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Joined: Jun 4 2007
5/21/82 Greek

...and marye can write the liner notes. I would LOVE to see that one!! It's time!

Joined: Feb 26 2014
Red Rocks Box

I'll put in a plug for the July '78 shows, as well as the Aug. 12, '79 Red Rocks and Aug 13, '79 at McNichols. Might as well mine the 'early' years at Red Rocks first, before dipping into the 1980s. The July 1981 shows at McNichols might worthy of exploring, too, but I'm "Dead sure" of the '78 and '79 shows.

Thanks for listening to our requests.

Joined: Jan 13 2009
Shows, I need a few...

I'm not sure if any of the following are unavailable (even as DLs on the Archive) because they've been released already or if plans are being made to release them, officially, or what. (I'm aware I can stream them.)

3/13/71 - Michigan St. Univ. (in the Vault, I think)
3/14/82 - Cal-Davis
5/6/89 - Frost
6/1/91 - LA Coliseum
3/17/94 - Rosemont
6/14/94 - Memorial Stadium in Seattle
2/20/95 - Delta Center, SLC

Then there are those for which there is a circulating copy (reportedly), but they're not on Archive in any format:

7/9/70 - Fillmore East (supposed to be on a 7/11/70 AUD master)
6/27/70 - Toronto
5/21/68 - Carousel (aka Tuesday Night Jam)
5/3/68 - Columbia U (supposedly in the film Columbia Revolt)
12/31/66 - Fillmore Aud
10/31/66 - California Hall (Dance of Death Costume Ball - SBD is supposedly not Dead)
9/11/66 - Fillmore Aud (some tapes that are labeled 9/11 are actually 9/16 or 8/7)
3/19/66 - Carthay Studios, LA (confused with 3/12 often in tapes/setlists)
1/7/66 - Matrix (show may not have occurred)

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I just had the opportunity to listen to the entire Feb. 74 Winterland run. As someone mentioned in one of the more frequented threads, the magic tends to happen on Sunday. The mixes are rather spotty on the 2/22 and 2/23 shows. Jerry is way too low in the mix and Keith is out way front, which is not necessarily a terrible thing as Keith is on top of his game here. That said, I would not be terribly disappointed to see simply a solo release of 2/24 (with highlights from 2/22 and 2/23 of course) and not box set treatment. This opinion is subject to change. (weasel words, I know)

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10/29/77 and 10/27/79

A simple permutation will get you another show I'd love to see (and think will eventually be) released. Suspiciously, neither of these shows were tapped for RT 1.1 or RT 1.2 keeping them whole and thus candidates for full show releases. Of course the caveats, if they are both in the vault and don't have glaring technical issues. I was weaned on 10/27/79, it was one of the first tapes I had. I listened to the first set yesterday and the first half of the second set today.

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Anyone know why the 2/20/95 at the Delta Center in SLC is available streaming only? There really isn't an AUD of this floating around? Seems like there might be more to the story... (It's the only show from 95 I don't have yet, so even if it stinks on ice I'd like it!)

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Joined: Oct 23 2011

Good call, indeed, jch (and WTJ)! Over the last few years, on at least 2 occasions, I've cleared my ipod and started from scratch - almost; two shows have endured: 2/26 and 5/14/78. That isn't to say that they are my favorites, but they certainly make my top X list each and every time, and for some reason I find each indispensable!

Plus, there are magnificent (downloadable) SBDs for both shows (hint: mediafire). WTJ, in a concurrent window I've just located a zipped SBD for 10/29, as well as 10/30...which, along with the soon to be rereleased Englishtown (epic), DiP 10 (legendary), the 5 hidden trax from 10/11/77 on DiP 29 (discs 2 & 5), DiP 34, and RT 1.2, make for a respectable Fall/Winter '77 catalogue, thanks!/kate

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10-29-77 Evans Field House, Dekalb, Il

I don't know why or how this show has been overlooked for so long. Check out the use of slide by Jerry on Black Peter! An absolute smoker from beginning (Might as Well) to end. (One More Saturday Night)

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Want a soundboard copy of...


heard it on Sirius the date of the show this year, and it is a totally wild and great set. The audience tapes do not capture it.

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1967, 1968, 1969, 1970 -- More, more, more, more

If you go back and look at the total amount of material released for each of their years/eras when they had a distinct sound, there is a real lack of early material. 1969 has gotten some attention, but I will let you in on a secret: You are not going to saturate the market for 1969 shows -- There just aren't enough shows from that magic time.

1970 is woefully underrepresented. What do we have -- Digital Downloads from 1/18/70 and 2/4/70, Dave's Picks 6, Dick's Picks 4, 8, the Family Dog from 4/18, the Road Trips of 5/15/70. For some years that might be a lot, but for 1970, it isn't nearly enough. I know there are missing tapes from 1970, but surely, surely, surely their are more good quality tapes in the vault from 1970. There is some stuff from late 1970 that is just outstanding-- the September Fillmore shows for example. But, not a single offical release from the second half of 1970 (I surely hope the missing tapes get returned too-- what a horrible thing for someone to have taken them).

Also, I just listened to one of the shows from the Shrine in November 1967. The quality was plenty good enough for an official release and the playing was too cool -- they were totally starting to stretch out and jam, doing transitions and teases right and left. I'd sure like to hear more stuff from late 1967 too. All too little 67 available.

And one other thing, even if copies of a show are circulating that doesn't mean you shouldn't release it. I will always buy all the official releases, regardless of whether or not I already have a copy of the show. I bought all the Dick's Picks, 14 of 17 Road Trips, all the Dave's Picks, all the Europe 72 shows, Winterland 73 and 77 box sets, May 77 box set (I really, really, really like those box sets), all the "From the Vault, plus a chunk of the Download series (and now that I understand computers a little better I will get them all-- I was clueless when those were originally released).

Anyway, please do whole shows, glitches, cuts, and all. I always want everything from a show, even if it is flawed. You can't imagine how many hours I spent listening to very marginal tapes. You won't offend me by selling stuff that is flawed: What I hate is not getting everything available. Let's do it one show at a time and make it all available.

Good example 2/11/70. I've had a copy of that tape since 1984. It cuts off right at the end of lovelight. So what? If that is what it is, that is what it is. But that certainly deserves to be released. There could be people out there that haven't heard it. And I know that despite having listened to it on a good quality tape and a good quality digital version hundreds of times, I would still buy an official release-- I want the best quality possible, which I assume the official release would have.


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