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Trivia questions, who wrote that song, when was the last time the Dead played Deer Creek, etc.


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Hey Now: Don't know the answer to yer question teach. Maybe this site'll help?:

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So, new to the site, perhaps

So, new to the site, perhaps you uber experts can help: I'm certain I heard an instrumental version of Mickey Hart's The Pump Song a few years back on the radio. Now all I can find is the version with the layover of Greatest Story on it. I believe the version on Rolling Thunder has the lyrics attached to it too, but I'm not certain, as I haven't found a copy as yet. I would love to get the instrumental version, or, am I trippin? No such instrumental recorded? Thanks.

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head over to the Technical Discussion topic

which is here, and post your question, and I'm sure the kind folks will have all manner of advice for you!

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recording shows

hey so i have been thinking about recording shows but have no idea where to which mic's to use what kinda of recorder to buy ...etc... .any certain book to explain all the technical stuff.. do i need my own mixing board... my wife is part of the local music scene i realy what to record her jaming out. any info on where to start is highly appreciated.

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Fried head question

Please help. Last night on NPR I heard a fabulous GD version of a Rolling Stones song (or original of a RS cover of a GD song), but have no idea of the name. I would really like to have it, but need help. It was played immediately following a story on the passing of Owsley "Bear". Anyone, please?

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HIGH TIME in Vegas!!

I was at the vegas show (i think it was '91??) when they broke out "HIGH TIME". What was the date of this show and when was the last time "HIGH TIME" was played?? I know for a fact this was a ridiculously sick show. Please Help...lost in time!!

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where oh where ...

Does anyone into torrenting know where has scampered off to?

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I'm looking for information

I'm looking for information on Jerry Garcia's equipment during Filmore West '69

I'd like to know what effects he used.

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Fire without Scarlet

Did happen, but not very often. Here's what I could cull out of Deadbase:

9/20/91 - Help/Slip/Fire There's one you don't see every day!

Conversation is always more interesting than recitation, so speak your mind and not someone else's.

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Fire on the Mountain without Scarlet - GD

Can anyone help answer this - 1st show was Capitol '78 DeadHead invite show - Fire was played standalone. Loved Scarlet/Fire but it took like 40 shows before I actually heard it live - very weird! Anyway - none of my crew ever saw Fire by itself and I know I saw it again in later years - like between 84-89. When was it - does anyone know? Thanks :)


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In Search of... Info