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80 and 81 i always considered strong years,

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Dec 1971

Love the whole Oct-Dec 71 tour. Would particularly like to see one of the shows from December, where both Keith is nice and prominent in the mix (his piano playing on this tour was awesome), and Pigpen is back with the band as well. Particularly 12/04, 12/05 or 12/15.

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'68 through '69

maybe on the whole the sound quality isn't as fine as on many of the early 70s tapes, but the music...oooooh, the music of those days! transcendence. here's hoping for some of the early greats on future remasters. 10/12/68 at the avalon ballroom maybe?

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Individual shows

4/1/91 with the Playing from 3/31/91 as filler seeing how the Samson>Eyes is on the 9/25/91 Dick's Picks.

7/2/88 because 7/3/88 is in the box.

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The Last Ones

How about 'The Last Ones', Winterland October 1974 box set? All shows, complete, CD and DVD/BluRay.
Also, time to release 6-14-76 and 6-29-76 on HDCD.

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Hope Dave's Picks Will Remember the 80's and 90's Happened

Dave's Picks has been an almost exclusively 1970's series (albeit with a toe dips into 1969 and 1980).

Hope this is not heresy but I have kind of had enough. '72 and '77 WERE REALLY GOOD. Check! Got it.

The Spring of 1990 was definitely not the only great latter day period. I hope to see some of the great 80's and 90's stuff next year.


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5-19-1974 Portland Memorial Coliseum, Portland, OR

Portland is my favorite city, and has been home for 10 years now. I am very interested in The Dead's history of playing here. I bought the digital download of a show which I think was in '68 or '69 in Portland, but would like to know of more shows here and listen to them. This show also looks like it had a good setlist. No idea how the playing was that night, however. If it's good quality, would make for an excellent Dave's Picks.

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81 Scar/Fire

Want to hear another great Scar/Fire from 81?

MSG 3/10/81

I hope for a 3/9 & 3/10/81 2-show release as this was one HOT visit to NYC !

The energy from the stage had clearly spread to the floor...


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7-13-81 Denver

Every time I listen, I realize I forgot how GREAT a show this was!!! The scarlet/fire was yeah!!!!

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Daves picks DEERCREEK

Would love a DEERCREEK release. Only missed one run in nine years. Please.


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