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Spanish jam actually preceded Wharf Rat (in reverse of the order still showing there; though there was a brief bit of Wharf Rat-yness, instrumentally, in the Other One that Spanish jam came from). Documentation: the bonus disc to the 2012 Dave's Picks subscription.

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June 9, 1984 (not June 8)

Hi folks. The URL is and that's the problem right there: the show was on June 9. I remember that Saturday surprisingly well, given how very high the temperature was (drank enough water, I guess).

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fixing a hole where the rain gets in....

You made me smile, wilfredtjones. They did fix something for me when the site was new. It was the location of my first show on June 17th, '66. The city listed was incorrect. I remember asking if they are going to take my word on it and "yes, they will, at least until someone comes along and says that isn't correct." I still have the handbill. Peace & lots of Music

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They really don't care and won't fix it. I wouldn't waste your time. At least that's the impression I get since they've never fixed anything in 5 years. Sorry to be a bummer.

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Nothing wrong with this date but your missing the Bust Benifit the week before, Oct. 22, 1967 at Winterland. The Dead, Big Brother and QSMS. The Dead only did one set because Jerry was indisposed by the new purple acid that made its appearance at this concert.

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This show is actually February-25-1990

It is listed as January 25th when you look at shows by date. I was there and remember it was that good.


Frankie Lee

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Friend, you have that torn ticket stub because...

Berkeley set up an event for that Sunday, which cause the (last ever) Greek show to be the Saturday (8/19) epic show which none of us will ever forget (killer Wharf Rat)!

So there is a "phantom" show or mirror image of your ticket which was Thurs/17 - do not ever listen to a note of this show. My take is the boys knew that the faithful would not be able to make this show due to last-minute travel changes, and subconsciously or not make it forgettable in the extreme. Honestly, it does not even sound like music.

As great as 8/19 was and is, 8/17/89 is "a date which will live in infamy." Conversely, 8/18/89, Friday, was a perfectly good show (and I called the set opener, sang it to myself all the way there on BART - true story).

Peace, fellow traveller, and get yo'self a copy of 8/19 (it was on KPFA and elsewhere, so there are good copies circulating.


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Error in the setlist for 9/17/91

First set had "It's All Over Now" not "It's All Over Now Baby Blue.

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There is an error in the song list. The last but one song is Standing on The Moon, not Stander on the Mountain.
DeadBase agrees, so does the cd I've just played of this show.

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where are the set lists for the shows?

I click on the show details and there are notes, but no set lists.


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