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Joined: Mar 27 2009
EMERGENCY - Tour Head Stranded In Philly Needs Ride To Chicago

Hey Now --

My name is DJ Chris and I have been on Tour since Greensboro, NC and I am STRANDED in Philly with no way to get to Chicago. I am at the Amtrak Station. If you can not help with a ride then please consider a donation to help me get a train ticket and catch up with the Tour. Just use the link below to donate anything your heart tells you. You can use any bank card. PLEASE help I do not want to live in Philadelphia !


Terrapin Bound Webcast

Unbroken Chain Internet Radio

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Joined: Dec 8 2008
Looking for riders to Cali from Florida or will pick up on way.

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Joined: Aug 13 2007
Gorge to Upstate NY 2 daze after show

I am driving to the Woodstock area on the 18th of May from Seattle..I have room for one passenger...but no baggage per say..Im moving and there will be room for a few things..Trip will take me across I-90...semi-leisurely trip...tobacco friendly...hoping to share some fuel costs not 50/50..but Im just looking to do a good deed...message me here..I check it daily!!

See you at the Gorge

Joined: May 2 2009
Anyone in SoCal have room for one more to the Forum?

Hi All! I'm looking for a ride to and from the Forum show - I live in Rialto but could meet you anywhere around the IE and I'll pay for gas! Melanie

Joined: Apr 28 2009
I need a lift on May 14th Por Favor

Heelllllooo out there. I am in Vacaville and I was hoping to find someone driving through from Sacramento or there-abouts that I could catch a ride to and from the show on May 14th. I'd be happy to throw you a few bucks for gas even. Thanks! Neil

Joined: Feb 17 2009
Need a ride to Shoreline

I have 2 lawn tickets for Shoreline on May 14th. I am willing to give a free ticket to whomever would be willing to give me a ride. I live in Monterey County. I will also need a ride back. I have a motel room reserved at Motel 6. It is 67.00, tax included. All I ask is that you pay half.

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Joined: Jun 7 2007

Got tickets for Chicago, Denver and Shoreline... then my car broke down! I can take the train to Chicago, but I'd rather road-trip it the rest of the way in classic tour fashion. Chicago -> Denver, Denver -> Shoreline. If anyone has room for a rider with minimal baggage (both literally and figuratively) I'd appreciate it! I can share in the gas $$ and the driving.

Joined: Apr 28 2009

Me and darlingdearfriend are looking for a ride to the Shoreline show from San Francisco. Will help with gas and such. Much love. <3

Joined: Apr 25 2009
Portland to Gorge

2 of us need ride from Portland to Gorge on the 16th and back to Portland after the show.

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Joined: Apr 13 2009
Last minute ride

Contemplating heading out for shoreline show - anyone driving out from wi/il with room please let me know.
the arterps


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