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1981-83 shows were at Seattle Center Coliseum, not the Stadium

The following three shows were actually performed indoors at the Seattle Center Coliseum, not at the outdoor Seattle Center Memorial Stadium. The Coliseum was where the Sonics played before the Key Arena was built. The Dead did not start playing at the outdoor Memorial Stadium until the 1990's.

I was at all three of the Coliseum shows. Then came the Great Drought. For 5 years the Dead came no closer to Seattle than Eugene. Then they played 1 show at the acoustical monstrosity that is the Tacoma Dome.

The last Dead show I ever saw was May 26, 1995 at the Memorial Stadium. It was my 44th birthday.

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On what I have there is a Jam (9'05") between Saint Of Circumstance (7'13") and Drums (11'54").


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Cleveland 12/6/73et list revision

This show at Public Hall was famous for a killer China Cat and a nice long Dark Star. I think there was a mirror ball spinning up above, too. Here's the complete set list:

Bertha ; Mexicali Blues ; Loser ; Black Throated Wind ; They Love Each Other ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Deal ; El Paso ; Row Jimmy ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider ; Around And Around
2nd set
Ramble On Rose ; Me And My Uncle ; Here Comes Sunshine ; Big River ; Dark Star [43:27] > Eyes Of The World > Stella Blue ; Sugar Magnolia

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London - Alexandra Palace Sept 10th -1974

From memory Phil Lesh and Ned Lagin played "Seastones" during the interval between the sets. it was different. Source of the information me - I was there.

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no worries, frankly...

this happens a lot from time to time. Just ask Bob.

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i promise ihavent sent my comment twice!!

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i allow myself to pose this rather indiscreet question.what happening? the band playing the "promised land" which by an innocent writer was interpreted as "the terminal zone"(pretty big difference)or did they come back after they allready played on a semi disassembeled stage to play a second last song with feeling......i am confused,but as this was a GD concert i would be happy to have seen it anyway...or was the writer dozed by iresponsible social elements?

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A Dream Come True?

God, I always dreamed of this happening.... Wish I Were There, texasdragonfly!

"If the forms of this world die, which is more real, the me that dies or the me that's infinite? Can I trust my habitual mind, or do I need to learn to look beneath those things?"

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Some would say that the band came back out for 1 more song after a good share of the stage had been dis-assembled. So many fans just wouldn't leave. They played "The Promised Land" This is based on a review written in the local Omaha newspaper the next day. The reviewer didn't get the tile right but he called the song "The Terminal Zone" and described the situation basically as I described, with the writer's addition the the band came back out to play one last song "with feeling". I was at that show and hasily remember bits and pieces of what was described.

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6/18/93 not 6/17/93

Soldier Field show listed show as June 17, 1993 - should be June 18, 1993 with this set list:
Hell In A Bucket, Sugaree, Walkin' Blues, Stagger Lee, Queen Jane Approximately, Row Jimmy, The Music Never Stopped Box Of Rain, Iko Iko, Playin' In The Band-> Uncle John's Band-> Playin' In The Band Reprise*-> Drums, Jam-> All Along The Watchtower-> China Doll-> Turn On Your Love Light, E: Liberty (according to


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