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Joined: Feb 25 2008
Fillmore West 69

Id love to get copies of this. Vegas 92 with the Steve Miller Band would be great too.

"The sky was yellow the sun was blue".

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Joined: Apr 27 2010
first live performances

I think it would be awesome if a series of Cds featuring the first live performances of our favorite dead songs was released. Such as the first live performance of sugar magnolia or estimated prophet. The first sugar mag is slower, very rough and slightly out of tune at some points but it is definatly a gem and I'm sure the other first performances are precious as well.

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Requests:Box Sets

As I come the UK how about a Boxset containing all the shows The Band played in the UK thought the 70's,I would buy that in a heartbeat!

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They don't listen... request all ya wanna... LOL ... In fact this was overheard this near the Rhino board room and passed secretly to me: "HAHAHAHAH, we don't listen to no stinking requests".

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box set

I'd be happy to stand back for a 80's or 90's box set. Folks like Carolina Boy would get what they need and I'd feel righteous about saving my money :-) A win win situation!

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Joined: Feb 1 2010
Probably another Winterland release is store

I have a feeling that the next box set we see will be another three run cycle at Winterland, just like '73 and '77. This could very well be 12/10 -> 12/12/72 or maybe even 02/22 -> 02/24/74. I'm really leaning towards the latter since the band seemed much tighter on that occassion.

Having said that, I really hope this isn't the case. Four box sets from Winterland - '73, '77, GD Movie Soundtrack, and the hypothetical '72 or '74? That's just too much. No matter how great the music was, no matter how classic the arena, another box set from the 1970s at Winterland would really pigeonhole the band further as only being heard/experienced via recordings from this particular era and this particular arena. I already feel like the catalog is top heavy in terms of this exact categorization.

I'm with the other posters who strongly advise Rhino to release a run of shows (ANYTHING!) from the 1980s or even early 1990s. Sure, I'd like to see a box set from a run of shows in '93 or '94, but that's not going to happens because the veterans get depressed when they hear this material compared to the hey-day even though the younger generation, like me, knew nothing but this! Like others here, Without a Net, Dozin', Truckin', and the soon-to-be released Crimson resonate most strongly with me and often spend weeks at a time in my CD Changer.

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1987 Hampton Coliseum shows

The 3 Hampton, VA shows from 3/22,23,24.1987 would be awesome. The band is on fire here. It could make for a nice box set.

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What About A Mickey And The Hartbeats Box Set ?

I've always thought those shows were the moment Jerry blossomed as a lead guitar player. And there was all sorts of fun stuff. It seems like they were brainstorming for the "Live Dead" shows. That would make a killer release. Check Out My Orignal Music at

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And a a dozen runs

1/24 - 26/69 Avalon

2/22 - 24/74 Winterland

3/18 - 19/77 Winterland

4/09 - 12/70 Fillmore West

5/23 - 26/72 Lyceum

6/09 - 12/76 Boston Music Hall

7/12 - 18/76 Orpheum Theatre

8/20 - 22/68 Fillmore West

9/17 - 20/70 Fillmore East

10/11 - 13/68 Avalon

11/17 - 19/72 Wichita/Houston

12/04 - 07/71 Felt Forum

" Where does the time go? "

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how about...

how about everything from the acid tests!? i dont even care if most of that stuff wasn't recorded. just fucking make it happen. somehow find recordings of everything the dead played at the acid tests and i swear i'll buy it!!

also i'd like to see a dark star box set. every dark star. including segues in and out of it. that would be sick.

OR.... a box set of all the absolute worst performances of everybody's favorite songs. full of flubbed lyrics, directionless solos. all the stuff where the whole band is off. we've had a lot of box sets where "the music plays the band". now it's time for one where the band can't even play music!!! that would be pretty funny.

ok one more: The Dead's first run at Red Rocks (7/7/78 and 7/8/78). I'd love to hear that one in crystal clear sound. it's one of my favorites, for sure. it's also pretty cool because right after those two shows they take a month and a half off from touring and then the first show of the next tour is red rocks again. so maybe the box set would have the next two shows too (8/30 and 8/31). whatever. what do i know? i'm just a doctor...


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Requests: Box Sets