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Check the forum Deadheads>tapers>The Vine.

Your wish has come true.

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Crate Set

How 'bout a Crate Set from 10/19/71 to 12/31/72? That'd be Vol.1. Vol.2 would be from 2/09/73 to 10/20/74. That'd pretty much do it.

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Box Set

I Would Love To See A Box Set Of The December 71 Run At The felt Forum. I Already Have The Whole Run But If Rhino Boxed It up With Some Pic's And A Cool Booklet,I Would Buy It In A Hartbeat

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1 9 7 0 ! ! !

I would love a box set of a full 1970 show! The ones from mid 1970 with:
Acoustic Dead
NRPS with Jerry on steel guitar
set 1 of Electric Dead
set 2 of Electric Dead

1970 is my favorite year in the GD history, just for the sheer magnitude of how long the shows were and how good they were! Sadly, I know that few of these full shows were recorded... even by the audience. But there MUST be a couple of FULL shows from this historic period in the vault... please... there just has to be...

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Fillmore East Anyone

How about The complete Fillmore East run from Feb. 1970, or April 1971. I know they already released Ladies and Gentlemen, but the complete recordings of the run that closed the famed Fillmore East in 1971 would be perfect for a boxed set!

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Great Suggestions!

I would agree with the complete venue boxed sets,(complete shows of course) what a great idea! Start with Hampton 1989! Boston 1991 New York 1990.

PS How abot winterland '73? It's ready just release it.

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Fillmore West 1969 re-release

Why not re-release Fillmore West 1969?

It's a proven seller and many could not react quick enough.

It's got to be a better move than taking back mp3 again@


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The Elvis-Jerry Sessions

I would like to see the sessions that Donna and Ron Tutt arranged between Elvis and Jerry finally see the light of day. I hear that the guitar jams with Jerry and James Burton are just amazing. Rock on!

Or should I be requesting these from the Jerry site?

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Fillmore West 1969

Non limited addition

I put my order in about a month before release just as the limit was reached.

I have the other Fillmore West 69 set and that is forever on my player, or mp3 player

I am sure the release could be fleshed out with other "Live Dead " show tracks

Bob W

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Spanish Jam

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How about a massive box set of 9/14/88 - 9/24/88. A total of 9 shows.


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