Grateful Dead

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They nee to make a movie on pigpen it would to justice

the Pigpen boxset could come with a heavy duty durable iron on of his image for your t~shirt :}

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Pigpen's greatest hits

I think they should release a Pigpen anthology. Similar to what they did for Duane Allman with the "Skydog retrospective box set".

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Pigpen Photos and film footage

Does anyone out there have any leads on where I can garner any kind of photos or film footage of Pigpen? Basically, I need stuff that doesn't have huge "usage fees" because I'd like to do a documentary on Pigpen and I can't afford to pay a lot for this stuff. Most of the footage, for instance, on You Tube is from "Festival Express," a film with a major distributor. I am also looking for older stuff from the mid-late sixties, any thoughts anyone?

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I always thought that Ron

I always thought that Ron got the nickname because the man could take 2 suitcases into a hotel room and within an hour or two would have it lookig like he had lived there for months!! A path to the door, a path to the bed & a path to the bathroom! He explained it by saying "Just trying to get ORGANIZED" Guess I spent too much time with him! heh heh Certainly left his mark on me & I'm STILL trying to get organized!! Good thing I can create art in mass chaos or I would NEVER get anything done!!
I was just a little kid, but remember that showering was not a priority of his!! He and Jerry were very different that way.... I think Schultz' Pigpen and Ron just had a lot in common! I LOVE AND MISS YOU RON!! Wish we could have cereal together again!! I am old enough to have beer on it now!! Still don't think it would be good! I am so glad that I got to spend so much time with you!!
See you on the other side soon! Hopefully not too soon!!
Peace and LUV, Tofu and Carrots!! ;p

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brother Pigpen

Happy Birthday PIG !As the saying goes only the good die young. Ron you will be forever loved and deeply missed. thank you for all you gave us in your far to short time on earth. you live on in my heart and soul.

nothing left to do but smile smile smile !

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pigpen era

Pigpen era was great. Lovelight was the song that got me on board.Chinatown shuffle is one of my all time fave songs.
I would love to hear the "pigpen solo" album if anyone has it.
He sure didnt get long to live - but he made one hell of a impact

God bless him...

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I saw "Pigpen" when the boys

I saw "Pigpen" when the boys played the Filmore back in `70 he rocked the place with a real version of "Good Morning Little Schoolgirl" and "turn on your Lovelight" i remember it because it was the first time I ever did shrooms.Happy Birthday Ron

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............Pigpen, for many a fine time. Many a fine, heady time.

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Bon anniversaire

you're still the MAN!


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