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Hats, t-shirts, photos, and other objects whose absence is causing a void in your life. Note: if you're looking for tapes, go to the Tape Trading topic. If you're looking for tickets, try Tickets Wanted. This topic is for stuff that is not tunes or tix.


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Joined: Nov 20 2015
Lunt Fontanne JGB Coffee Mug

I had one of these since the Halloween show in 1987 (which was a cracker BTW; from memory opened with a 45 minute Heaven's Door!). I just moved and it was lost in the shuffle. Anybody know where I might get another one?

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Joined: May 26 2007

I'm friends with the former Pshop owner. I'll ask him.

Joined: Jun 14 2007
Shirt I bought at Pychedelic shop on Market and 7th San Fran

It was called Cosmic Ghost done by Artist: Mikio around 1988 or 1989 era it was intricate and posted in the psychedelic shop paper catalog, the place is gone closed in 1997 I believe,it was cool there were picture of it on old relixs magazines from 1980's and early 1990's,it spoke cosmic/Dead and music from the either waves. Be Well all

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Joined: Oct 30 2015
looking for furthur poster

Looking for Further poster from 2013 at the Greek, 2nd night, the one with the lady in the one shoulder dress, surrounded by Jerry Bears, sitting in the clouds. Thanks. The girl on the poster reminds me of me.

Joined: Sep 30 2015
Grateful Dead t-shirt from 1986

Hi there, I'm looking for a t-shirt with the text "Grateful Dead, May 3-4 1986, Cal Expo Amphitheater"

White t-shirt, hand-painted with multi-colored fabric paint depicting a train track winding up the length of the front. Casey Jones is driving that train rolling up the track towards the Mountains of the Moon. The track runs alongside the bank of a river, where Uncle John’s Band is playing. China Cat Sunflowers and Scarlet Begonias are growing by the water and Sugar Magnolia is swimming in it. A Box of Rain looms large on the horizon, skeletons adorned with roses shimmy in every winding twist of track and a badly drawn, skinny bear dances alone. The text on the shirt proclaims Grateful Dead, May 3-4 1986, Cal Expo Amphitheater.

Would anyone have this t-shirt at hand? Either to sell or to photograph it? I need it for a piece in a magazine.

Thanks, Brunse

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Joined: Dec 12 2014
Looking for Ticket Stub August 4, 1979

I am into all things Althea and would love to have a stub from the first show. Long shot I know but just thought I'd ask...


Joined: Jul 10 2015
Have the turtles, want the hot air balloon...

Good day friends. Was fortunate enough to make it to all 3 Chicago shows, but was too consummed boogying out to think about buying... I ended up buying the black tshirt with the turtles dancing, but what I really wanted was the green one with the hot air balloon in Large (or Medium or XL).. but by the time i got to the vendors, they only had XXXL left (i considered getting it and making a blanket....). If anyone has one to sell/trade, or knows someone who knows someone... I need one last miracle :) thanks

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Joined: Jan 16 2015
concert tees

Was fortunate to get to the Sunday night show in Chicago. Unfortunately was enjoying it a little too much. Lost ,misplaced, or had stolen two t-shirts. So bummed out. If anyone knows where I can purchase the shirt with the Terrapin logo on front and roses on back. This was the best one ! I know there are commemorative shirts coming out soon. Just really liked this one. I hope whoever found them likes it as much !
P. S. I want a do over of the show !! So great an experience, so glad I went !

Joined: Jan 12 2009
Ticket July 5 mail order

Hey guys, just returned from Chicago and realized I no longer have the Sunday, July 5 mail order ticket. I was going to frame the 3 tickets but now I am one short. I still have Fri. & Sat. I know this is a long shot but, if anyone has a mail order ticket from Sun 7/5 they can part with I would love to have it for framing with my others. I can be reached best at

Peace & Love

Joined: Jul 7 2015
Looking for Fare Thee Well Official T-shirt and poster

Greetings All,

Just back from the final show Sunday night and hoping to locate an official shirt and poster from the show. Looked at them at set break and meant to stop back on my way out, but got caught up in all the excitement and forgot!

There was one particular shirt that I dug but don't remember the exact details. Black shirt with lots of roses but not the one with the Steal Your Face emblem. Need a large.

Also, looking for the bill poster.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!



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