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Joined: Jul 6 2007

Best acoustic set ever, hands down plus a face melting electric set.
I don't know if there is a copy of this in the vault however. I heard that a better version than what commonly circulates was played on Sirus. Does anyone know if this is true?

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
space? cool mountain aire!

For all those lucky ones that were there, if you looked up to the skies during drums, you may have seen a whirling bird hovering deep into space up there. Guess who was looking down at their own show! They were and still are always an extension of their audience. pk

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Joined: May 12 2008
The Last Show

The last GD show at Soldier Field for pete's sake or something from the summer of 95'

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Joined: Jun 7 2007
Cal Expo. The Rain show,

Cal Expo. The Rain show, raining in Sacramento in the summer - never happen's unless there is magic in the air and song's to accompany the crazy finger's. Also Mountain Aire, the show that went into space literally during drum's . How much more magic and syncronicity could you hope for? I guess what I mean is it is a dead staple. Pure magic from the skies, just exactly perfect!

Joined: Nov 21 2007

just my opinion also . Rhino can and will do whatever thay want to do . they own the coptrights ,, so ,,..

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1/22/78 is a great show and worthy of release. I believe that the first half of the second set only exists in AUD format, so that may prevent it from being officially released.

I agree with Cosmicbadger's point that for shows that were officially released Rhino should releasing for download the portion that was left on the cutting room floor so that we can get the entire show.

I don't share Stuman's problem with Rhino preventing the streaming of shows officially released. They have to make money. We all clamor for more official releases. We can't have it both ways, beg for shows AND when the show is released expect that we can still stream it.

Just my opinions.

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Joined: Jun 13 2007
Missing bits

one idea that I have been promoting from time to time (and in an unanswered message to David Lemieux last year) is for the 'missing bits' from released shows to be released as lossless downloads from this site,

- these bits have no real commercial value alone. They are unlikely ever to be a part of another official release if they were left off one already
- In the case of the some of the DPs it is only a few tracks
- releasing them could actually encourage people to buy the official release that includes the rest of the show
-and it would be a really cool thing to do and make a lot of people using this site very happy (and make up for the long gone but not entirely forgotten tapers section debacle)

how about it?

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Joined: Dec 22 2007
Re policy

As stuman noted, there are many show SBDs no longer streamable from Archive due to "commercial release." Okay, fair enough, when in fact the entire show HAS been "commercially released." What troubles me, though, is when entire shows get disabled when in reality only certain tracks from that show have been "commercially released." A good case in point is the Fillmore East run in April 71. Four CDs of this five show run were released entitled Ladies and Gentlemen, The Grateful Dead. This is a release that I am happy to have, didn't think twice about paying for, and consider it well worth owning a copy of. However, most of the material from these shows is NOT on those CDs. Still, none of the SBDs from these shows are streamable.

Since Archive only offers SBDs via MP3 stream, and streams tracks instead of shows, can't the suppression (repression?) of "commercially released" material be limited to only those tracks which actually ARE "commercially released?" I would gladly suffer a little "setlist interruptus" if it meant that we could actually listen to the rest of the performances.

As I understand it, Archive's accessibility policy is driven by artist (or more correctly, IP owner's) dictate. So how about it, boys? Free the "unreleased" material!

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

Joined: Nov 21 2007
1-22-78 can be streamed

this show is available for streaming from the archive site.
not to offend anyone , but if we keep posting what releases we want to se,
then Rhino will eventually completley take it away , that means no streams at all ....

i don`t think anyone would like that ..
just like the 73 winterland run .. can`t stream that one at all....

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Dicks picks is done

After the start of Road Trips Rhino officially announced that Dick's picks as a series is over... so don't be waiting for that #37 to come out any time soon. But if they can revive from the Vault series 18 years later we may not see the end of Dick's picks after all. My vote for a release single show would be 1-22-78. AWESOME. And Dick has commented on how much he loved that show. Don';t want to wait 18 years though. I might be dead.

"Music is the best" - FZ


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