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Trivia questions, who wrote that song, when was the last time the Dead played Deer Creek, etc.


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I don't know whether it will have shipped by then. It would be best to contact Customer Service and explain the situation to them. Send me a PM if you need help doing this.

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Where can I buy "Europe '72: the complete recordings"??

Hello,everyone! I'm from Spain, but I'm travelling to Florida in two weeks. Does anyone know where can I buy "Europe'72:the complete recordings" there?
Thank you for your help.


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Missing PHISH shows Taped


I know this may have been addressed before, but I'm going to try it. For those of us out there who are Phish fans too, Kevin Hoy REALLY needs help to complete the Phish "Spreadsheet". It's a phenomenal site and the goal is to get all the shows. I'm hoping some vet. tapers out there may have some that he needs. The site can be found here:
And please e-mail him if you have a show he's missing. No matter what the quality, or if it's a partial, or anything. I'll help to convert it for the spreadsheet any way I can. He really needs more eyes out there lookingh for the missing shows. Please help us all, because he's doing this for all of us. I'd also like to know if someone has a similar site for the Dead as well, so I can find those shows that I am missing (which is WAY too many). Thank You.


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Date of A Pig Pen Good Lovin'

Okay folks, this has been turning around in my brain since, well, since St. Patrick's Day. Was listening to XM Dead Channel and Pig Pen singing Good Lovin' came on. Now this version had a unique rap. It had all the elements of horseback riding, but the rap of the bakery and the cherry pie was unique. I have been searching all the shows from 70-72 for this version and have yet to find it. Any ideas out there folks? Yup, tried writing the dead channel several times with complete time and date, but now answer--so after four tries there, I thought I would sign up and see if the good folks here had any idea.

btw, greetings and thanks in advance.



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Bob Weir

Check that link out for information on "the firing" of Bob and Pigpen. The Dick Latvala article is really good too.

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yeah, the band was thinking

yeah, the band was thinking of getting rid of Bob because they felt his guitar playing wasn't keeping up with the band innovating itself. The band was trying to become more progressive in its musical style and felt that Bob, because of his young age, wasn't picking it up. That's just what I've read in several GD books I picked up over the years... is it the real reason? we'll never know haha

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Bob Weir

not trying to knock the man, but I believe I once read that we was kicked out of the band in the early years due to poor playing ability. I've tried to search online to read more about this, but all I get is what a great rythm guitar player he is. I do believe he's good, but I'm trying to find out more about how he was in the early years. I am I way off base, or did he have a shaky start in the early years of the band? Thanks for any information anyone can supply.

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do you know this artist?

better yet, are you this artist?

This envelope is one of thousands in the Grateful Dead Archive, and has defied the most diligent efforts to find and acknowledge the artist. If you have any light to shed on this it would make a lot of people very happy!

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Can you please help ID this solo?

Backstory: August 9 1995 was not a happy morning. I got the news and I reached for some cassettes. Most of my 500+ cassettes were unlabeled (but good!) and I happened to make a mix tape out of a couple I grabbed. This show was on one tape. I looked through Deadbase over the years but haven't ever definitely located this show -- so I edited the ****SUBLIME*** solo and posted it here:

The solo is in the Fire part of Scarlet/Fire and it's followed by Estimated. I cannot tell you how many times I have listened to this tape over the years. Hundreds. Thousands. I remember when my son was little and riding in my VW in his car seat and he starting singing "Fire, fire mountain"... I realized I'd played the tape a LOT.

Anyway. Please let me know if you recognize this solo. To me, this is an absolutely unreal solo. I'm @ THANKS A LOT!!!!!!

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Thanks so much, marye. I

Thanks so much, marye. I really appreciate it.


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