jam thing totally together. The Floyd tribute bands I've tried the past few hears have been mostly note for note copying of albums, especially the later albums which I'm not that fond of anyway (I was, just not anymore). House of Floyd played some great tunes and had the right "feel". They didn't copy/peforrm, but actually played the music as if it was their own. So some songs barely even sounded like the originals but it didn't matter at all. And the songs went from one right into the other. Very Dead-like. And the energy was turned on full throughout. This is the only video I've found of the show. I missed about the first half of the first set, but I got to see Echoes (AWESOME!), Shine On II (see video), some tunes I never heard that really jammed, and a Dark Side of the Moon that was full of amazing energy and effects. One of those shows that you wished you knew about in advance.

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jamasutra featuring Barry the Fish Melton (Deadicace members)

Jas Obrecht review

First, a quick background check: Barry “The Fish” Melton played lead guitar on the San Francisco scene’s first psychedelic record, and went on to play the Monterey and Woodstock festivals. His new “neo-psychedelic” release with Parisian guitarist/vocalist Stephan Missri and band is, in a word, extraordinary. It’s trippy, politically and socially conscious, and brilliantly played. Deadheads – Garcia freaks in particular – will love Melton and Missri’s flowing solos, epitomized by the Jerry-esque joyride of “Jamasutra Mantra.” Like the early Allman Brothers Band and Steve Hunter-Dick Wagner with Lou Reed, Melton and Missri create intriguing two-guitar interplay without venturing into overkill. They freak-out Hendrix-style on “Vert,” and Barry resurrects his wicked vibrato of yore for “Le Dernier Homme en Ville.” His sea shanty-cum-ecological call to arms “Shady Grove” recalls his Country Joe & The Fish era and then segues into one of the album’s best jams.

International feels abound. Algerian-born Missri sings mostly in French, with a smooth, smoky voice. Rhythms and melodies seamlessly embrace rock, blues, psychedelic, Middle Eastern, and African influences. “This was truly a trans-Atlantic effort for me,” says Melton, who’s worked as a public defender in northern California. “Much of my early music was influenced by Middle Eastern music, which becomes immediately apparent were you to see me with Country Joe in the 1967 movie Monterey Pop.” Danish bassist Charles Jannic and French drummer Christophe Rossi excel at everything – hats off to these guys, as well as to Melton and Missri for their fine, fine playing and producing. Order this Seafood Records release at and

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DJ Shadow

I was fortunate enough to see Shadow when he came to Baltimore a while back (sorry it has taken me so long to post this) and I think this guy is on to something really cool. I didn't see him as being a DJ but rather an artist playing the most complicated digital instrument ever conceived. I had a blast and can't wait to see another show and I really wish I had enough stamina to have seen him after that epic Super Jam @ Bonnaroo in '06 (If memory serves). I had to hear about that show for years from my sons while waiting my chance to take in the experience.

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Desolation Angels

Awesome band that opened for JGB
check em out :)

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Ted - I love when they play Cream Puff War! I heard John Bell sing Morning Dew a few years back - damn it sent chills down my spine and a tear or two down my face.

Speaking of Panic - they are getting ready for a 3 night run in the Fox in Oakland. If you live in the Bay area, get your rear to these shows!! Oh and bring ear plugs, they are the loudest band I have ever heard live. And that is saying something =)

"It's got no signs or dividing line and very few rules to guide"

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Panic at the Midland 10/8/10

Widespread is back in KC for another cooker, I'm sure. I'll be pulling for a Cream Puff War !!

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And 1 more from the great state of PA, Double Dose of Reading

This was just a FUN FUN show, forgive the video, I couldn't really get my cameras high enough to look over the crowd, so it's mostly a bunch of dancing heads (sic), but the Audio came out nice all things considered...a smoking Bertha!

live life with integrity, humor and intent. All else falls in place as it should


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