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Isn't this an erroneous listing?

I did not print and compare, but the set lists look similar to 3/15/73, and the poster for the nassau run only shows dates on 3/15 and 3/16. 3/15 was my first NY show, spring break first year in college, it was amazingly electric, band was on fire, they came out wearing "urban cowboy" wear (locals were referring to as "newdie suits" or "newty", i believe an area western wear vendor.) This was the era when for the Eyes jam, they'd huddle around in a semi-circle on stage watching each other and just jam the shit out of it,

The dude abides ...


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Road Trips Vol. 1 #3

Deadbase X has the Cryptical etc. sequence on 8-24-71

China Cat/Rider isn't listed for 8-23 or 8-24 - maybe 8-15? or 8-26?

Lots of confusion . . .

"Takes all you got just to stay on the beat . . ."

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Debutante Ball is listed as 09-22-66
DEADLISTS lists this as 09-02-66
I recently recieved this photo from the SF Examiner Archives
The back of the photo shows that it was filed on 09-06-66
and the NEWS CLIP that the photo appeared in
is dated 09-05-66
which would make it hard for the GIG to have taken place on 09-22-66
a review of the SF EXAMINER 09-05-66 would probably clear this up definitively
here are the images of the front and back of the photo and the NEWS CLIP CROPPED
enjoy this nice fresh image of bobby

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State U. Stony Brook, NY, May '68

Sorry if I've worn anyone out already asking about this show, for which there's no apparent listing. I'm new to the site and just stumbled on this forum.
Yes, May 1968. I was 19, had heard the 1st Dead album, and thought, "No big deal". We had Cream and Hendrix to keep us busy back then.
The Dead came on around 1:00 a.m., I believe the last of about 4 or 5 bands in what the school called a "dance concert", though the small number of us left by then just sat on the gym floor. They did some stuff from the 1st album, much of what showed up later on Anthem, and Lovelight (to end their set, I think). I walked out dazed and happy, and a fan forever.
Can the show be added to the list? It really needs to be there.

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Possible correction May 21 1974 Hec Ed show

I'm pretty sure Unbroken Chain was done in the set (of course, what could be certain about what went on in a Dead show.....). It was memorable because this couple up near the front started heading for the ground in full on gettin' it on mode, but the song didn't last quite long enough for them to fully consummate the deed (we considered writing the band to suggest lengthening the song in performance more often).

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You have this show listed as being at The Music Box in Nebraska, it wasn't.
I was at this show, along with half a dozen friends, in Kansas City, Kansas, (Soldiers And Sailors Memorial Hall) and I remember it well.
The Dead opened for Iron Butterfly that night.

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As ds points out on the page for this show, the location was Columbus OH, not Berkeley. See GD: The Illustrated Trip, plus the fact that they were in Pittsburgh the day before and Lexington KY on the 21st.

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You have this show listed as being at the Seattle Center Coliseum.
I recall it being at tthe Seattle Center ARENA, these ar 2 different buldings
on the same grounds, The Arena being an 8,000 seat venue as opposed
to the 15,000 seat Coliseum.

I actually recall this show pretty vividly as it was my 1st GD show and was prior
to my indulgence in any sort of experience enhancing substances.

This show marked me for life. I do believe the correct venue was the ARENA.

Robert Swanson

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China Doll

appears to be missing from the Songs section. Or at least if it's there, it's not filed under C where one might expect to find it.

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Compton Terrace 12-9-90

Scarletfire SLC is right..... The encore was Brokedown Palace, a perfect way to cap one of the finest performances I ever heard.... The band was on fire during that Phoenix-Denver December run, and i will remember those 5 shows fondly forever..... Matthew


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