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Keep the Faith

an Fight the Good Fight
I too am happy to know i'm not the only "Christian Deadhead". Have been labeled too many times to think of it any other way. People assume i'm a liberal democrat rather than a registered independent, people assume i dont get jazz, people assume i dont bathe because i'm a Deadhead...people assume a lot of things. I do know that religion and being a Christian are two very different things. I know that the feeling of a Dead Show, the feeling of playing music, the feeling of rejoicing in my son's simple day to day triumphs, the feeling of fully connecting with a friend dealing with or celebrating a failure or conquest or illness...these things are Church. Walking in Founders Grove, watching the sunrise over the ocean here on the east coast no matter how homesick i am for northern Cal, being grateful to have three days to go fishing with my dad on the river he grew up on, these things are Church. The play of the reflection of the sunlight on the river...its all church, man, if you take the time to see it, hear it, feel it...and thats what Dude was saying all along if you take the time to read his words. Jeh, i may drink a few beers, i am with out a doubt not the 'perfect example' of a Christian...but maybe i am...because i try to always be kind, and honest, and real, and to stay in tune with Hope, no matter what.

Keep on rockin in the free world

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''Keep the faith'' is part of the song,My Sisters and Brothers,By , JGB, way long before,''Bon Jovi... PEACE..

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But G73...

..wasnt "keep the faith" a sentence by Bon Jovi?:-)(-:

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My Sisters & Brothers,''keep the faith''.


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I couldn't agree more

I couldn't agree more garystar. Being a Deadhead is an integral part of my spiritual life. You quoted my favorite line from the song that first made me aware of this aspect of the Dead's music. We each truly are "the eyes of the world".

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I AM A LOVER OF THE DEAD AND THE HEALING UPLIFTING TRIBAL EFFECT...of the deads definetly nurtures my spirit..when pschedelics are added it has been mind blowing...i am a initiate in the kagyu tradition of budhism and also in the kashmir shaivite siddha yoga and ashtanga yoga traditions...i beleive in humility respect and service being simple and giving...i love the Divine Mother who has become all forms in the universe and dances as my life in total love and delight!!! i watched amazed to be a participant in the love story of God!! How beautiful and awesome I love Ammachi a incarnation of the Mother and a living saint..i love my elder particular Ram Dass, Bhagavan Das and Baba Hari favorate holy books to contemplate th YOGA VASHISTA AND RAMAYANA...i love mantra and a method to tune into the sacred space.....for me being a deadhead and spirituality go hand n hand....wake now discover you are the song that the morning brings!!!!!

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was a real verbal gem, capt tapes! Short, to the point, and Dead on target!!!!!!!!!!
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

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Religion, Spirituality and Deadheads

the dead and deaheads are and always have been proponents of freeform expression. I must strongly encourage all of you to not repress you expressions of joy, extasy, spirituality and any other of your feelings or emotions. The consequences could be disastrous, you my cease to be you! I love you, the capt

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Very well said. Thank you.

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
Wiliam Blake

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Yeah, there was something going on at the shows. I only saw them 6 times when Jerry was alive and once since, but one show in particular, Nov. 10, of '73 at Winterland, comes to mind.
I got in line at 7AM in the rain, which eventually stopped, but there were already 20 or so people there. They let us in at 4PM, show started at 7:30, played for 3 1/2 hours plus break time, plus at Winterland the stage was 4-5 feet above the floor so I'm standing up for the whole show, so it's a pretty long day.
But when I got out of the show I felt "energized" somehow. I smoked whatever pot was passed to me and drank some beer, but no chemicals, yet I stayed up until 3AM, no coffee, nothing, just this energy buzz. At the time I wrote it off as a "contact high" but something was definitely up.
I now believe that whatever it was came from interaction between the Dead and the crowd. The time I saw them without Jerry was in '04. I noticed that they didn't jam on their songs as much and no space (not at THAT show, anyway), but the crowd got into it the same way as before, lots of swells of applause with no pattern, neat atmosphere.
But I think the energy flowed from both directions; from the band to the crowd, back and forth for the whole show. The band lit the fuse, but without the crowd, THAT crowd, not the same effect. That line in 'The Music Never Stopped' comes to mind....while the music played the band, Lord, they're setting us on fire...the "music" is referring to the crowd.
I've seen other bands and gotten a good feeling, but nowhere near as consistently as the Dead. Something definitely was going on at their shows that seemed beyond the natural.


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Religion, Spirituality and Deadheads