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PLQ at the Beacon '03

The triumphant return of PLQ to the Beacon

Joined: Aug 7 2007
Winterland November 73 box set

I was one of those who pre-ordered before the pre-order page was officially "live". It was a sad moment when I read the email explaining the snafu. Although I have high quality recordings of the November 73 Winterland shows, I'd happily plunk down some cash for an even higher quality, nicely boxed, official release! Hey, if it was pretty much in the can already, why not go ahead and let it rip?


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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Sunshine Daydream plus Audio of 27th August 72

in a nice booklet similar to so many roads with photos and memories from people involved etc

it was 35 years ago this year

Bob W

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Spanish Jam

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Orlando Spring 91

These shows would make a great release as far as full runs go. The band seemed in great spirits and the playing was consistently strong throughout ( if memory serves).

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Joined: May 26 2007
so pais...

Go over to the tapers section, send David an email, and ask him to weigh in!

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Joined: Jun 9 2007
1973 Winterland Box

...shall we go, you and I while we can...

Very credible sources say it's "in the can" and a mystery why it's not released....I wonder if David Lemeiux knows? This kind of information would be cool to get on this site!

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Santana/Dead and Steve Miller/Dead

I agree with above.... Santana/Dead or SMB/GD would be a great box set. I would also suggest the 10/89 Run in Hampton, the Shoreline run from Aug 91 or perhaps a Cal Expo box set with various shows from there or say a Shoreline box set etc... Perhaps a MSG box set or LA get the idea...Eric

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Joined: Jul 26 2007
How about some box sets of .........

Any of the Las Vegas runs from the 1990's AND buy the rights from the opening acts to include them in there too! (Santana, Steve Miller, Sting, Traffic, DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!) That would be cool!

I would love to see a box seet come out from a whole run like that! All the sets from all 3 shows!

How about a box set of the Shoreline run from August 1991. A real winner!

Egypt 1978 Box Set with lots of photos and the best of the music! I would buy it! How about a DVD of that too!

The Return of the Warlocks Box set from Hampton 1989. Would also make a great DVD set too!

A new Years Eve Box Set! All of the New Years shows the band played - EVER!

Could also do different themed box sets! 4th of July!, April Fools Day, etc.....

Well, thems some idears.



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