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Incomplete venue name: Broome County Arena

You have the venue listed as Broome County Arena

This place is actually:

Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena

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The Dead are listed as playing Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA on June 24, 1967. This was 1976, not 1967, as the setlist clearly indicates. There is an entry under 6/24/76, so this entry can be deleted, if the person's comment is moved over.

I realize this inverted 6>7 may be the "date bug" you refer to, but here you go anyway.


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12-06-80 Setlist Incorrect - Missing Jack A Roe

You omitted Jack A Roe in between Monkey and Cassidy.


Setlist should read:
1. Banter / Intro
2. Dire Wolf
3. On The Road Again
4. I've Been All Around This World
5. Monkey & The Engineer
6. Jack A Roe
7. Cassidy
8. Birdsong
9. Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie

Joined: Mar 21 2009
two shows listed for 2/3/68

The Crystal Ballroom show was on 2/3/68, the South College Gym show was on 2/4/68. The date under the 2/4/68 show listing erroneously says 2/3/68.

"Come with me or go alone, he's come to take his children home"

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August 23 and August 24, 1971 shows

My friend and I attended one of these two shows at The Auditorium in Chicago. He believes it was August 24th. We made a stereo cassette tape of part of the show. The notes on my tape indicate it was August 23rd, but this could be wrong. Despite what others may have posted elsewhere, for 37 years this was the only tape available of the August 24th show, and we did not make it available to anyone else before 1996. Any tapes circulating are copies of this tape.

Neither of the set lists corresponds exactly to what is on our tape. Since I am not certain which date it is, and it is possible we might have not taped all of the beginning of the concert, and definitely missed the ending (an usher demanded our cassette recorder when he found out what we were doing), it is confusing, but the tape indicates these songs were played at least in this order. Since a new August 24th tape is now available, having been rescued from the Godchaux's houseboat, and the August 23rd soundboard tape surfaced as well, could someone fix these set lists? Here is what is on my tape:

Mr. Charlie
El Paso
Next Time You See Me
Me and Bobby McGee
Cumberland Blues
Big Boss Man
Got No Chance to Lose Her
Promised Land
China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider
Casey Jones
Quadlibet for Tenderfeet
Bird Song
Some drumming from the space jam
Not Fade Away/Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad


Rick Stenquist

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Set list is wrong. The second set opens with CC Rider then China Cat Sunflower then I Know You Rider. Source: recording from show

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oh, and:

allows you to search by state, dates, years alone, so if you kind of remember which years you was touring, you can get a pretty good idea of the shows you saw and where. that is, if like me, you never really kept stubs, and have a spotty memory from some years...

another cool feature, is you can search by song title, so if you are SURE you saw some song, but can't remember where, you might be able to pin it down. that can be a bit more troublesome, because you have to know the just exactly perfect title of the song.

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far as I know, 5/5/78 was not only the only show ever played in Hannover, NH, but the only show the Grateful Dead ever played in New Hampshire.

if I am wrong about that, apologies, -- someone, PLEASE let me know.

matter of fact, far as I know, the Grateful Dead played in EVERY state of the good o'l US of A.


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Venue (under Venue) and Venue (under Dates) don't match

This isn't a biggie....but when searching under Venues you list a single New Hampshire venue: Hannover New Hampshire. Unfortunately when searching under Dates what you find is Thompson Arena (which was at Dartmouth College, in Hannover). This took some research and head scratching to find one of the concerts I attended, going back and forth through the years trying to find "Hannover" and of course it's not there. Eventually I found the Thompson Arena date that I'd remembered attending by literally going through the Dates and clicking on anything that looked possible (I knew it had been in some field house or hockey rink or something similar). The date for the concert in question was May 5 1978, but if the Dead played at Dartmouth other times in this venue I assume the "problem" would exist for those dates as well.

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Hi....I'm too lazy to go through and find out if this has been reported before but I'm pretty sure the set list for this date (March 28 1973 at Springfield Civic Center) is bogus. Source would be the several recordings of this date to be found on I was alerted to the problem because I used to have a vinyl bootleg LP with "The Love Each Other" from a Springfield '73 show on it. When I joined I tried to find this show on here, but couldn't dig up any Springfield shows with that song in 73, or in any other early 70s show. Thought maybe my memory or notation of the Springfield '73 date on the album was wrong, but eventually I found this date on and there was the beautiful TLEO I'd remembered all these years. I thought you'd just left that one song off but closer inspection makes me think the whole set list for this date on your site is f***ed as there seem to be numerous other discrepancies. Since the set lists on all seem to match, I'm pretty sure what you have is erroneous.

Keep up the great work and thanks so much for this site and all you do to keep Dead music alive and kickin'.


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