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Joined: Jan 22 2011

It's 2012... THAT'S 2012!!!

Has anyone out there ever heard the requests for


I'd like to see this while I will still know what I'm watching. And before my
discretionary income becomes earmarked for diapers.

1972 - 2012 there has to be some great marketing ops here.

Come on guys, or girls

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
DVD request

I'll keep this short and simple, I would love a release of the Sunshine Daydream movie along with a CD release of the entire show. You know it is one of the all time best, so please I'm almost 64 years old and I would like to be able to buy this before I become too senile to remember why.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
What's taking so long on the DVD's?

Hey Everyone,

I really appreciate all of the releases and understand that DVD's are more difficult to bring to market. However, We're not getting any younger and there is so much music already out there on CD. Can't you focus on getting some big runs of shows on Blu Ray? You know, Like the Warlock shows at Hampton in '89, etc. So let's hurry up and get it out here! OK, ready, Break!


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August 27, 1972, Veneta Oregon "Sunshine Daydream"

Please release "Sunshine Daydream"!

I'm sure the folks at Rhino as well as the band members themselves realize that this show is THE one that more people want to see officially released, in theaters and on DVD, than any other.

There is tons of pro-shot footage of the whole show from at least 4 different angles, there are soundboard recordings, film crew audio recordings, nothing is missing to make this a reality except for somebody's permission.

I would love to see a no-bullshit real explanation as to why this has not happened yet. Everybody has theories and there are little bits of "Bob said this or that" floating all around but I have never seen the issue addressed head-on.

And we all know this wasn't just "a show". This was a historic cultural event, fully documented, kept under lock and key. And all the while the filmstock slowly succumbs to the chemical vagaries of time. A damn shame, a real damn shame.

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Joined: Jun 5 2007
Sunshine Daydream !!!!!!!!

I'm sure I'm not the first one saying this but if we all keep hollering maybe they're get off their butts and put this out. August 27th 1972 It's all on film and georgus audio. Just put it out, the whole show don't bother editing just mail out !!! We're all sitting here waiting for you to tell us how much it'll cost !!!!Check Out My Orignal Music at

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Hire me, I will work on it for you!

Joined: Sep 18 2008

Just release anything!!!! We will buy whatever you put out there!!!!! More of winterland 74, or how about veneta 72, or any europe 72 you have (you can tie it in with the big box set music release), or make it easy on yourselves, put So Far on dvd, or how about any of the shows from the 90's you have on video in the vault that were up on the big screens? Brent's last show? Any of the new years eve shows that were broadcast on pay-per-view cable tv (which seems to be most of the 80's? Halloween 1980? Summer Solstice 89? The final show? Anything!!! To save on money for yourselves, how about just releasing it on this website as a purchase for download, kind of like iTunes or your digital download series. Then you don't have to cover the cost of dvd booklets and cases. Or at least put some up for us to stream from the site to see!

Joined: Sep 18 2008

How about woodstock??!! may not have been the best performance, but it would probably be a huge hit on dvd, and not a lot of video from the 60's circulates at all.

Joined: Mar 23 2011
DVD Requests

I have longed for a Blu-Ray or DVD version of "So Far." In my experience it's the only film made that captures the time distortion and texture of an actual psychedelic experience -- and does so convincingly even for unimpaired minds. Now that's a good trick and it deserves archival preservation for future generations. Besides that, the footage is beautiful, imaginative, and trippy and the music can't be beat. I think this masterpiece deserves a major revival since it could easily be the highest quality project with which the Dead have ever been associated.


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thank you

I think you said that...

Veneta '72 gets a lot of requests, shall we say. It is also in wide circulation.


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