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Also more Blu-Ray

No more releases on DVD!

Joined: Jun 29 2012
Sunshine Daydream official release

The best show of all time deserves a formal release

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Fillmore West

Just watched a DVD about the closing of The Fillmore West and Bill Graham's business style. In addition to an incredible two songs by The GD... Santana, Jefferson Airplane and other "groups" were showcased.

July 2nd,1971 is the date of The Grateful Dead's performace... it's obvious that this whole show was filmed, complete with close up's of Jerry and Bob and split screens of the crowd and twirling girls...

Rhino probably doesn't have the rigbts to this footage... but it is so good, they should try to get it whoever owns it should release it themselves..

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Another vote for 7/2/89

or 7/14/90 would do!

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So Far

how bout releasing "So Far" for purchase besides being included in the new "all the years combined" collection. i'm sure, as i, the lot of us already have all the others and have been patiently waiting for a new. Furthermore, how about that blue ray ?

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I think it's safe to say

that that particular request has become the latter-day equivalent of


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It's 2012... THAT'S 2012!!!

Has anyone out there ever heard the requests for


I'd like to see this while I will still know what I'm watching. And before my
discretionary income becomes earmarked for diapers.

1972 - 2012 there has to be some great marketing ops here.

Come on guys, or girls

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DVD request

I'll keep this short and simple, I would love a release of the Sunshine Daydream movie along with a CD release of the entire show. You know it is one of the all time best, so please I'm almost 64 years old and I would like to be able to buy this before I become too senile to remember why.

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What's taking so long on the DVD's?

Hey Everyone,

I really appreciate all of the releases and understand that DVD's are more difficult to bring to market. However, We're not getting any younger and there is so much music already out there on CD. Can't you focus on getting some big runs of shows on Blu Ray? You know, Like the Warlock shows at Hampton in '89, etc. So let's hurry up and get it out here! OK, ready, Break!


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August 27, 1972, Veneta Oregon "Sunshine Daydream"

Please release "Sunshine Daydream"!

I'm sure the folks at Rhino as well as the band members themselves realize that this show is THE one that more people want to see officially released, in theaters and on DVD, than any other.

There is tons of pro-shot footage of the whole show from at least 4 different angles, there are soundboard recordings, film crew audio recordings, nothing is missing to make this a reality except for somebody's permission.

I would love to see a no-bullshit real explanation as to why this has not happened yet. Everybody has theories and there are little bits of "Bob said this or that" floating all around but I have never seen the issue addressed head-on.

And we all know this wasn't just "a show". This was a historic cultural event, fully documented, kept under lock and key. And all the while the filmstock slowly succumbs to the chemical vagaries of time. A damn shame, a real damn shame.


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