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I second that - something from '67

It's the only year (apart from some of the '80s and '90s) that isn't represented in any live release (apart from the odd song here and there). I know the sound quality might not be great, but surely a 2 disc compilation of key tracks from throughout the year would be feasible. It's a pretty crucial year to have so underrepresented. How did they develop from the garage-blues band of Birth of the Dead to the psychedelic sojourners of Two from the Vault?

Also, there doesn't seem to have been much (or anything?) from '70 released since DP8. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm just going off the top of my head.

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The Black Hole Of '67....

Hey All-

Glad to see the last couple Dick's Pick's are back to purchase in CD format! I have all of the GD releases, so I was happy to know my collection was complete ... Or was it? I realized that I'm still missing "Rare Cuts & Oddities." Why can't we buy this anymore? The GD store is out of stock, I can't find it used online anywhere ... I couldn't even find one on ... ebay. (shudder) Please, PLEASE, can anyone hook me up out there???

Oh, and the main reason for this post was to request more from 1967, please! I haven't seen much from this year yet, and I'm interested to hear what was happening between "Stealin'" and "The Other One." Thanks much!

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princeton 4/17/71 also the original mix of aoxomoxoa and some of the outtakes from those sessions

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Oh, I forgot the Copenhagen DVD

Oh, and how about a DVD of the show in Copenhagen on the Europe 72 tour? I've read the entire concert exists in the vaults, but the band would have to work out a deal with the Danish TV people who shot the show for it to be released.

And one more thing, which again I'm sure is unlikely: the second set from Sept 11, 1974, Alexandra Palace, London. I know that three night run was covered in one of the Dick's Picks releases, but nothing from this amazing set has ever seen the light of day. It'd be nice if they could include the Phil And Ned portion of the show (which reminds me, how come so little has been released of Phil And Ned?! Is there some kind of rift between him and the band, or the recordings that exist not good enough quality to release?).

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There was one show I had on

There was one show I had on cassette, which I unfortunately lost a couple years back. I'm not positive of the exact date, but I know it was from spring 73 (May, I think). The setlist was Weather Report Suite prelude->Dark Star->Eyes Of The World->Playin In The Band. I know this is really vague, but I'd sure like to have that on an official release.

Beyond that, I would want to see more stuff from summer 67-69. Anything that's got the side one songs from Anthem Of The Sun would be welcomed by me.

Also, I'd really love if someday the original mix of Aoxomoxoa and the remix of Anthem Of The Sun (the one I know from my 80's era copy of the album) could be released. I know that's unlikely to ever happen, but it would be cool if they could at least some day be offered as downloads or something.

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the Foxboro show in 90 would make a fantasic release

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Two shows I would really love to have in lossless soundboard




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Brents last gig,,,

I would love to have a DVD or CD of Brent Mydland's last show with the GD!!!
I dont know where or when it was but would surely buy at least 1 copy.

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borncrosseyed56 / lperyer

Hey Bro chek out the vineyard , you will find a very nice recording of the 8-27-72 show and you will find many more very good shows there .. Take care folks ,, Have a Grate weekend everyone !! Stu ....


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