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Jimi Hendrix

Don't forget to watch "Valleys of Neptune" video :

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if you're a dead fan and you

if you're a dead fan and you are living in USA you should check out mewithoutYou.
the lead singer is a huge fan of garcia.

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I'm going to Oregon in a coupla weeks

Any recommendations for clubs, live music in/around/near Lincoln County??

Life's too short to be blue...

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String Cheese Incident has a new CD coming out on the 27th. If you have never heard SCI check them out! The CD is called Trick or Treat and it's gonna be smokin'! You can get free shipping if you pre order the box set!


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Perpetual Groove

My 17 year old son got me listening to PGroove about 3 years ago. They are definitely worth checking out. Great scene and great people. They move between laid back jams to a techno sound. They put on a 3 day festival at a friend of mines 250 acre farm in Lafayette GA every Memorial day weekend called Amberland that is amazing. Just them playing 3 to 5 sets a day till the wee hours of the morning.

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Widespread Panic fall 2009 tour

Ticket presale is ON right now for Widepread Panic at the Midland in Kansas City 11/17-18.

Never get to see Phil or Bobby, without traveling great distances, so I'll go for Panic, w Jimmy Herring!! If you haven't ever been to a Panic show, I strongly recommend you do.

Looks like KC is preceded by shows in L.A., Oakland, & Reno then after KC, 3 in Milwaukee, Detroit, Indy, finishing in Charleston, SC

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funkt reggae

if your in to funked up reggae check out spiritual rez....i have been going to thier shows for a few years now....they are way tallented....incredible horns, great guitar,...they have ao much infectious energy you can't help but dance dance dance

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this kid is a freakin genious!

if you never seen him solo, GO!!!!

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This wonderful studio album [MOONALICE} starts off with "Bleeding Of Love" penned by Ann McNamee with her fine,smooth,soulful voice pleading for relief from false feelings and untrue expressions of love on the run.
The powerful pounding heartbeat of James Sanchez'drums, and Jack Casady' powerful bass pulsate throughout this debut masterpiece!
Ann'vocals are stunning as well on her other compositions on this album which include "Dance Into The Lightning", "This Changes Everything", and "Listen To Those Eyes".
"Bleeding Of Love" flows perfectly into another of Ann' songs "Unspoken Words" sung by Pete Sears of love distroyed by false feelings and words left unsaid, "The heavy weight of unspoken words keeps us apart".
A melencoly song by Roger McNamee of one sided love follows that all of our hearts have cried for as not to be true but having to accept as a reality to be haunted by for evermore. And in his head she said, "I'm Glad You Think So".
This is one of my favorite songs by Roger.
Roger and Ann have been together longer than musical partners in the "Flying Other Brothers" along with pete, Barry, and GE along with others was the tree branch which "MOONALICE" grew from.
Roger and Ann are a happily married proud couple who met at a "Jerry Garcia Band" show they were enjoying in the 80'as many of the rest of us have come together at as well. Thank you Jerry!!
This bond is strong in their writings together as evidenced in the powerful tune of how quickly situations can change with lives turned upside down in the "Blink Of An Eye".
The beautiful guitar and pedal steel guitar melodys flow wonderfully through these stories played by Barry Sless in the style only he can create.
"Eileen Aroon" is a classic Irish ballad recorded by the Claney Brothers in 1961 with a newer version being performed during the 1988-89 tours by Bob Dylan' Band with the great guitar player GE Smith who' own arraingment is included here which he sings adding his outstanding classic guitar sound to make it his own.
"I Ain't Ever Satisfied" by Steve Earle is also performed here in GE Smith' own unique vocal style and makes this reviewer very satisfied indeed!
"Dusty Streets Of Cairo" is GE' original composition on this release and one of it's strongest selections with GE" guitar and Barry' pedal steel dancing beautifully togethor.
"Kick It Open" is a rocking infectious tune by keyboardist extrodinare Pete Sears who sings the songs lyrics written by his wife Jeannette who as a team have composed songs in their long history including many of Jefferson Starship’s hits including Stranger, Awakening,Save Your Love, and Winds of Change just to name a few.
Pete Sears was also part of the early "Rod Stewart" albums as well as playing with just about every musician and band from the San Francisco Bay Area' musical royality at one time or another over the years.
If you love tender, true, genuine, from the heart music then "MOONALICE" is for you!
A band of fine musicians and legends in music.
Because we all know "It's all about the music"!!!!
That's the Moonalice Tribes motto so join the tribe and start being "Satisfied".
Moonalice posts it's live shows for free on their websites for us all to enjoy:
So if you like what you hear support the band, buy their album, join the tribe, and come to shows and tell them how awesome they are.
Moonalice is:
Ann & Roger McNamee (Flying Other Brothers)
Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship, Rod Stewart)
Barry Sless (Phil Lesh & Friends, David Nelson Band), , and Jim Sanchez (Dr. John, Boz Scaggs)
GE Smith (Saturday Night Live, Bob Dylan),
Jack Casady (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna),

Review by Dennis Koessel
now aka "Greeney52Moonalice"


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