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Joined: Sep 11 2007
Trucking from Michigan

Hey now sisterearth, I will be heading to the shows from Michigan also, from Ann Arbor, and am also looking into camping. So far all the sites I've found are at least an hour from Chicago. The best one being Illinois Beach State Park, from what I can tell. However I am going to continue to look into it. I have some friends down there so I can ask around.

Feel free to email me and perhaps we can share notes on finding or creating a kind camping scene for the family. Peace be with you, and Jah Love. - Daydream

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Joined: Feb 17 2015
Housing accomodations

Greetings all:

After 5 weeks of intense anticipation I was unfortunate to have recieved the dreaded pinky. However, I do live in the Chicago area and I am next to public transportation to and from the city. I am offering any family oriented person/group housing accomodations in exchange for a single golden ticket. I can accomodate up to 4.

Please consider this invitation when making your plans to visit our great city. Please PM me

Respectfully yours,

Joined: Feb 25 2015
Has anyone gotten their mail

Has anyone gotten their mail order tix yet for the 50th ann reunion show?

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Joined: Jan 18 2015
Ride to Chicago

Anyone going and want to share a ride, got a ride or need a ride from here to there? Post here.

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Joined: Nov 26 2007

Anybelly camping for the July 3,4,&5th, if so where? I am going to be trucking from Northern Michigan...wondering if there will be a space to camp

Joined: May 30 2012


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Joined: Jan 10 2009
Going where the weather suits my clothes

Hi,,,, I have a feeling I won't be hanging around for the cold weather here in PA this year......Anyone interested in sharing a ride and expenses cross the country?? PM me

Joined: Jul 11 2012
ride to vibes

i need a ride for me and my girlfriend from boston to vibes thursday and back sunday evening

we will throw down for gas, are pretty flexible with schedules, and only will have two backpacks and a small two person tent for luggage

my email is and my phone # is 6786418061

someone hook it up with a miracle please!!!

Joined: Jun 26 2012

Hello all! i am new to this particular ride sharing board. My name is Wavey Davey and i am desperately seeking a ride from the San Francisco area (anywhere in the general region) to Morrison Colorado (or surrounding areas i.e. denver...) for the run of String Cheese Incident shows beginning July 5th.
I ALWAYS travel light (guitar, change of clothes) am rather cleanly and WILL PAY for Gasoline. I am well versed in the "rules of the road" and were i not so pressed for time could just plain hitch.
If anyone has seen SPONGECAKE AND THE FLUFF RAMBLERS on the Furthur Lots and at after parties than you may know how important it is for me to get there and be with my band. We will provide juicy jams ALL DAY on lot until the shows. :)
Please anyone who might be able to help call:
(609) 462 - 0133. you can catch me on here. search Wavey Davey or e - mail

Thanks good folks. Peace, Love and FLUFF!!!

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Joined: Dec 11 2010
Please Help Me

I am looking for the lost and found! I am looking for Tom and Boleta and the last time i saw them was in santa cruz, california. they were on the Balloon Crew New Year Shows, if you know them and where they are, give my email to them please, and hopefully my bus is back up and running soon Too, If you want to help change it over to electric for the ride into Goodness email that, and know that everything i do, is because i Love You..everything within and around you, completely. Thank You


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