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Is anyone else having problems purchasing the new '77 box set? I hope I dont lose out on the bonus disc because of this : (

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Winterland 77

XM this morning is running a promo, by David Lemieux, for a preview this Wednesday at 5 pm eastern for a multi-cd (9?) June 1977 box set. If you want to listen in, XM plays Grateful DEad on ch 57. If Sirius is your preference, land on ch 32

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We want 80s dead

When will we see some of the 80s killer shows.How about a saratoga box set 83 84 85 88.Sring tour 85 or 84 box set.Gainsville florida 80 pembroke pines 80.Merriweather post pavilion 85 best shakedown ever.That end of summer 83 tour at the hult in oregon and boise idaho park west utah red rocks some fine memories and killer jamin.St. petersburg florida 88.Madison square garden nyc 83 both shows.NYC 87 all five nights.New years 83 etta james and the tower of power all five nights.Greek theater in berkely 87 and 88.West palm beach florida 82 lakeland 82.These are just a few i could go on and on.Please do some 80s mid 80s early 80s come on.

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word is out...

a little bird told me Winterland 1977 would be coming out soon....probably the June shows.....7th, 8th, and 9th....I believe

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Euro '72 box

A one sentence request here:

A re-mastered and complete, uncut box of the Europe 72 tour (no cuts, every show!)

'Nuff said.

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This isn't really a box set but the other thread was locked!

How about a best of Brent?

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Ive head of a JGB boxset...

Does anyone know what website to find this on?

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Just a thought

Maybe something like postcards(dylan covers) have something with all the beatles covers done. Or rare covers.

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The Dead 03 and 04 and 09 Live recordings

Anyone know what happened to the 03 and 04 the Dead recordings that were for sale at Munckmusic . Will they be back? Will the upcomming spring 09 tour be for sale?
Any help appreciated

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correction to prior post

I mis-stated the names of the songs played on 3 of the 4 Swing Auditorium shows: the actual song names with 3 plays were: Promised Land, Tennessee Jed, and Drums. Playing in the Band is only in 2 shows.


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