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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Sunshine Daydream

is a great film, there is a new version in circulation now with an added beginning

It would be good to see an official version

Bob W

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another vote for Sunshine Daydream here...

I can't believe it's not out already!

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Another yes for Sunshine Daydream. We have heard about this film for years. 35 is long enough. That is more time than the start of WW II to the resignation of Nixon. Please, while some of us heads are still around and have the eyes and ears to enjoy it. It's release won't do us much good when we are dust.

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A couple of more ideas........

After doing a little exercise to the "Truckin of toe Buffalo" DVD, I realized that there were some HOT shows during this tour!

How about the show before: 7/2/89 Sullivan Stadium! Playin > Crzy > Wang Dang SHOW OPENER! My goodness! The whole show is amazing!

And how about the show after: 7/7/89 the last JFK Stadium show! The band was again in top form!

How about releasing the whole TOUR!

Also forgot to mention..... Would love to SEE some video of The Greek shows from ANY YEAR (preferably 1985 though!)

That is it for now. I am not asking too much, am I?


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Well then...

If I cant have the rest of my D/D show then Im game to see the Springfield Creamery (SSDD) show remastered.... :>)

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Yo quiero Sunshine Daydream.

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Dead/ dylan Videos

...shall we go, you and I while we can...

Two problems. One, Dylan wasn't satisfied with the shows himself, so he's disinclined to release the performance. That's why it wasn't on the VFTV release. Two, Jerry was very protective of those videos. After the show, he had a designated person bring him the video master, which he would put in his briefcase before leaving the venue. There probably aren't too many of these in the vault, although David Lemeiux would know. I thought some of them might turn up for the recent auction of the contents of his home, but didn't. So maybe the guy who bought his house or, more likely, Deborah Koontz, has them.

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Dylan/Dead Video

I was at the D/D in Anaheim and most of it was released in the Vault Video with the Oakland show but I would love to see the footage from the Dylan set and the encores... I agree with HighVibe on the late 80s and early 90s shows. Many of the shows I was at had the screens i.e. Shoreline etc... So there has to be Video out there waiting to be released! - Eric

Joined: Jun 25 2007
Sunshine Daydream 8/27/72

C'mon..... ya know ya want it!

I know I do!!!!! :-D

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Dylan and the Dead - Giants Stadium July 12, 1987 +

The whole show had huge video screens going so you know that the cameras and footage are there!

Would also like to see something, possibly a montage of some restored footage from the early to mid 70's. I am guessing there is a ton of footage out there with great audio to match it with. It doesn't matter if the whole show is not there, etc.... It would be great to just start getting that stuff out there. I feel it has been long over due and I was expecting (now that it is 12 years since Jerry is gone) that more video footage would be out there!

Other requests would be:
Silver Stadium 6/30/88
Warlocks 10/9/89
Nassau 3/29/90
Anything from Europe 1990
Shoreline 8/16/91
Oakland 10/31/91 - Bill's goodbye show
Oakland 10/31/92 - Jerry Garcia Band - Jerry's 1st show back after his coma
Any 199?'s show from Las Vegas - The Silver Bowl (what a magical place!).
Shoreline 6/2/95 - the last west coast shows and the Gyoto monks - WOW!

Praying for that miracle video!

Brother A


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