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Joined: Jan 17 2009
Bonnaroo volunteers needed

We need volunteers for Bonnaroo catering and concessions. Please email to get our info packet. Have a grateful day.

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Joined: Jan 16 2009
I need a miracle!

Anyone going to see The Dead that's passing through eastern Ohio or Pittsburgh? I NEED to go, don't have a ride and don't want to get my ticket before I know which one I can get to, and even if I don't get a ticket, still wanna go and hopefully find that miracle! I don't have a license but will definately pitch on gas n what-not. Please hit me up- much love family!


Joined: Jun 25 2007
Charleston to Greensboro 4/12

I'm a wharf-rat near Charleston, SC and think we could save by carpooling to Gbo. Anybody live here-abouts?

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Joined: Jan 1 2009
Looking For gas Riders Tour Bus On Tour since 78!

Ok folks got room for folks first come first seats for more info see contact info below:

It’s a well kept public secret that without the Light there is No dark, without No dark there is No Light, one-1Love relying on the other, and without either nether existing!

Remember if you are not Loving your Brothers & Sisters of the world then your not living life to its fullest!

Life’s Over Venturing Enlightenment - LOVE!
Luv’ins & Hug’ins
Rev. Of Love Martin-Paul: Cheney
Up Sate NY Rainbow Family – Lacona Tribe -
465 west 2nd Street
Fulton NY, 13069
LiveLifeLine: 315-297-6431
E-mails: Business:
Yahoo group:

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Joined: Dec 27 2008
ride to new years from los angeles = )

hi jason again can reach at 310 472 6401 and thanx

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Joined: Dec 27 2008

Hi, im looking for a ride up to new years show (and back?) from west los angeles. please call jason at 310 694 2945 thanx

= )

Joined: Dec 26 2008

I'm thumbing my way that way starting tomorrow from Alabama, likely taking I 40. If you see me pick me up!! :)

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Joined: Dec 8 2008
Anyone want to share ride to New Years show from Florida?

I have a 2006 Chrysler 300C, Hemi engine, fun to drive, navigation, the works. I just don't have gas $ to San Francisco. Flying is expensive. Thought I'd throw this ride share idea out to anyone who's interested. I live in SouthWest Florida, down in Naples. Loved to hear from someone wanting to go to the New Year's show in San Fran.

Email Chloe at

Joined: Oct 15 2008
Southern California Festival Express for NYE

Anyone making the trip from LA to SF for the NYE shows? The shows will be rocking, and I want to make the trip with some rocking Heads. At this point all options are on the table: hitchhike, drive, fly, rail, teleport. Down for an adventure. Let me know: The wheels turning and you can't slow down.

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Joined: May 26 2007
we are in search of accurate info... we speak.


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