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Joined: Apr 8 2008
Dick's Picks

Yeah, I hope they repress some of the oop Dick's Picks releases. For some reason, no one wants to talk about it. When I sent a message to customer service, they directed me to Rhino. Sent a message to Rhino and never got a response.

Joined: Jan 29 2011
Dick's picks

I just wish that the individual sets are consistently available from the site. I have most of them but need few yet. Can't see paying high prices on eBay or now amazon for one 3 disc set when they seem to go in and out of print, every so often. Even would like to know if they have plans on reprinting titles or they are planning on axing certain volumes and keeping them out of print.

Joined: Mar 18 2010
Dicks Picks.

Bring back the Dicks Picks package.

I suppose it wouldn't be a box set, but from what other people have said in the past you could buy the whole set (1-36) for like $600? or even just doing bulk packages. like (1-5, 20-25...etc.)

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Joined: May 1 2010
Fillmore East 1970

Well, I just heard 2-11-70 with the ABB for the first time - blew me away! Did some research and found a CD issued by Grateful Dead productions some years back of ABB at FE in Feb 1970. How about collaborating with the Brothers to put out a box of complete ABB and GD sets from Feb 11, 13, and 14, 1970?

If legal issues get in the way, you could merely collaborate on package design and have the ABB issue their sets on their label. Rhino could then design a box which accommodates the ABB discs as well as the GD ones.

Joined: Oct 5 2010
The Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack (extended)

I've read that originally the Dead Movie Soundtrack was supposed to be 7 discs, but was pared down to 5. I would love to see that 7 disc released. There's some music cut from the original soundtrack. The "Eyes of the World" from 04-19-74 was originally 18 minutes, but 5 were cut out. I would also like to see some of the out-of-print Steal Your Face tracks on here. Like "Sugaree", "Ship of Fools", and "Cold Rain & Snow". Though I know it's not likely to happen (due to Ned Lagin copyrights), the 10-18-74 "Seastones" jam into "Dark Star" > "Morning Dew" would be incredible. In reality, the 7 disc Grateful Dead Movie Soundtrack would be spectacular.

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For next Spring

Please, consider releasing the Academy of Music run - what a prelude it would be to the 40th anny of Europe '72. And there's still time for interestingly packaged Fall '71 shows. Too much at once? Too much is just enough!

" Where does the time go? "

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Joined: Nov 9 2010
Special Discounts possible?

OK, we know the economy is fooked up for some and I'm one of them...that still does not deter my lusting after killer Box Sets...but wifey would melt-down & nuke me for blowing nearly $100 on some multi-CD box set. You know...budgeting etc.

However!! For certain items where there may be a lot in stock (Hint: Warlocks) running a special reduced price or price discount for a couple of days might reduce your inventory a bit and allow some of us financially challenged Dheads to acquire and enjoy lusted after box sets.

You know...offer a 20% or 15% discount for two days on selected items or all box sets or whatever and throw in ground shipping...something like that.

A little help here, eh?

(Hurry, before we all croak of radiation poisoning!)

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Joined: May 26 2007
and include

all the opening sets by the Chinese orchestra.

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Joined: Oct 20 2008
How bout a Chinese New Year Run?

Never forget those shows...I'm sure a DVD of a portion of the shows are available as well.

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ratsnkats (not verified)
Will it ever be? Or, Dare to dream!

I'd like to see Rhino put out a box-set of all of Bobby's slide playing. Every slide solo from the first joyous moment to the last musically fulfilling number. Oh, be still my heart!


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