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The Show on 4/18/1969 at Memorial Union Theatre, Purdue Universi

The Setlist was as follows I think there was only one set

Hard to Handle
Morning Dew
Cryptical Envelopment>Drums>The Other One>Cryptical Envelopment>
Sitting on Top of the World>King Bee
Doin' That Rag
Turn on Your Lovelight
Cosmic Charlie
Beat it On Down the Line

Im not sure if a second set was done or not, this set looks like a whole show though.

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sorry for the repetition - no way to edit my original 3/5/71 post I guess.

Anyway, the "previous show" link at 3/5/71 takes you to 2/24/71, not 3/3/71.

I'm guessing all the confusion is due to the fact that the 3/3/71 poster actually says 3/3/70 so that show originally must've been listed as 3/3/70. (the ticket stub for the 3/3/71 clearly shows that the airwaves benefit was indeed on 3/3/71 so the poster must be wrong. See

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This listing is kind of screwy - it says this show was at the Syndrome. The Syndrome was in Chicago so that can't be right. Poster says it was at the Carousel Ballroom (Fillmore West).

Also, the "previous show" link takes you to 3/18/71! And the "next show" link takes you to 3/4/70. I know time could get kind of funky at shows but still...

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A couple issues for the 3/5/71 listing:

The notes are for the Airwaves Benefit which was on 3/3/71. Also the 3/5/71 poster says the show was held at the Oakland Auditorium Arena (aka the Kaiser). The listing says Fillmore West.

Does anyone if it actually was held at Fillmore West?

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Check the remarks at the link above for the complete setlist.
Best wishes, Gr8fulTed

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Riot at the Cow Palace...

I remember going to that Pacific Stereo free show at the Cow Palace. I think it was 1969, but I'm not 100% on that. What I do remember is that there were lots of fights in the stands during that show. This show was the reason I didn't go to Altamont (another free show), I went to shows for the music and to have a good time, not to get into fights. I've NEVER regretted skipping Altamont.

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Lindley Meadows - September 28, 1975 - San Francisco, CA US

I have the biggest problem with this show. Not so much with the set list, nor with the opener. I know the Starship/Airplane (whatever incarnation) opened for them that day. The problem I have is that the concert wasn't held at Lindley Meadows. I remember it being held at Marx Meadow and sitting on the hill overlooking the stage looking down.

If you know Golden Gate Park (I've lived in San Francisco since 1973), the only place you can do that is at Marx Meadow. Lindley Meadows is way to open for me to do that. For the last seven years I've worked on the staff of the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival that puts up stages at Speedway, Marx, and Lindley Meadows (90 performers on 5 stages over 3 days) and I know the venue very well. I still think that it was Marx Meadow for this concert. I need to have a little more info to help me prove that it was Lindley Meadow. Thanks.

Also, I don't see mention of a free concert that they played at the Cow Palace for an old stereo outfit called Pacific Stereo. They gave away thousands of tickets to the concert but didn't let everyone in and a riot ensued with broken windows and cops in riot gear. I seem to remember a retail stereo show for gear followed by a concert with a couple of bands that included The Starship and The Grateful Dead. Phil was playing on the right side of the stage just above me and the music was really loud with notes coming out of the speakers like bubbles and popping over the audience. Then some lady came out on stage and said that she just wanted everyone to just please go home now. We left the Cow Palace to our car through a line of cops with nightsticks and riot gear - it scared the hell out of us. Anyway, memory gets fuzzy at that point. I'm not sure if the whole weekend was involved or if this was "the big night" or not. I have a feeling that the Butterfield Blues Band is in there somewhere. I don't remember the date though, sorry.

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Sante Fe Downs 9/11/83

I was there and I know the encore was not U.S. Blues, not sure about the rest or what the encore was. -ht

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29th or 30th

You have two postings fo 10-29-68 at the matrix. Is the second 29 the 30th? Or were there actually two shows on the 29th???

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10/9/82 Frost Ampitheater, Palo Alto, CA

This show is accidentally listed twice!



Cloud hands reaching from a rainbow
Tapping at your window
Touch your hair
-- Robert Hunter, "Crazy Fingers"


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