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For the historical aspects.

My vote would have to be July 7, 1989.... JFK Stadium..... Philadlephia Pa.

The reasons for this pick are many. First and foremost, this tour was simply put, one of thier best. Another one would have to be the Scarlet>Fire and Blow away are arguably the best career versions of these songs... This is debated on many boards, and I would tend to agree with those that say so. Listen to the streams at ARCHIVE if you never heard them. The number of people who showed up at this show is another reason it should be released. Municipal Stadium aka JFK Stadium was built to seat over 100,000 for a football game. On this date I heard that there was over 90,000 people in attendance and another 15,000 who , for whatever reason; didn't come in.... which surprises me since tickets were still being sold at the door when the first notes started playing. If these numbers are true, then this show might be the Band's most attended single act show in history... If someone knows of a bigger show please let me know.... Englishtown NJ might be the only other example.

A Grateful Dead concert was also the last event ever to be held here. This is the show that almost wasn't. City officails were playing around with cancelling this show on the day of performance. Could you imagine what would have happened with 100,000+ deadheads being told there is no show at the last minute. Luckily the city father's took this into consideration and allowed the show to go on. For those who don't know, JFK was literally falling down. As the band played that night, a fine mist of cement was falling from the cement steps down onto the concourse below. Although the Rolling Stones would do some sound checks there later in the week, the venue was officially closed before thier show. Sadly this left Philly with nowhere for the Band to play summer tour anymore (The Grateful Dead refused to play The Vet... for obvious reasons).... Just imagine if JFK could have lasted just one more year for the epic 90 summer tour.

As someone who attended both JFK shows, the other in 87.... A DVD of this show would be appreciated because if you were unlucky enough to sit on the risers, you really didn't get a good sound. I have heard the field was alot better. After listening to the soundboard of this show I think I believe those who say that.

While so many of the summer tour 89-90 shows have already been released, I'm sure there are those who say "enough from this era".... And I might agree.... But this is a show that should have been released early on.... If only for the good playing and the historical aspects.

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How about that wonderful NASSAU March 29 1990

With Marsallis sitting in with the boys.
My oh my, that would sell like hotcakes and
be so wonderful to be able to watch and listen.
Pretty please, Rhino?

The Truth is realized in an instant, the act is practiced step by step.

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Summer '89

I'd vote for DVD releases of any show from the summer of '89. 7/7 is probably at the top of the list.

Downhill From Here is a great release, but the performances the next two nights are just as good. How about a release of the whole Alpine run -- leave all the shows intact and that could be the "excuse" for re-releasing 7/17 as part of a 3-show box.

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Sunshine Daydream - Veneta Oregon DVD?

I would love to see this released. It was professionally recorded, but seems to have vanished...

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GD on Blu Ray?

Any chance we'll get some dead shows on Blu Ray disc sometime soon? I would LOVE to see the Winterland video on Blu Ray! And the advanced audio capabilities of the new format would sound amazing! Please?!

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Joined: Feb 25 2009
Continuing the View from the Vault Series / MORE CONCERT VIDEO

What happened ? They were coming out consistently and then stopped. Were rumors of a release of some footage with Pigpen and although Festival Express was awesome, I was looking more further into a sole Grateful Dead concert release. I also have the collection of all the others as Downhill, Truckin, Dawg, Winterland, etc.. Also releases of crowd compilations as End of the Road and Tie Dyed. I've read other peoples comments concerning all the footage on the back screens of shows that included lot scenes and indoor video circulating amongst the crowd during the show I would imagine there could be some great compilations made realistic. Where are they ? I was at the Terrapin Family Reunion at Alpine Valley and was awed by the display of collections from and of the Vault. All that tape and film dilated my pupils, we are all patiently awaiting... I'm sure all these people that make these sorts happen are all very busy, I would just like to take an opportunity to thank them for all their doings on some very special releases past, present and about to come and let them know that we for sure are looking forward to some more. Keep up the good work keep it coming ! Would especially like to see something in a more High Definition source of audio/ video format (7.1 & 1080p) such as on Blue Ray Disc. Well Hey Now enough rambling, God Bless... One Love ! Looking forward :) peace.

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Well...since you asked..
8/19/89-Greek Theatre, along with 7/15,16/88
3/27/88 Hampton
9/4,5/91 Richfield, OH
Any Winterland '77 stuff as well as any Red Rocks shows, preferably '78
Seattle, 5/26/95
3/16/73 Nassau would be great too.
Just a few to name.

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how about some blu ray

It would be nice to see some dvds in blu ray format.Any shows that are released are always grateful but sure would be cool to see a Buckeye Lake one.That was always a fav venue in the 90's.

lamagonzo (not verified)
"New" Songs Never Released

I'd really like this in DVD or CD or download. Every song by members of the Dead & their longtime lyricists that were never released in a studio album. I'd love the most kick-ass live versions when the boys were hittin' on all cylinders!!!
Days Between
Lazy River Road
Lone Way To Go Home
Eternity (thogh not by the Dead)
Broken Arrow
Easy Answers
Childhood's End
So Many Roads
Rollin' & Tumblin'
Samba In The Rain
Unbroken Chain (even though previously released, never played live before 95)
Last Time (by the Stones but a good encore if the Rights aren't to hard to come by)
Did I miss any? If so, I'd like them too.

This would round out every Head's collection of Dead music. As it is, these tunes remain the only piece of the puzzle than needs to be filled in with iffy quality audience tapes and who knows how many generation soundboards.

I'm sure a lot of Heads would appreciate this release.

Joined: Jul 26 2007
8-27-72 - Pleeze?

I have a CD & it sounds like everyone was in the best of spirits. The musical performances were great, the Dark Star, plus others are fantastic.

Let's go, this would certainly be a best-seller, good profits for any & all. OK?


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