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Joined: May 25 2010

Passenger.08 I'm from Philly. I did not miss a Spectrum Show. I have always said that TPTB @ should take a good look at those shows for release. THOSE PHILLY SHOWS were especially awesome at THE SPECTRUM and were usually always SMOKIN' HOT! They ALWAYS played real good for Philly. Any decade. A box of SPECTRUM SHOWS would be a big money maker for sure. A Fine Suggestion Indeed!

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Joined: Feb 21 2008
Philly Box

Box set of Philly Spectrum sell outs, break it out into decades. Kind of like the seasons idea, spring, summer, fall to keep boxes a little more affordable. Second the emotion of 73-74 Wall.

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Joined: May 25 2010

Is it just me? Man Oh Man would I like nothing more than a good long drink of that era! Something that you can really sink your teeth into. I just can't get enough of it! I gotta believe that I'm not alone on this. To me, this is a no brainer! I just don't hear much chatter at all about a box set from this period. Does anybody else feel the way I do???

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Record Store Days

I wish they'd re-release the 3 RSD lp releases on cd - Dark Star, Winterland May 30, 1971 and Live At Hampton Coliseum. The one coming out on 11-28 might make this happen. I HOPE !!!

Joined: Dec 17 2011
1 show request

Please Please release 5/4/79 on CD!!!!!!!

Joined: Nov 4 2014
Box Sets

What would be really good would be a box set of Europe 90 - nearly 25 years and nothing so far. Presumably the powers that be don't believe it would shift enough units Stateside to justify the effort.

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Multi-track Multi-track Multi-track

How about a box set of complete shows with Multi-track masters. One from each year of the 70s. That would be phenomenal, as we love the sound to be just exactly perfect. There has to be something from '74 that sounds as good as the GD Movie Soundtrack. And are any of the other 3 shows from '75 available on multi-track? And anything with Keith and Donna from '79?

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Berkeley Community Theater August 1972

There were four shows, two dark stars, and you could add the San Jose show 8/20 as filler.
These were some of my first shows, and this was the run where I got it - these guys were playing great stuff, and were doing different sets each night. After this run, I started going to every show in a run. Soon I started traveling to see shows in other parts of the country. Never regretted it.

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50th Anniversary?

Gotta be something big for the 50th, yes?

And while I do love the big box sets (Fillmore '69, Winterland '73 & '77, Europe '72, Both Spring '90s) I have to say that I couldn't afford 2 of them at the time (Europe '72 and Fillmore '69). I hope if they do something big for the 50th they at least release the individual shows later.

How about picking the best show from each year that hasn't been fully released and round out the set with Wildcards. Break it up.

Release #1: '65-'72
Release #2: '73-'78
Release #3: '79-'86
Release #4: '87-'95
Release #5: Wildcards

Include Rio Nido '67 and some of the '87 east coast stuff: Greatest > Devil with a Blue Dress > Good Golly Miss Molly > Blue Dress & the Good Lovin' > La Bamba stuff. That was sweet. Or the Santana '87 shows.

Anyway, just thought I'd put my ear to the ground on the 50th.

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Texas 72 shows

Now this IS a good idea too. If you have a SBD of the San Antonio show in the vault, please do release it! Or even just SBDs of the ones you do have. Or hell, release all the Texas shows you have in a box set. Or two box sets, early and later.

Now, about the California box set . . . .


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