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Looking for friends and family you've lost touch with? Post here!


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Joined: Apr 11 2015
Wharf Rat Joe from Atlanta

Hey Joe,
It's Suki from Berkeley.
Remember 2001 NYE in Oakland?
Still around? I loved your turtle.
Wish to make amends

Joined: Nov 19 2017
looking for Antonio

Probably a long shot in the dark :) I'm looking for a guy named Antonio from California who went to shows in the late 80s early 90s. We lost touch and I have always wondered what happened to you. We hung out a few times in Northern and Southern Cal, last few times in San Diego.
If you ever find this drop me a line. I think you might remember me as bouncy. :D

Joined: Nov 2 2017
Concert Stories Wanted

Hi! I'm a student and dead fan looking for people wanting to share their stories and experiences at Dead concerts. I'm writing a paper about the effect their music had on people and people's experiences at their concerts. If anyone is willing to share some of their concert stories please reply to this post or feel free to shoot me an email at or

Any help is appreciated.

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Joined: Dec 9 2014
Looking for Dead Head Life Partner

Looking for male Dead Head between 50 and 65 for serious GD dancing and fun. Just want to have great fun for the next part of my life, my second teen age years! Party On Fulano! Me: Woman, white, at weight, outdoorsy (shit like that) big DEAD HEAD all my life never had a full GD partner of the past three. Want one now to party, dance and drink and f**K! Listening to Viola Lee Blues currently on the Archives from a Fillmore show from 1966, I was 8! If you're out there, email me. I'll send you a pic, like CL!

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Joined: Nov 26 2007
lost but found


Joined: Feb 15 2014

Hi Sarah,I have just been contacted by one of my old friends from Dead Tour.You have been talking with him,Larry,about finding your father,Windancer.I could only find this posting from you as he did not give me your current connection?Hopefully you will get this?My husband and I are very close to your father.His real name is Jonathan Timmer,yes,AKA,Windancer,when we were on tour.Your father was a unique/essentric individual.He has had some rough times in his life....which is why we have stayed friends,and been close,to support and help him.I guess you know now he has found out you are looking for him.....and it has affected him deeply.He definitely would like to connect...You are the only blood relative he knows of,as he was adopted out as a small child,born to traveling gypsies,who could not raise him.He went through Vietnam,which affected him greatly.He joined the Dead family as a sense of community,and we were all a tight knit community....if you have not received the info for him yet please respond and we can connect you with him,My name is Lesly,hope we connect?

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Joined: Jun 28 2013
Searching for Bolletta..

Looking for an old tour friend from Northern California named Bolletta.She used to make beautiful bags adorned with beads and lived in Boulder Creek.Any help would be greatly appreciated! Leo (~);)

Joined: Aug 9 2013
Caroline & Jason

I am sure some of you might have heard of the unidentified decedent "Jason Doe". He supposedly attended the Grateful Dead summer 1995 concerts on june 24 and june 25 of. He died in a car crash june 26 and has never been identified.
So please take a moment to look at the information by googling "Jason doe" and if you knew a Caroline O. or a Caroline T. or a Jason maybe you have some information that might help bring him home.
Since I am uncertain of the site policies about links in comments I hope you will be willing to do a Google search yourself if you know someone or something relevant.
I apologize if this has already been discussed on the forums but I feel like someone here might be able to help.

Thank you!

Joined: Feb 26 2008
Searching for birthfather

In search of a man who would be in his early/ mid/ late sixties now. Went be the name winddancer. I believe from Santa Cruz or west coast. Met my mom at the dead show at Portland speedway June 30,1979 grateful dead show. I believe his birth first name is John or Jonathan. he toured with the dead in the late 70's.
Any leads are gratefully accepted.

Joined: Feb 13 2013

I think the Charmin I know fits your description she was black from Trinidad and she was mixed she had blue eyes right? I can probably give you he rcontact info, but contact me first.


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