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Joined: Apr 24 2015
Chinese New Years/Mardi Gras

How about some of those epic CNY or Mardi Gras from the 80's?

Joined: Jan 20 2015
Fare thee well bonus disc

Mine is the same as the 7-5 second set, is this right?

Joined: Mar 15 2013
covers box set

I'd love to see a box set of all the covers. That is a monumental task with all the artistic rights and stuff. I have not spent any money on the grateful dead's new releases, it's all the same to me, I couldn't tell you musically what the the differnces are between one release of a song and another except for song length. But one thing I do know is that the covers they do are just about perfect for them. Listen to "Tomorrow is Forever" and other prison ballads, all the Dylan songs, Bobby's cowboy songs, Haggard, Cash covers, the writer of El Paso. They do a really good job of arrangeing old traditional songs too. Garcia's cover on his albums should be included too. I'm sure there is enough in the vault to get eight or nine disc?!

Joined: Apr 27 2009
Capital Theatre Box Set

I saw many shows at the Capital in 70 & 71. A box set with the acoustic & Electric sets would be awesome and I'm sure there are enough shows. Or it could include the Filmore East shows from the period.
The only thing that would make it even better would be a concurrent release of the NRPS sets from the shows they played too.

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Joined: Jun 4 2015
Boston Garden 1991

Yes it has an out of print Dick's Picks for one of the shows, but this 6 show run is a perfect run for a box set. 100 different songs from the repertoire, only 6 repeats, Help, Slipknot, Eyes, Saint of Circumstance, the Other One and Dark Star.

This is just waiting to happen, don't rerelease the Dick's Pick of 9/25/91 and then the filler of 3/31/91 can be released at some point paired with its mate of 4/1/91 as a Greensboro 2 for.

We know the quality is there on the master tapes as they circulate in fantastic quality.

This should be a no brainer.

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Joined: Jun 16 2007
Pigpen anthology or biography

when the hell you good folks gonna release a comprehensive Pigpen collection?!! everybody else has had their bios written or had docs made about them, hell, even Parish got his own book! Pigpen truly deserves to have his story told. someone out there has writing skills and was there at the beginning. some of us older senior citizen deadheads have been waiting a long time for this, starting to feel like cubs fans do in October!! it's getting near the end of the 50th celebration; it's time to tell his story.

Joined: Jun 7 2007
Winterland October 74 & some more from spring 77

I'd like to see all five shows completely remastered as a box set.
Also how about the three night run of 5/7/77 Boston, 5/8/77 Ithica & 5/9/77 Buffalo as a box set.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
30 trips around the sun USB question

I have a Major important question
about the USB
Besides the fact that the USB
is the same price as the box set,
the fact we don't get the book
is an issue,
but I know you won't
be doing anything about that....
which honestly kinda sucks
Given the cost to produce the USB package
vs the cd package
(but still charging the same don't seem right, if your being honest with should agree)
Most importantly.....
Will the 2nd sets of these shows
run uninterrupted ?
CDs fade out at end of disk two
Fading back into disk three.....
l hate that,
can't sit back and chill to a second set that way!
The reason I bought the USB
is so there would be no breaks
in the middle of the sets
like the CDs will obviously be.
This is probably a major issue
for all people buying the USB
(Even though there is only 1,000 of us)
We don't get the booklet or the fancy box
But that's not a problem,
if they run uninterrupted
I did not want the CDs
for that reason (and storage too)
as well as wanting 24/96 resolution (sweet)
Has this question been brought up by anyone?and I hope you guys were smart enough
to master the USB as uninterrupted shows, unlike the CDs
(more work for you guys but you are charging enough for this package now dubbed "BOXILLA")
I truly will be disappointed
if there is breaks in the middle of a set
This issue will be a major problem
I'll want my money back
if they are these interruptions, so.......
Look forward to a response
Thomas A. Violagis Jr.

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Joined: Jan 27 2015
Dave's Not Here, Man !

Well, the estimable Monsieur Lemieux says it best himself, elsewhere on "6/10/73 at RFK Stadium in Washington, DC, where the Dead played two shows with the Allman Brothers Band and Wet Willy. These shows have long been considered for release, and it's only a matter of time before we see them mastered properly and released. They're really exceptional."

So let's just get this show out there already--- PLEASE !

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Joined: Aug 20 2015
CCC- Clarence Clemons Compilation AKA - The Big Man Box

I would love to see a compilation of the best of the Big Man sitting in with The Grateful Dead and The Jerry Garcia Band.

You would sell a truckload in New Jersey


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