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Hi -

Just to let you know there are two listings for this show.

I was my first, and it should be listed twice because it was THAT GOOD! I've always hoped against hope this show would be issued as an archive release. It was amazing.



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Setlist- April 4, 1994

Hi, here is the setlist from the show:

Help on the Way
Franklin's Tower
Little Red Rooster
Brown-Eyed Women
Loose Lucy
Don't Ease Me In

Iko Iko
Way To Go Home
Terrapin Station
Days Between
Throwin' Stones
Not Fade Away

I Fought The Law

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color me dubious...

...that this will ever be fixed, BUT there is no Stander on the Mountain at this show. 3rd to last song should read SOTM. Heck, Bruce wasn't even sitting in at this show so who was there to sing it?

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Let it Grow->Drums->Let it Grow

The Grateful Dead had a certain penchant for inserting a drum solo in between Let it Grow in the early part of 1976. The following show pages do not indicate the return to Let it Grow, creating the incorrect appearance of a segue into a different song entirely. (missing any indication of Drums at all)

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No Nobody's Jam here (or there)

Given the Dead's custom of not playing the same song or jam 2 shows in a row, it would have been highly unlikely they would have played a 'Nobody's Jam' on both 5-8 and 5-9. Out of curiosity, I went back to have a listen and I can confirm that although there is a jam with a slight air of the 'Nobody's Fault' theme tucked into NFA on 5-8, it certainly does not occur on 5-9 at all. One could argue it really doesn't happen on 5-8 as currently listed either. It might read on 5-8 as NFA>Nobody's Jam>NFA, but that's dubious as well. I encourage you to check it out for yourself and make your own determination!

In summary: no 'Nobody's Jam' on for sure and dubious 'Nobody's Jam' on, certainly not before NFA as listed. (a sandwich maybe)

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False Positive

For some reason there is a show listed before the first show, That is, the first show - at Magoos's. 5/5/65 - displays a link for a previous show, which of course is impossible. (The Dead did mess around with space and time, but not actual time travel.) Clicking on that link brings you to a show two years in the future. There is a not from MaryE to the effect that this is being worked on ... from seven years ago.

So this is a reminder, that this ought to be corrected. Thanks!

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This show did not happen in Omaha, NE the Dead opened the show for the Iron Butterfly in Kansas City, Kansas, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall, 7th and Barnett St. There is a partial stream of this show at (please read catfishbob's comment of 05/21/2008 with details) I attended this performance and it was my first Grateful Dead show. I actually talked with Jerry between shows and got his autograph (it read "Live Jer")
I have heard the Dead played Omaha on 02/15/1969, but did not attend or know anyone with details) Thank you.

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*correction to set list*

The July 17, 1989 Alpine Valley set list on Deadnet is incorrect - they played West LA Fadeaway, Desolation Row and Deal in the first set, not Row Jimmy, Masterpiece, Push, etc, as listed. This is the "Downhill from here" show, or one of them. See for the show, assuming it's listed correctly on Youtube. The set lists of July 17 & July 19 were mixed up on Deadnet, at least for the end of set 1. Specifically, the July 19 end of set 1 was wrongly listed as being on July 17.
Also, I noted while watching the show that Brent would be dead with a little over a year of this show. He looked really messed up here on the video in July 1989.

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Oakland 12-13-1992

Pretty sure The Weight was the encore, missing from set list.

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East Hall, Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA 4-10-71

This show (and a show at Boston on 4-8-71, and at Pittsburgh on 4-12-71), which took place in between the GD shows on April 7, 1971 and April 13, 1971 all appear to be missing from your archive of GD shows.


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