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The Dead 03 and 04 and 09 Live recordings

Anyone know what happened to the 03 and 04 the Dead recordings that were for sale at Munckmusic . Will they be back? Will the upcomming spring 09 tour be for sale?
Any help appreciated

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correction to prior post

I mis-stated the names of the songs played on 3 of the 4 Swing Auditorium shows: the actual song names with 3 plays were: Promised Land, Tennessee Jed, and Drums. Playing in the Band is only in 2 shows.

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Swing Auditorium

I'd love to see a box set comprised of the four shows that they played at the San Bernardino Swing Auditorium (1969, 1977, 1978, 1980). Call it "Swing Sets," or something like that--all good shows, including two shows that kicked off new tours (77 & 78), but the biggest thing is that, of the total 71 songs, there are 51 different tunes, with only one (Mama Tried) being in all four shows, and only three others (Promised Land, Playing In The Band, and, of course, Drums) with three performances each, and eleven songs played in two different shows. 78 includes the first performances of Terrapin Station and Estimated Prophet, 79 features an all-Bobby vocals 2nd set (with Jerry concentrating on his guitar), and the passion of He's Gone in the 80 show, just days after John Lennon was murdered, is quite possibly the best-ever rendition of that song. This box would also include Pigpen (69), Keith & Donna (77 & 78), and Brent (80), making it a nice "first half" retrospective collection, too. Size-wise, it would fit on 10 CDs (the 69 and 78 shows are both short enough for 2 discs, while the 77 & 80 shows would take 3 each).

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this isnt really a box set but it didnt fit the other categories i heard that pigpen was working on an album before he died if any of those songs were completed they should release them or have someone record then release them just my opinion

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Greek Theater, Berkeley box set

I would absolutely LOVE to see a box set released from the Berkeley Greek Theater shows, especially 1981 (the first run there & fabulous!), 1985 (20th anniversary) & 1989 (the last run there).



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And how incredibly wonderful

And how incredibly wonderful that we can talk about the "eras" of this band.
Hoping they round out each era with a complete run box set. Maybe every four years, we have 69,73, now for 77,then 81,85,89,93.....
just a thought...

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Dstashe, I was at that 6-4-77 show at the Forum and the

inventiveness, power, and dynamics of the boys that night left me slackjawed. I could say more about that show and I wanted to speak to the box set and era topic, but CosmicBadger beat me to the points I was thinking about.
I also often have thought that the period that people attended shows or when they really 'got it' was the era of the band that they subsequently enjoy the most.
But after reading the genesis of Dstache's experience, that may not be the case.
I instead own that my heaviest touring 'window' starting in '74 and through the early '80s is the strongest influence that steer my 'wishlists'. I still attended a show a year (or so) once marriage and children came along but I attended fewer shows and look back on days more fondly when I was actively roadtripping. And I do hear or feel that some of those shows from that era really speak to me.
I still do enjoy shows from other eras, but the '69 Dead's breakneck speed & turn on a dime frenzy combined with their DEEP jamming. and the evolution into the roaring beast through the 1970's will always have a special lure for me.
I will never forget those June Forum & Winterland shows in '77 or the '77 NYE Winterland run and then there was that '78 midwest (Madison - Red Rocks) tour that really hit me where I live.
As with you all, I don't begrudge anyone for desiring those later shows, but for me, those '70's are 'so right'.
You know some love the Jalapaneo, others must have that Habanero, yet others desire the Cayenne, and some yearn for the Serrano ('you know this space is getting hot').
It is the same with wide variety of aural delights provided by the Dead that are so often 'just exactly perfect' for that person at that space and time ;o}

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For me a helpful distinction between the 'earlier' and 'later' dead periods is that the earlier work is timeless and can listen to it purely as music even if you were not around then and only be amazed. But for much of the later stuff, and especially as Garcia's inventiveness, consistency and voice began to wane, it increasingly becomes a case of 'you had to be there'. People develop very strong attachments to years and runs which they attended, not just because of the music, but also because of the whole experience they had at shows. We had no shows in Europe from 81 to 90 and a lot of what i hear from that period I find pretty painful..for me Brent's talents cannot in the tiniest way compensate for Jerry's slow decline. But then I also know that if I had been at some of those shows I would probably feel totally different and I also know that Jerry could still touch the stars from time to time!

Each to his or her own I suppose.

As for a box about a 'wall of sound' set from '74.

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I knew I shouldn't of posted that, as I was writing it I knew it, but ... haha

Some points:

(1) When I say "later years" I am using the breakdown of the Taping Compendiums and am referring to 86-95, so I am not referring to the 2 Anchorage '80 shows. In fact, I agree that they would make a fine release.
(2) Mary, you've seen me often enough on the vineyard to know (my pic) that I didn't get on the bus until much later. I only saw shows from 93 onward and, as can be inferred from my previous post, I would probably not purchase anything from those years.
(3) I agree that Brent was great. He's the main reason I sign up for vines for later era shows (the other reason would be the newer Jerry songs, the one thing he could still do was write and play a good slow song (see Liberty, Black Muddy, So Many Roads, Days Btwn, etc)). I love all of his songs except "We Can Run." I love his playing. I love his backup singing.
(4) I have no problems with releases of later era shows. I would just like to see them release single shows here and there or a compilation Road Trips and not a huge box set, especially when they release such a limited number of box sets.
(5) It just seems to me that in requesting a box set of the 21 show Spring '90 run, you are implying that you would rather have all the shows from that tour rather than all the shows from early '69, spring '72, fall '72, fall '73, spring '77 or fall '77. Notwithstanding Brent's contributions and the newer Jerry songs, I just think that is crazy. This reminds me of a remark in the Taping Compendium about how if one could have all the SBDs from one particular month, April of 78 would be way down the list. Spring '90 would be behind all the tours mentioned above on my list.
(6) The packaging for the '73 Winterland box does not explain the $35 price difference btwn it and the '69 Fillmore West box. While I like it, the box is basically a crayon box, like you'd store your Crayolas in as a kid. The packaging probably cost about $2 more to manufacture AT MOST. Both were 10 disc sets, the Winterland box was released about a year or two later. The price increase was inexplicable. So, I don't think a '90 Spring box would be offered at a "discounted" price. I use quotes there because $450 for music is WAY more than I would be willing to spend. Heck, I complained they were gauging us for Winterland '73.
(7) Finally, these are just my opinions. If you want a later era box set you are free to request it. But at the same time, I am free to request that shows from what I consider better years be released instead.

Good vibes to all

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One of my personal all-time favorite shows! My fave live terrapin (besides the first terrapin in san berdoo..) and the NFA was insane! :D


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