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Hats, t-shirts, photos, and other objects whose absence is causing a void in your life. Note: if you're looking for tapes, go to the Tape Trading topic. If you're looking for tickets, try Tickets Wanted. This topic is for stuff that is not tunes or tix.


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Joined: Jun 13 2007
DP 28

You are in luck Ted!

DP 28 is a beauty. and it's just about to be re released by Real Gone Music on Aug 28

Real gone are releasing 2 DPs every few months, working from 36 backwards.

It ain't cheap however, But the earlier Real Gone releases have been sold for much less in the nornal online CD stores.

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Joined: Jul 9 2007
Dick's Pick # 28

Seeking this 1973 jewel.

Joined: Jul 30 2012
New Years 1983

I am desperately seeking the poster from this concert. I was there & caught a rose tossed down by Bill Graham. I pressed the rose in the middle of my copy of "Grateful Dead-The Official Book of the Deadheads", where it's remained for the last 28+ years. The rose is still remarkably intact. Anyway, If you know where I might be able to get the poster from this concert, please give me a shout. I want to put something together with the rose, poster & ticket stub.

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Joined: Feb 25 2012
Request to the store

Although there is a plethora of everything imaginable (and some things that shouldn't be imagined), I am noticing the lack, Jack, of high quality tie-dyes except for the Dead 09 official tour shirt.

Can't the store do a contest or something for some super spectacular designs of super good quality that we wouldn't mind shelling out the bucks for? Mine have worn out and I would easily buy 4 more so I could proudly fly colors again. I'm definitely talking the five-star, 2 screened screechers with all our favorite motifs. As they're being sold by the store nothing should be off-limits, right?

Or maybe I'm the only one who wants the super-great stuff. It could be that time has passed me by, old codger that I am.

Joined: May 3 2009
Terrapin Station Street Sign

I bought a Shakedown St sign at the Furthur show at the Mann Center in Philly back in 2010 from a couple who made street signs. They also had a red Terrapin Station sign that I would've bought if I'd had the money. Any chance you know where I can get one?

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Joined: Feb 23 2012
Sage & Spirit: Guitar Tablature Available

hey everyone-

just wanted to let y'all know that I have tabbed out this rarely-played tune.

you can hear my arrangement on youtube:

drop me a line if you're interested in getting the tab. My email address is

thanks a bunch!

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Deadbase says it was a simulcast.

and Tapers Compendium said 11/24/78 was the 'For Deadheads Only' show.
Jerry did have some voice issues and I think that during that era this show got discounted during those days when his voice was soooo on. Considering what his voice sounded like in some of those shows in the 90s (or even some 80s) was like, I would encourage you to give this another listen.

On further (pun intended) thought, maybe I should give it another spin as well.

Joined: Jun 4 2007

I've seen some (the bit that's included with the GD Scrapbook). I have to admit, I've always steered away from this one 'cause of Jerry's bad vocal night. I'll give it another shot though on your recommendation. More pro video of this would be nice I guess. Wasn't this show a TV broadcast, or am I mistaken? Pretty sure it was a radio show at least.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
And I agree with your sentiments about Red Rocks

Vault Minders-
Aren't there any of the later Red Rocks video 'proshots' in the vault that we could have in DVD ?
Pretty please?
We will not complain or crab, I promise.
Just to see an era of the GD at that site would be transportive.

Joined: Jun 4 2007
Have you seen the video from 11/24/78 @ Capitol Theatre?

I have to say that is one of my very favorite video offerings from 1978.
Of course, the video quality is not up to par but it is such a great show. The boys (and Donna) having a wonderful time.
The Taping Compendium notes on this show 'Highlights: The entire show'.
Haza el-Din is a special guest and when I listened to this on the radio 'back in the day', I loved it. That second set Estimated>Shakedown>jam>drums>Ollin Arageed>Fire>Sugar Magnolia is totally unique.
Deadbase XI's account of 11/24/78 by David Greenbrug relates (in part) "Fire segues so seamlessly into Sugar Magnolia that it is easy to miss the transition entirely. It was practically choreographed! In one of the video's finest moments, Jerry, who seems to have instigated the segue, looks over at Weir with a proud stance, as if to say "Hey, wasn't that neat?" while Bob looks back with an utterly shocked espression. I think it took a few seconds for it to register with Bob that they weren't playing Fire anymore!"
Anyway I found this video to be a delight even through the sketchy video.
11/24/1978 would be one for Rhino to put out on a DVD. Or give me video of the 1978 Winterland 'From Egypt with Love' shows (pick any of them). Or on second thought give me all of them in sharp DVD resolution.
Is the Duke show, when Jerry actually plays drums? Is that the one?


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