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Monterey Pop Festival

The Airplane played at this event, and should be listed with the other bands. I was there and will never forget Grace Slick singing White Rabbit with this purple light show behind her.

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Ditto, not only did there used to be poster relevant to each show date there were pictures from the show, too. Something happened one day and everything went kerplunk. I think it might have been a data disaster. I have posted your request on other forums once or twice. Dead minds think alike!

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whiskey a-go-go 3/10-16/67

i have a jpeg image of the poster for this week of shows at the whiskey a-go-go. right now you guys have the michael everett 95 summer tour poster with the shows info....thought it would be cool to have an image of the real poster. its a single poster for all those dates, and is very cool! i dont see a way to upload an image for this, and think it would be a great thing to have with this week of shows. thank you, peace.

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No Setlist.

Here's the setlist from

Set 1:
Beat It On Down The Line
Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion
New Minglewood Blues
Cream Puff War
Cryptical Envelopment
New Potato Caboose
Born Cross-Eyed

Set 2:
Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)

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After Sugaree, they play One More Saturday Night, Playing In The Band (again), and BIODTL.

Then, the performance ends with a Truckin'>Drums(missing)>The Other One.
(One More Saturday Night shouldn't be at the end)

This show was played at the 4th annual Meet-Up At The Movies, and I re-checked on iTunes

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April 4, 1987 setlist - back to Playin after Truckin

After Truckin they go back to Playin In The Band for a reprise in the 2nd set.

Source of info: I have a bootleg of this show.

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I posted this a couple of times in the past years. This show of February 05, 1969 was at Kansas City, KS Soldier's and Sailor's Memorial Hall. GD opened for Iron Butterfly. There is a recording of this, my first GD show, on
at end of set Jerry is heard announcing "the Iron Butterly will be on in a few minutes"

It was not at Music Box in Omaha, NE, (approximately 4 hrs. north of Kansas City, KS.)
Thank y'all...

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March 18th 1971

Listed as Fox theater was fox theater St. louis...

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Sept 20, 1982 my first show.

Sept 20, 1982 my first show. Not too familiar with the newer songs, but I was happy when they did Dupree's since I knew that one. Near the end of the show I'm sure they did Around and Around because I had been in my seat for the whole show and when they started that Chuck Berry beat I was bouncing around in my seat and when Bob shouted out I rose out of my seat Lord I had to dance I spontaneously jumped up and finished the whole show dancing in my seat. I never did that for any other band. I turned to my boyfriend and said I think I like this band. I'm going to go again. Also, for my second show in April 1983 I was incredulous that they were playing a song I only knew from an I Love Lucy episode, Man Smart, Woman Smarter. I'm pretty sure I would have recognized that song if they had done it this night, which I don't think they did. But I'm positive about the Around and Around. Never sat in a seat again after that first show.

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2/5/78 Uni_Dome, U of N. Iowa

I believe the 2nd Set opens w/ Samson, then into Scarlet>Fire. show displays Scarlet>Fire, Samson, Scarlet>Fire.


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