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Need a ride to the show? Got room for one more in the old bus?


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Joined: Apr 13 2015
Atlanta Dead & Co

Anyone going to be in Atlanta June 13 for the show, looking to see where everyone is staying at or kind hotel ideas?

Joined: May 29 2017
Need ride from Chicago

Hey y'all, my buddy and I have been trying to get a ride to Cali from Chicago for the past couple days but they have all fallen through. I have gas $ and a heart full of gratitude
Anyone going west?

I love you guys!

Joined: May 18 2017
Ride needed [NOT GOOD AT TECHNOLOGY ] from Cali to Chicago

Have $$ for gas, lookin for a 1 way ride for the Wrigley shows [ I have tickets already ]

Joined: Mar 27 2009
Looking for a ride from LAX May 30th

I'm looking for a ride from LAX up to Hollywood on May 30th. My Southwest flight #623 arrives at LAX at 11:20 am.

I have a room at The Hotel Hollywood; 6364 Yucca Street; Hollywood; Los Angeles but a drop off anywhere in the vicinity works.



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Ride needed, Sacramento> Vegas, 5/27/17

Hey, all
Lacking bette options, I`ll need to hitch to vegas From Sacramento, leaving 5/25. I`ll be around the 49er Travl plaza off I-5, some gas money in hand.


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Joined: Mar 26 2017
San Francisco to Boulder

I'm flying into San Fran a few days before the Boulder shows (9th and 10th June 17) and seeing if any kind deadheads having space for a GD tourist. My first shows!

Joined: Sep 13 2016
Phil @ Coney Island

My wife and I are looking for a ride to Manhattan upper east side after Wednesday show

Joined: Jul 29 2016
Los Angeles to Wheatland

Anyone driving from Los Angeles to Wheatland today? I'd love to go to the show but don't want to go alone. Looking to join some fellow heads! Would pitch in on gas, etc

Joined: Jul 28 2016
Ride from Humboldt County to Shoreline

Hi! I have a ticket to the show on the 30th and all I need is a ride to the concert, I can pitch in on gas $ and would just love a ride. Just shoot me an email if a ride might be a possibility, Thank you!


Joined: Jul 24 2016
West LA to Irvine

Hey fellow heads. I was lucky enough to be sent to LA for work this week (from the east coast). Wanted to see if anyone that is headed down to Irvine from the West LA area (Westwood or nearby) had room for one more. Can contribute gas money or even split a rental.

Have a great Show!


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