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The archives list the next show after this one as July 21, 1974 at Springfield, MA...did they go on vacation for 21 days? I'm pretty sure I saw them with the infamous "Wall of Sound" at the St. Paul Civic Center (St. Paul, MN) sometime during this stretch, but I could be wrong...memories from that period are getting kind of "hazey" if you know what I mean. But, I do remember the show itself well, as if it were somehow etched into my brain with acid...

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Rain was not the encore, but the opener.

Steve-o Stabile

Joined: Dec 18 2009

Apparent discrepancy between the date stated in show's URL vs. the window title:

URL says 12/30 but window title reads 12/31/69.

Wondering for which date this set-list yo.

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The Palestra, Rochester, NY 10/26/71

According to the XM broadcast of the 10/26/71 Rochester show, there is no BIODTL between Loser and Rosas Cantinas.
For academic researchers to note, too, Deadlists is lacking Jack Straw between TN Jed and Big RR Blues.

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I've actually got an answer for you, which is: We don't control that stuff. It is the proverbial user-generated content. iTunes pulls the information from CDDB, which is user generated. The best way to fix this is to enter the correct information in iTunes when you upload the tracks, but keep in mind that thousands of other Heads with different views of proper naming conventions are probably typing in THEIR versions.

Word is that back in the day Gracenote, the for-profit company that owns the CDDB, had the brilliant notion that the record companies should pay them to enter the correct info into the system. Like many brilliant revenue schemes of Silicon Valley startups, this one didn't quite turn out that way.

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No setlist is given on the page for this night. Here's one, in case you need it:

One Good Lovin' [#9:20]

Two [1:22:12] ; [0:02 Intro] ; Casey Jones [4:32] % Friend Of The Devil [#2:10] ; [0:17] ; Cold Rain And Snow [5:56] % I'm A King Bee [7:18] > China Cat Sunflower [0:07#] % Jam [#0:57] > I Know You Rider [4:18] % [2:32] ; Mama Tried [2:34] ; [1:00] ; Truckin' [6:00] > The Other One [10:42] ; [0:16] % Hard To Handle [#7:36] ; [0:09] % Big Railroad Blues [5:07] % Drums [0:11] > Not Fade Away [9:11] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [5:40] > Not Fade Away [2:50] ; [0:04] % Uncle John's Band [7:04]

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clearly you managed to log onto just fine and post this, but I will pass it on.

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my friend who's got a beef w/ the naming convention on releases

But how slipshod has the production become at RHINO?

I put the last few releases into itunes, and there is never any consistency in the naming structure of the discs. Since like most folks, I create my Smart Playlist off the Album category, it's a problem when discs are not consistently named.

The new Road Trips show has:

one disc is just "Road Trips Vol 3 No 1"

one disc called "79/12/28 Oakland Auditorium, Oakland CA-RT 3.1"

and the Bonus disc is"Road Trips, Vol. 3 No. 1: Oakland Auditorium, Oakland CA 12/30/79 (Bonus Disc)"

notice the lack of a period after VOL and NO, and the inconsistent semicolon.

The new Garcia release has:

one disc is "The Jerry Garcia Collection Vol 2: Let It Rock"

the other disc is "LET IT ROCK/Keystone Berkeley, November 17 & 18 1975 Disc 2"

Since DEAD NET won't let me log on because it can't figure out who I am even though they send me emails to buy stuff all the time, maybe you could post this in a new thread and see if anyone else feels the same way?


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Here's a list from a recording with this date on it.
set 1
casey jones, mama tried, loser, big boss man, me & bobby mcgee, bertha, cumberland blues, big railroad blues, playin' in the band, hard to handle, sugar magnolia
set 2
truckin', good lovin', I second that emotion, greatest story, johnny b. goode, uncle john's band

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10/24/71 - Easttown Theater - Detroit, MI

Problem: No setlists.

Sugar Magnolia
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower>>
I Know You Rider
Playing In The Band
Black Peter
(Equipment Failure - Jokes)
One More Saturday Night
Casey Jones

Ramble On Rose
Mexicali Blues
Dark Star
Bobby McGee
(Dog Jokes - Equipment Malfunction)
Cumberland Blues
St. Stephen
Johnny B. Goode

Source: Sirrius Audience Recording 10/7/09 12:00 ET, confirmed on


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