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Joined: Nov 21 2010
Correction of venue

The February 21 1970 show in San Antonio actually took place at the HemisFair Arena, where the Spurs later played for many years. (No such place as the San Antonio Civic Center Arena, sorry.) It was a great show: Quicksilver, John Mayall (with Duster Bennett doing a solo mini-set as well), It's A Beautiful Day, and the Dead closing the show with "Turn on Your Lovelight" with the houselights on and a hardcore gaggle of fans on the floor.

Joined: Nov 14 2010
Two shows same date

Not sure if you are aware but you have Two shows dated March 22 1993 One for Omni which is right and one for Oakland which is from Feb. Thanks for making this all happen because The Road Goes On Forever. Peace:))

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Setlist error for One More Saturday Night is not listed as the encore.

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Previous/Next issues

I would recommend running an Optimize Tables on the schema before doing a lot of hand editing, especially given the high volume of spamination that's had to go on.

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Previous Next Errors


There are a bunch of errors to links for previous and next shows.

Lists Next as Nov. 14, 78 should be Nov. 13 (Loyola)

Next Listed as May 7, 79 should be Probably be the Nov. 17 (Uptown) Listed after this one. I don't know which 11/17 show came first.

Lists previous as the Nov. 17 Loyala show. Should be May 5.

Next: June 28, 79, should be: May 7

Next has Nov. 2, 79, should be June 28.

List the Previous show as May 13. Should be Nov. 1 List Next show as Dec 9. Should be Nov. 4

Previous has Nov. 2, 79, should be Dec. 7 Next has May 7, 1980. should be Dec. 10.

Previous as Dec. 7. should be Dec. 9

Lists next as Nov. 4. Should Nov. 2.

Previous May 13, 79 should be Nov. 1. Next Dec. 9. Should be Nov. 4

This is not all of them. Okay, right now this seems to be just snaking around. I am sure it will all work out eventually since most of the links for the shows are accurate. Tracing and documenting is taking to much time. (It would quicker to fix.)

I am capable of fixing this if you like. I am currently an out of work programmer with experience with HTML/XML. This seems pretty basic.

Please feel free to contact me. waynomo at gmail dot com

Also waynomo at well dot com


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Werewolves was a separate, distinct, second encore. I know. I was there. And it was my birthday. And, according to my ticket stub, it wasn't the Grateful Dead that played, it was the Greatful Dead.

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Don't throw away Throwing Stones

For some reason the Throwing Stones between Wharf Rat and Not Fade Away is missing on the set list for the Binghampton 4/12/83 show ( I think it was the first time that those two joined together to close a show.

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Bad index?

On August 10th, 2010 journeybear wrote:

> Appears out of sequence in the previous show/next show area

I'm seeing this too. Shows (such as Worcester October 9, 1984) appear in the database, but their relationship to other shows ('Previous' and 'Next') appears to be corrupt.

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I have the show from this date at Fillmore West, both from recording notes and Deadbase VI. Also, the 'next show' link is labeled for a show in 1970.

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This show is after Copenhagen Oct. 8


Previous show was Copenhagen October 8.


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