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Joined: Jun 20 2007
Connection to a higher energy is where you find it...

To me, "God", or "The Tao that can be named", or whatever you choose to call the higher energy of the universe is a VERB not a NOUN and that makes all the difference. Even the bible says the name of The Lord is "I am" - a process of being. When you see it like this, it is easy to see how religions are all talking about the same process, even using similar stories, when you see the content as symbolic. Unfortunately, many people that tie themselves to organized religions get so caught up in the content - man's interpretation of it all, that they exclude other perspectives and argue over details. To try to know the dynamics of such a huge force, we must listen to and respect the perspectives of others. It is like a hologram - the more points of light focused on the one truth, the more clearly we can see.

Knowing this, all ritual serves the same purpose, to connect us to a higher energy level, whatever you choose to call it. Going to a Grateful Dead show was spiritual in this sense. Energy came through the band, to us, and we increased it and gave it back, creating an energy loop that lifted ALL of us up - band members included - to a higher level. Spinning was one way to focus and build that energy, but there were others. When you consider the archetypal symbolism in the songs as well, there is no doubt that we created our own form of church, "living myth" as Joseph Campbell called it.

But that ability to connect to the flow of energy didn't end at shows. Showing thanks and connecting with the small but meaningful moments in life is another way we express our connection to the higher energy. When we come together to practice gratitude and ritual the energy increases.

It is important to me that we remember that a Grateful Dead show was more of an experience, often spiritual, than it was a concert, and we were lucky to have been able to participate in it. It connects us in an important way and we should remember and foster that connection.

Joined: Nov 24 2007

I thought I might be the only Christian deadhead on the planet. Right now I look to God and the bible for spiritual truth and wisdom; I look to the Dead for entertainment. Sure I see parallels between the 2 sometimes, but the Dead never claimed to be God. God has never let me down, and, as entertainment, the Dead haven't either.

Joined: Oct 5 2007

just came across this topic.what a way to end a beutiful day.i enjoyed reading what everyone posted,thank you all for sharing your truths ,your inner beings. when i was growing upmy mums family would go to 'long house ceremonies up in new turtle clan mohawk so as a kid i learned that the creator is in was to me a way of life,you lived balenced, also on my dads side had the catholic'dogma side.then my mumstudied 'variouse'things on spirituality.the simple things i could embrace.i journyed off as i got little older,,always confused about weather it was the dead or others held me together.i learned from friends to play instruments/ it connected me to to its shape things ,got more confussing.then god saw it fit that i would again reach out to own experiences have taught me it is not a belief or an ideal.that is dogma to is always a journey of learning humility.helping others,of service.tolerance,forgivness"NO MATTER WHAT",that gives me such peace and i continue to grow up,i have found a power greater than myself,that loves me,forgives me and that i can turn to in all my afaires.i cannot try to understand this age old perplexity.nor do i wish does not matter.if i as a human being can live a life being principled,and when i cause harms,take an action to do somthing different and make it right w/ me thats love,thats peace.thats long as i have unity w my god on a daily baisis i will continue to grow ,and change and experience all that im suppose to.its a leap of faith i have taken and it evolves its not eclussive. prayer and meditation is what also helps rearange my soul.thanks for letting me share,on this topic w/out being judge on my beliefs.peace heathaafeathaa

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that was by the way...

The Tao Te Ching...verse 71

Joined: Sep 23 2007
am always

up for a good dance!!your right hal,pop in a good show and all chores get done in harmony..i had the best time choppin wood was all about crazy fingers and the tao of choppin wood!!
heres a goood one for all to ponder...

To know that you do not know is highest..
To not know,but think you know is flawed..

Only when one recognizes the fault as a fault,
can one be without fault..

Therefore the sages are without fault,
because they recognize the fault as a fault...

That is why they are without fault:D

have a grate day all!!and prosper!!.......--Moondrop

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Joined: Jul 2 2007
Perhaps if we reactivate virtual dancing

with her, she will come back, Hal. Paintedmandolin would join us too, am sure.

SunnyG-am dancin' now!
Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone, you will still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Samuel Clemens

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
this space

paintedmandolin - we have had some good talks over on this forum. I wonder where SuunyG has been. Did she just do the virtual Dead dance and move on the next virtual space?

If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.
Wiliam Blake

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greetings KIND people!!

i really didnt know this thread existed!..good to see you tigerlilly and hal!..sunny g mentioned something about that show at shorline..that was the first show of anykind that i had been to since 7 9 95..and sunny ,your so right about bieng right back home again!..even though it was different with joan oz and all..and that set was smokin with loose lucy, rubin and cherise and st steven and all..i really was in tears,because i was overwhelmed with the joy of letting my spirit surf with the music waves of the dead again..i was really speachless,so i just smiled the whole show through,and spun in circles...and all the family that showed up..jane and the cleanup crew was there,so i got my old job back,and we marched into the show just like we did years before,...and yes!!i got to somersalt down the hill at the end of the show!!hey now!..i knew right then i had to turn on,tune in,and drop out again!!then i went to prison pretty much after that,,but hey now, i didnt let that stop me,because i had a tv i bought for my cell..and once a month on pbs they hosted dead shows,for the fundraiser..and being the only deadhead there and whiteboy too (it was all mexican)so hey now!i told all the border brothers,hey jerry garcias on!!..they were like seemon!garcia!..i had a cell full of border brothers eatin chips and salsa,while i was educating them what hippies and deadheads are..and i tell ya..thats how i earned the nickname "loco blanco covaio"..i kinda liked it to tell you the truth...ok im babblin too much here...anyways,,ill post again soon on the subject at hand..i got carried away again:D...."somewhere in sanfrancisco on a back pourch in july,just lookin up at this cresent in the the sky --moondrop

Joined: Jun 21 2007
My Sisters And Brothers ''KEEP the FAITH''


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Joined: Sep 6 2007
It's Funny

It's funny how we have to be reminded of this stuff so much. I had a friend.....well she was more my best friend, my sister, my hero and my mentor.....she had breast cancer for five years. She was the first one to teach me that happiness is a choice. She taught it to me, by example, while she was terminal. She taught it right up til the day she died. She was the most amazing soul I've ever known. She's been gone for seven years now, so I tend to forget her lessons. When you have someone in your life who has CANCER and is reminding you to be happy, you tend to get the message loud and clear, you know?

It's sooo easy to forget and wallow around. But I think that mucking in your own shit has it's place too? Sometimes you gotta muck just so that you can figure out how to get out of it? Life is SO great that way.

So, a virtual Dead show? Now wouldn't THAT be a trip......hee hee......I'll pretend with you, I'm pretending right now. Let's see, they're playing Ripple.......and i've got this huge, goofy smile spread across my face (ripples my fav)......and my hands are floating out there around my body and my dusty, bare feet are sweeping, sweeping, sweeping the concrete. There's a breeze blowing my hair round my neck and across my shoulders and my dress is just trying to keep up with my body.......there's an amazing heaviness in my body contrasting sharply with the way it feels like it's gonna just lift off the planet and eyes are closed but I've got a light show going on between my eyeballs and my lids.....and it's beautiful.....I open them......and I see you.......

There is at least one fine and admirable quality in every person. Find it.


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