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Great Suggestions!

I would agree with the complete venue boxed sets,(complete shows of course) what a great idea! Start with Hampton 1989! Boston 1991 New York 1990.

PS How abot winterland '73? It's ready just release it.

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Fillmore West 1969 re-release

Why not re-release Fillmore West 1969?

It's a proven seller and many could not react quick enough.

It's got to be a better move than taking back mp3 again@


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The Elvis-Jerry Sessions

I would like to see the sessions that Donna and Ron Tutt arranged between Elvis and Jerry finally see the light of day. I hear that the guitar jams with Jerry and James Burton are just amazing. Rock on!

Or should I be requesting these from the Jerry site?

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Fillmore West 1969

Non limited addition

I put my order in about a month before release just as the limit was reached.

I have the other Fillmore West 69 set and that is forever on my player, or mp3 player

I am sure the release could be fleshed out with other "Live Dead " show tracks

Bob W

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Spanish Jam

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How about a massive box set of 9/14/88 - 9/24/88. A total of 9 shows.

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BCT 8/21-25/72 Winterland

BCT 8/21-25/72

Winterland Dec 1972
Nassau 73
Winterland June 77
Greek 85 and 89

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By Venue Please

Issuing Live boxed sets by venue makes a lot of sense. I personally would be interested in purchasing Alpine Valley and Soldier Field boxed sets, among others.

Brian Michaelson

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Orpheum 76, Europe 72, and more

I'm also into box sets that cover entire runs at the same venue. I'd like to see a box with the 6 Orpheum 76 shows in their entirety: 7/12-7/14 and 7/16-7/18. It would be beyond incredible to have EVERYTHING available from Europe 72 released. Perhaps that could be released by week in boxes and/or available as individual releases.

It would definitely be cool to see an audio/video release of 8/27/72 (with both cds and dvds) too. I'll post more as I think of things... :-)

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Box Set of Hampton Shows (sans 92)

With the spaceship on the cover....
At least 86-89 ( tons of gems like Box, Roadrunner (not a breakout per se but a damn good version; the great Terrapin from 3.24.87, The 88 breakouts and slamming 3/27/88 show.
Oh and those "Formally The Warlocks" shows. They were kinda decent.

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How To Put Out The Europe '72 Tour

Talking with my friend about how this should be put out and the traditional "Box Set" would be too much. The first thing that comes to mind is making it available to download. I think a lot of folks are donwloading more music and jewel cases are becoming things of the past. Now to make these available to the folks that don't download, how about just a spool like the spools of blank CD's you buy. No need for any crazy box with all sorts of graphics. Just a spool of CD's with the infromantion printed right on them. Check Out My Orignal Music at


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