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Trivia questions, who wrote that song, when was the last time the Dead played Deer Creek, etc.


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check out 4/16/72

about 6:30 or so I believe Pig goes into sweet Cherry Pie...., sweet Jelly Pie....
and then his bitch dog in heat..... shifting gears & good transmission...

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Mexicali Blues

Hey was wondering if anybody knew of any versions of Mexicali Blues longer than the 3-4 minutes the song usually runs...I swear I heard a 10-15 minute version on the radio about 4 years past and am dying to find it again...although I'm not actually sure if it exists :-/


lamagonzo (not verified)
Robi! Hey Hey Monterrey!

Go to, click on Furthur Announces West Coast Tour, click on Monterrey Fair Grounds, click on Directions. Just a reminder, The Dead toured in 03 & 09. This band contains Weir & Lesh, Kadlicek (From Dark Star Orchestra) on lead & Chimenti on keyboards, Russo & Lane on drums & backup singers. The play mostly Grateful Dead songs.

The Dead are buried and the crypt is sealed. Thank God! No more vampires & zombies around...

See you at the show!

~ Wherever you go, there you are ~
(Buckaroo Bonzai)

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Dead Concert in Salinas or Monterey CA

Anyone know about a Dead concert in Salinas or Monterey, CA? Supposed to be in October 2011. I can't find any info. Thanks if you know and can direct me to date(s) and tix.

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I don't know whether it will have shipped by then. It would be best to contact Customer Service and explain the situation to them. Send me a PM if you need help doing this.

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Where can I buy "Europe '72: the complete recordings"??

Hello,everyone! I'm from Spain, but I'm travelling to Florida in two weeks. Does anyone know where can I buy "Europe'72:the complete recordings" there?
Thank you for your help.


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Missing PHISH shows Taped


I know this may have been addressed before, but I'm going to try it. For those of us out there who are Phish fans too, Kevin Hoy REALLY needs help to complete the Phish "Spreadsheet". It's a phenomenal site and the goal is to get all the shows. I'm hoping some vet. tapers out there may have some that he needs. The site can be found here:
And please e-mail him if you have a show he's missing. No matter what the quality, or if it's a partial, or anything. I'll help to convert it for the spreadsheet any way I can. He really needs more eyes out there lookingh for the missing shows. Please help us all, because he's doing this for all of us. I'd also like to know if someone has a similar site for the Dead as well, so I can find those shows that I am missing (which is WAY too many). Thank You.


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Date of A Pig Pen Good Lovin'

Okay folks, this has been turning around in my brain since, well, since St. Patrick's Day. Was listening to XM Dead Channel and Pig Pen singing Good Lovin' came on. Now this version had a unique rap. It had all the elements of horseback riding, but the rap of the bakery and the cherry pie was unique. I have been searching all the shows from 70-72 for this version and have yet to find it. Any ideas out there folks? Yup, tried writing the dead channel several times with complete time and date, but now answer--so after four tries there, I thought I would sign up and see if the good folks here had any idea.

btw, greetings and thanks in advance.



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Bob Weir

Check that link out for information on "the firing" of Bob and Pigpen. The Dick Latvala article is really good too.

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yeah, the band was thinking

yeah, the band was thinking of getting rid of Bob because they felt his guitar playing wasn't keeping up with the band innovating itself. The band was trying to become more progressive in its musical style and felt that Bob, because of his young age, wasn't picking it up. That's just what I've read in several GD books I picked up over the years... is it the real reason? we'll never know haha


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